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Tuesday, April 28, 2020


...apparently. This is apparently Day 43 of the Quarantine. TLC has really stepped up with posting this whole month of April, Y’all! And I thank her! Almost every day one of us sends the other at least two funny Coronavirus/Quarantine memes. (Sometimes as many as ten.) She’s shared some of our favourites. We knew we wanted to look back on this challenging time and remember how completely insane it’s been/was.

We have to have laughter, right? We just do. While TLC homeschools Little Leighton and Belle, My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) and I try to get to the end of each day with a smile. Or, at the very least, without looking at each other with venom in our eyes. (So far we’re still married and will actually celebrate our 42nd anniversary in four months! Yeah!)

We’ve had about thirteen “garage” visits with TLC and Her Princesses in the past 43-ish days. They have gone/go like this:

MSH pulls one of our cars out of our garage and parks it on the street. He then gets out chairs and puts two near the back of our garage...the other three chairs at the front. TLC drives up and gets the little girls out of her car. They sit in their chairs and we (the five of us plus our Chocolate Lab, Buddy Boo Bear) visit about TLC’s Homeschool and fun things they’re doing at their casa. MSH and I don’t have much to report during these visits. We might share our latest visit to a grocery store. (We’re currently doing a combo of store “pickups” and in-person—fast and with masks—shopping twice a week.) We play games. The girls go out to our front yard and blow bubbles. The visits last an hour to ninety minutes and they fill our souls with JOY! No hugs yet. Maybe next week...(picture me crossing my fingers...)

We did have a (tiny) Birthday Party for my youngest/baby sister, Lucy, this past Saturday afternoon. This involved Lucy, TLC’s Hubby, The Five Garage Peeps and cupcakes! Fun while social distancing appropriately.

Texas is slowly opening up! (Not beauty salons yet and we all DESPERATELY need haircuts...Yikes!) This whole experience has been shocking. Scary. Strange. Maddening. Wrong. Unfair. Sad. Interesting. CRAZY. Weird. Twilight Zone-y. Historical. Hopefully it’s going to wind down soon. With many lessons learned. ALOT of lessons learned.

Stay safe, Friends Everywhere! WASH YOUR HANDS. Do NOT Touch Your Face! Keep Your Distance. PRAY. Please pray we get on with our lives very soon. God bless America and the World with healing and strength.



Wednesday, April 22, 2020


Yep. Cheers.

Happy Winesday Wednesday! (I think it’s Wednesday, but who really knows? My four-year-old had to be the one that remembered the seven-year-old’s Zoom call yesterday at 10:45. This is where we are right now.)

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Trade School

Here are some funnies to get you through the weekend! I’m seriously considering the trade school for my two kids. Ha!

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Math Problems

Last week, I texted two of my sweet friends and said this:

I have a homeschool math problem I need help solving. I just told my 2 children I was baking 4 chicken breasts for dinner. One of them started to cry, as she apparently despises chicken now. How many glasses of wine will it take to help me not lose my mind?

I’ve also noticed a pattern in our (LONG) self-quarantined days: for every good day, it will inevitably be followed by one stressful/cranky/exhausting/whiny (also wine-y)/frustrating day. It’s a 1:1 ratio.

Who knew I was still so good at math, y’all?

Now, I’m off to add straws to my online grocery order.

Please stay home and stay healthy!

Monday, April 13, 2020

What are real pants?

Happy Monday!

Here are a few funnies from Instagram or Facebook that will help us laugh through another week of social distancing/self-quarantine. Goodness knows I need the GIGGLES!

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

What day IS it?

It’s time to share funny memes with y’all! We’ve found these on Facebook or Instagram. (And let’s face it, if we don’t laugh right now, we’ll CRY.)

Saturday, April 4, 2020

...19 for 19...

So...surely Y’all can guess what we’ve been doing, right?

Self-quarantining. SIGH.

What an unexpected NIGHTMARE.

One might think that if you are Two Old Peeps who have been “retired” for six years, you might be used to being with each other 24/7. For nineteen days. But you’d be wrong. Because, of course, we aren’t ever really together 24/7. (Let’s make it 16/7. We do sleep.) In “normal” times, we each have our own daily plans. So this situation? Not ideal.

TLC? Never, ever, EVER wanted to be a teacher. EVER. Teaching Little Leighton and Belle? First grade and pre-school? Not her cup of tea. (As her Mom—I can promise you she is rockin’ it!) This is simply taking it’s toll. On her. On all of us. On our children. Our families. Our friends. Our communities. Our country.

TLC and I have been talking about the things we’ve learned, or noticed, or have been reminded of this past 19 days.

From TLC...What I’ve Learned:

1.  The value of a bag of frozen veggies.
2.  Teachers should be paid 11 billion dollars. Per day. (And possibly per student.)
3.  Sunshine is genuinely good for the soul.
4.  My current motto: Coffee until wine.
5.  It’s okay if your children eat potato chips for breakfast. As long as they’re not fighting and you don’t have to cook another dang meal.
6.  Let go of rigid routines. (I struggle with this, but I respect the importance.) It’s virtually every man for him (or her)self. You do what you gotta do to get through the day.
7.  But, also, it’s important to keep some semblance of structure to your day. Otherwise, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, ends up in tears.
8.  I take too many things for granted. Walking into my favourite coffee shop. Grabbing lunch with a friend. Strolling around Target. HUGS.
9.  The world needs more ART. Art equals happiness in our home. We’re covering every surface that we can.
10. A package of fruit chews counts as a serving of fruit when your on-line grocery order can’t be fulfilled with the real thing.

From ELC...What I’ve learned:

11. No matter how long you’ve been married (almost 42 years...), your spouse can still surprise you.
12. No matter how long you’ve been married, your spouse can still annoy you.
13. No matter how long you’ve been married, your spouse can still make you want to scream. And laugh. And run away. And marry him all over again.
14. The very second you remember you must not touch your face, you’ll have an itch. Near your mouth. Your nose. Your eyes. Individually or all four of them all at the same time.
15. You apparently can never have enough toilet paper, paper towels, bread, milk, eggs and...PATIENCE.
16. You can watch TOO MUCH NEWS. Turn. It. Off.
17. Just when you realize how lazy you’ve been for 18 days, you can actually lower yourself to a whole new level of sloth-i-ness.
18. Seeing your grandchildren on FaceTime? Or in your garage—from ten feet away? NOT acceptable, Evil Virus. Get it? GO. AWAY. FOREVER. (Picture Grammy with a VERY mean look on her face.)
19. You simply cannot laugh enough. (At appropriate times, of course.)

So our next several posts will be our favourite Coronavirus...Covid-19...Self-quaranting MEMES. Surely you’ll laugh with us at some or all of them. (You’re welcome. Winky. Wink.)

PLEASE stay healthy and strong (physically and mentally)...DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE...Keep social-distancing...and WASH YOUR HANDS.

Cyber HUGS from Us to Y’all...