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Thursday, March 31, 2016

White Knuckles...Edgy Tones...and Bananas

Baby Elle is coochie-coo CCUUUTTTTEEEEE! Duh. I know. What else would I say? And Y’all, of course, haven’t seen any pictures to confirm this. I have it on good authority that TLC will be posting an acceptable number of pictures soon. Like by this Sunday. Hopefully. Surely.

I’d come home from my Little Leighton (LL) Job and Baby Watch on Saturday morn. Went back East on Monday morn. Returned home to our country casa yesterday afternoon. In the midst of SCARY weather. (Note: I despise tornadoes. And hail. And high winds. I was a complete nervous wreck and hot mess driving in sketchy/mean/awful conditions for over an hour. People (I might actually mean mostly men...) drive with such insanity. Too fast. What is wrong with them? Why don’t they consider the possible consequences? I don’t get it. I digress. Sigh.

My Sweet Hubby (MSH)—Weather Junkie Extraordinaire—was on his iPad giving me radar updates, from the comfort of our couch, by phone. At one point—when I had pulled off of I-20 in Weatherford because I could not see ½ inch in front of my car and was being pelted with pea-sized hail, I had to tell him this—as calmly and kindly as I could:

“I really have to hang up now. You’re mostly frightening me—instead of helping me. I’ve got to go it alone. Thank you, though.”

He later informed me I had an "edge" to my tone. Plus, I hung up faster than he expected. Oops.

My white knuckles went back to mostly normal within five minutes of driving into our garage and hopping into my jammies!

Have I shared how much LL cracks me up? If I tried to put notes in my iPhone of everything silly/funny/interesting she says, it's all I'd be doing. Non-stop. Clearly, I simply can’t. Here is an example of a story she told us Friday night during dinner (I immediately did put it in my phone so I wouldn’t forget it…):

LL (completely out of nowhere—no Intro whatsoever and it had no relation to any other subject we’d been discussing...): Cat the Owner.

(Did we miss something?)

ELC: Who is that? What are you talking about?

LL: A movie. He’s the Checker-Outer.

ELC: Oh. Like a cash register person at a store?

LL: Yes.

ELC: But what does the Cat own?

LL: Bananas.

Yes. Evidently we might have missed something. TLC and I looked at each other in complete confusion and amusement. When we had no quick comeback? LL changed the subject. Are we worried? Nah. We haven’t quite figured out all of her imaginative stories/thoughts/ideas yet. That’s okay. We believe she’s creative in a charming way. That's our story and we're sticking to it. (Don’t burst our bubble.)

LL is currently free with these two words: Immediately. And literally. (Pronounced: li-ter-a-we. She can say “Ls.” She chooses not to. Not worried about this, either.) For someone who is not yet 4 years old? She’s pretty dadgum adept at using both words appropriately. Apparently, LL’s Village (Mama. Daddy. Grammy. Pa-Pa. Or Mama and Grammy. Whatever.) uses these words frequently.

I'll head East next week for a couple of nights. If I can stand waiting that long.

Tomorrow is Friday! Woo Hoo, right? And April? WWHHHAAAATTTT? Wow. That is cRaZy.

Hey, Time—SLOW DOWN. Please…Well, you can go a teensy bit fast until next week. Then show down.

ta-ta for now, Silly Friends…

(A LOL ALERT: TLC and LL Facetimed with us while I was typing this. Baby Elle was asleep. In her nursery. They were in their jammies. It's after 1:45 o'clock p.m. I am, too. Apples don't fall too far from their trees. This is what MSH and I expect to hear from TLC on an hourly basis for the next 18 years: "I'm so tired." Baby Elle likes to sleep all day and stay up all night. Just when LL is doing FABULOUS and sleeping a minimum of ten hours every night. Murphy's Law. We'll be praying Baby Elle figures out her day/nighttime-issue--soon. There's only so much one can say to a Newborn's Pooped Mama before her tone gets edgy.)

Sunday, March 27, 2016

and baby elle makes four!

She's here! She arrived on Wednesday and weighed 6 pounds/13 ounces! She is adorable. DUH.

So Grammy Nanny has been caring for Little Leighton and oohing and ahhing over Baby Elle! Mama TLC is doing pretty darn good. She was in the hospital for two nights and beyond ready to get home early Friday afternoon.

I came home yesterday for a teensy bit of R&R (and laundry)--will head back tomorrow morning for a few more days of Tender Loving Care for my Three Sweet Gals. Once TLC gets everything situated and "scheduled," I'll plan to hound, hound, HOUND her until she posts some pictures. Winky. Wink.

On this Easter Sunday, we thank our Lord God Almighty for His Son, Jesus Christ. We thank Him for the pure JOY of this day and season. We thank Him for the many, many blessings He has given to The Leightons...especially this brand new, cute-as-a-button Princess Baby Elle!

May today be full of love, laughter and God's Amazing Grace for each of you and your families...Amen.

smooches and BIG Bunny HUGS...


Monday, March 21, 2016

No Baby...

No Baby Elle. Little Toot. Her Mama sure did wish she’d decide to come a bit early. I keep telling TLC—every couple of hours—Baby Elle could begin popping out any moment. I can literally hear TLC's eyes rolling over the phone.

I’ve been staying around my casa—close CLOSE CLOSE—so I can throw my bags in my car and head two hours east as soon as I get the call TLC and Her Hubby are on their way to the hospital!

TLC will check in to the hospital Wednesday morning at 7:00. There is an end to this, right? Teeheehee.

I’ve accomplished some things since I got back home Friday afternoon. I’ve kept up with laundry. Housekeeping. Bills. I’ve cleaned my nightstand drawers out. They were quite awful. (I keep all receipts in them. I only mean to hold on to them for a couple of months. Apparently I hadn’t done this job since October of 2015. Yikes.)

I’ve also deleted tons o’ shows from our DVR. If they were recorded six or more months ago, and I had yet to watch them…DELETE. Little Leighton’s (LL) shows? Sesame Street. Doc McStuffins. The Lion Guard. Peppa. Sofia the First. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Goldie and Bear. Mickey Mouse. I have decided she can make do with eight episodes of each of those shows. (Most are 30-minutes long.) Seriously. Of course, I’ll delete a few and the next time she’s here? She’ll tell me: Grammy, you had the shows I LOVED! Where are they, Grammy? Sheesh. I'll try not to blame My Sweet Hubby (MSH). I might have done that a couple of times. He never really knows.

I got caught up with The Voice. American Idol. Grey’s Anatomy. Scandal. How to Get Away with Murder. Shark Tank. And Top Chef. CLEARLY I watch entirely too much television. I am proud to say I’ve reduced Facebook time considerably. And Pinterest. (Not Twitter. I do so adore “Retweeting.”) I can report I’m reading more before bedtime. Yeah, Me! (When I’m at TLC’s? I watch virtually no TV. Except the above children’s programs. And Frozen. Little Mermaid. Enchanted. Etc.

There’s a new show on NBC I want to share with Y’all: Crowded. It’s about Empty-Nesters whose two grown daughters move back home. It’s a 30-minute comedy on Sunday nights. There’ve been three shows at this point in time. I’ve watched two.

Let me give you this review:

I think Crowded is hysterical. I would, however, rate it R. I would. (Yes. I’m a teensy bit stuffy-ish when it comes to baudy/inappropriate language/situations. NOT a prude, by any means. But I think it should be R-Rated for several reasons—mostly because of the time it’s shown. Which is, IMHO, TOO EARLY. There is NO ONE under the age of 17 who needs to watch this show. Period. End of Story. And not that even a 22-year-old would find this all that humorous.) Patrick Warburton and Carrie Preston are the parents. They are perfection. The daughters are precious. His parents live close by and were going to move to Florida (which they all were quite happy about!) until the girls moved back in. Now? Everyone is back. And driving this couple insane.

James Burrows (one of the most talented producers, directors, writers EVER EVER EVER to live) is an Executive Producer and Director. Sean Hayes (I cherish this man’s talent…) is also an Executive Producer.

If you came over to watch it with me? There would be times I’d be blushing. Times I’d be defensive about my feelings that it is a downright FUNNY show. But I’d be laughing out loud and telling you I’m 62 years old and I can handle it. The writing/jokes/acting make it all worthwhile to me. There. I’ve recommended it with enthusiasm—and honesty—and a few reservations. I don’t want to have to come back and apologize for my genuine interest in this show. (For example: You remember my post on Donny Loves Jenny. Sadly, that’s off of my recording list. I have no clue if it’s even on TV now.)

Here’s hoping each of you is going to have a WONDERFUL week! Full of love, laughter and a tidbit of silliness. Be kind and brave. Thoughtful and peaceful. PLEASE.

ta-ta for now, smooches and hugs,


Friday, March 18, 2016

Baby Elle Watch...

TLC feels 1000 months' pregnant. At this point. She is NOT--I repeat--NOT a Happy Camper. The actual due date for Princess Baby Elle is next Friday--March 25th. However, TLC would be content with it happening now. NOW.

I went to visit My Girls Tuesday morn. I was going to stay one night. I do everything in my power to see Little Leighton (aka LL aka Biscuit) at least once a week. TLC and I took her to The Mall. Which she adores. This time, Biscuit had her own money for the Disney Store and we visited it first. (By the way: The past three-ish trips to said Disney Store have been sadly traumatic. She's argued about not being able to buy everything she wants. We've had to drag her out--screaming. Quite humiliating. This time? PERFECTION. A lovely experience. We think it's because she spent her own money on a pair of Minnie flip flops and that was enough for her. They were also 25% off. Can't beat that.) We hope and pray the next experience is as marvelous as this one could, unfortunately, definitely go either way.

We then ate our picnic (gluten-free) lunch in the Food Court. Biscuit LOVES to do this. She has no idea what yummy junk food she's missing. Because someone with her--mostly Grammy--always eats what she is having. This time? All three of us ate her healthy, delicious food.

After lunch, LL and I rode The Carousel three times. She has a favourite horse she calls "Purple-y." (Sigh. Not the most clever name. We've tried to help her think of something more charming--to no avail.) If another child is on this horse--as she was while we were eating lunch (We always sit, of course, near The Carousel.)--LL panics. And that's because a couple of times in the past she's had to find another horse to be happy with. We sweetly explain that's life. Gotta roll with the punches, Biscuit. This time she was able to ride Purple-y. But we then hopped on two different benches--for two more rides. Benches. Not sure was what she requested. The Mystery of Toddlerhood.

It was our best/mostawesome "Mall" experience in quite some time. The rest of the day was stress/problem free, too.

Wednesday morn, LL went to school and I accompanied TLC to her next-to-the-last doctor's visit. Only, it ended up being the last. Because her doctor told her if Baby Elle has not arrived by next Wednesday,TLC should check into the hospital that morning at 7:00.

We got some POWER grocery shopping done after the doctor's visit. Had a fun lunch at TLC's preferred "salad" café. Unloaded sack after sack at her casa. Semi-raced to pick LL up at school at 2:00. For the second time this school year, LL took a nap! We were ALL in shock. Her two teachers. Her friends. Her Mom. Her Grammy. SHOCKED. This is a child who is quite afraid she will miss something if she shuts her eyes. (Hmmm...believe I knew another little girl that was exactly like that...TLC.)

TLC had been having some contractions all that day. Instead of heading home at 2:00--as I normally would (due to heavy 5:00 o'clock traffic that starts getting hideous at 3:00)--I stayed until 6:45. I had gotten less than a mile from their home when TLC called and said: "Better come back. I think I'm beginning labor!" Wwhhhaaaattttt? WOO HOO and YIPPEE!

At 9:30 that night, she and Her Hubby went to the hospital. Contractions were 4-7 minutes apart. And hard. (In her opinion.) Unfortunately, she was sent home at 11:50. (LL never knew they were gone!) We all hoped she'd be back there having Baby Elle yesterday. Or by today. No such luck. By last night? Contractions were almost non-existent. The Unhappy Camper decided to simply Let It Go. Thy Will Be Done. It is what it is. (Those phrases were all part of my horribly clichéd pep talk. She wanted to hear NONE OF IT. She gritted her teeth and smiled and stated she knew it was all true.)

I feel quite sad for TLC. I honestly do. (Even though I remind her this was a choice! She hates for me to throw that her way.) She's so tired. She hasn't been able to sleep much for at least two months. Maybe three. She's walked. And walked. And walked. To no avail. I left after lunch today for my casa. I told her that might be the surefire way to get her into some heavy, serious labor. Me being two hours away and Biscuit's Grammy Nanny during TLC's hospital stay.

I'll now be mostly house-bound. If My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I were to go anywhere farther than 20-ish minutes--and then had to come back home if TLC's water breaks--I could lose precious time getting to My Biscuit! I have LOTS o'things I can do to stay busy here. Trust me. Drawers and closets await The Big Purge.

If you don't hear from us in a while, it will mean Baby Elle has decided to be kind to her Mama and has graced us all with her presence a skosh early!

Hope Y'all have a WONDERFUL Weekend--wherever you are on this Planet Earth. Would you mind saying a teensy little prayer on TLC's behalf? She's over this and ready for her Next Chapter! Thank you. Thank you VERY much!

smooches and hugs, Friends...

Monday, March 14, 2016

Comfort and Glory!

A prayer for this Marvelous Monday:

Lord, there is none like You. When I am sad, You are my comfort. Your calm presence restores my soul. Your words are cool, refreshing water to my spirit. Despite my confusion, You guide me in paths of righteousness, and it’s all for Your glory. Even when I feel like I’m lost in a dark valley, I will not be afraid—for You are with me. Your gentle strength and Your divine authority comfort me.

In Your Son Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.

Friday, March 11, 2016

My Gallery...

It’s that time. Time to purge my iPhone of pictures. So I have PLENTY O’ ROOM for upcoming photos of Baby Elle! She will be here within a couple of weeks—whether she likes it or not. Winky Wink. (I keep getting messages—on an hourly basis—that I’m running out of “storage” on my cell. Sheesh. I already pay for extra. I’m quite determined not to give them one penny more.)

These pictures are some of my favourites! I hate to hit the Delete button. Truly. Sigh. Mean old Apple.

Photo #1: Little Leighton (LL). The Snow Bunny Fashionista on a chilly, country day last November. No words from this Grammy. No words.

Photo #2:  2015 New Year’s Eve at TLC’s cRaZy WILD casa. Her Hubby took this. Bless her preggo little heart. She was clearly pooped. LL, on the other hand, gets revved up when she’s playing games on her Mama’s iPad. It can be too intense. They actually now have a “NO iPad Play” rule an hour before LL’s bedtime.

Photo #3: LL wrote this “3”—her age, of course—coincidence?—back in January. Thanks to the dedication of her pre-school teachers and TLC, she works every day on learning how to write her letters and numbers. My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I were sooo impressed! We’re pretty sure she’s a genius. Right?

Photo #4: LL. In her rocking chair—in her room (that was her Mama’s!) at Our Country Casa in February—watching Disney Jr or Sesame Street or Daniel Tiger or Peppa Pig. Confession: We all talk to each other in our BEST English accents when Peppa is on! I adore all the pink in this photo—and the tiara. Tiaras aren’t always comfortable, you know. It can be tough—to be Royal.

Photo #5: This tubtime snapshot was also taken in February. LL is obsessed with her Grammy and Pa-Pa’s garden tub—because it’s big. Her Mom and Dad have one, too. LL simply hasn’t figured out that she could take a bath in that one. Bless her kept-in-the-dark-about-that-possibility little soul. When we asked LL what her tub friends were doing/watching, she said: “They’re listening to the Princesses—(who remind her of Elsa and Anna)—sing!” I left this scene the way it was for days and days. I’d walk into my bathroom and smile. I’d smile with every cell in my old body.

Photo #6: LL's selfie! Be still my heart.

Thank Y’all—for humouring me! Like you ever have a choice.

Hope each of you has a Wonderful Weekend—wherever in the World you are…

smooches and hugs,


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

fancy nails...

Well, I'm still pregnant. We actually have a sonogram tomorrow. I'm hoping they'll tell me she should arrive any day--better yet, any second! In the meantime, I'm trying to keep my mind off my ever-expanding belly. One of Little Leighton's most favourite things to do right now is have moi paint her nails. She is just about as girlie as it gets. She sits so perfectly still and then "ooohhh's and aaahhh's" over her pretty nails for several days after. She adores getting to show her Daddy, Grammy, Pa-Pa and even her preschool teachers. She just beams with pride! She especially loves polish with glitter. That makes it "extra fancy." (She's also quite the "Fancy Nancy" fan. I really am, too! She's a hoot.)

When she was visiting Grammy a couple of months ago, LL was admiring ELC's extra sparkly gold tootsies. LL wanted gold fingers and toes, too! ELC had found this OPI color on one of her grocery shopping excursions to the cute town of Granbury. It's called "All Sparkly and Gold," and I'm here to tell you--it's seriously fabulous. The Three Leighton Ladies all love it. ELC graciously let me borrow it yesterday so I could have my first pedicure since July (don't ask--my feet were shameful!).

My two other favourite polishes as of this moment? Essie's "Pool Side Service" (a slate blue) and Sally Hansen's "Miracle Gel Top Coat." Both of these are on my hands right now. I truly think this top coat makes my polish withstand washing dishes and chasing a toddler several days longer! I don't typically splurge on manicures because they never last. The color inevitably chips by the time I walk out of the salon, and that's so frustrating! I've found painting them myself and using this top coat can give my mood a little boost at a fraction of the cost (and my sanity!)!

Happy Tuesday evening, Friends! I'm off to prop my feet up and watch something mindless. I'm getting so anxious!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

March Mascara Madness!

That title could imply I'm featuring several mascaras. Sorry if I misled Y'all. Not the case. Just one.

This is—I pinky swear—going to be our last mascara post for a while. Maybe the rest of 2016. (Do I hear applause? Or sighs of sadness?)

  1. TLC and I each have a makeup drawer full of not-empty-or-dried-out mascaras we need to do something with. Use them or get rid of them. Period. (And, yes, we are aware we’re not supposed to use a mascara for more than a few months—as we could get eye infections, etc. This hasn’t happened to either one of us—we’ll take our chances. We don't want/need an eye infection. Promise.)
  2. Baby Elle could truly arrive any day now (although her arrival is technically not scheduled for eighteen more days)! TLC is beyond ready for her new little Angel Girl Baby to pop out. We suspect we won’t have time to do much “mascara shopping/testing” for a few months.
  3. There comes a point in your life when you’re ready to stick with a product you love. At least until they stop making it. I’m going to go back to some of the mascaras in my drawer and see which was my most favourite. I’ll try to remember to report on that in the next few weeks.

I grabbed this mascara a couple of weeks ago. It was Buy One Get One for 50% off at the drugstore I frequent. I appreciate those kinds of sales! (I actually prefer the BOGO FREE sales the best!) After using it for a few days, I think TLC has a better opinion of it than me. The brush is interesting. She’s told me she’s found she has to put two-three coats of it on. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t dislike it. And I’m always always ready to give products a second and third shot. That is, if I don't despise them immediately. (This morning, when I applied it, I felt like it looked pretty dadgum good. For some reason, my lashes have too many days when they don’t seem to want to cooperate with me. Does that happen to y’all? I don’t know what it is. I do take my mascara off at night with three different products. I rarely use the same one two nights in a row. It’s a mystery to me. Like my bad hair days. What's the issue? Humidity? The way I sleep? No clue. Sheesh.)

Gotta scoot…MSH and I are trying to run away...we need to escape for a bit... 

Smooches and Hugs, Sillies Everywhere...and ta-ta for now!