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Wednesday, November 11, 2020


So I was going to do a post as soon as November started. Now it’s the 11th? Sheesh. I attempted at least twice to write my FABULOUS thoughts down. (Winky wink.) Something has happened to distract and deter me each time. Clearly.

TLC and I have days that simply won’t slow down. They ZOOM by. Speaking of Zoom: Every Monday morning I Zoom with 8-11 of the most AMAZING women. It’s a group of friends that have known each other for many years. They attend the Sunday School class My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) and I have been going to for a little over a year. 

They are a small group (BUT all the women in our class have always been invited) who have met for YEARS and YEARS every Monday morning at a Corner Bakery close to me for breakfast. I was going to start going after my hip replacement in January. When I could drive. Then, of course, along came (Insert Jaws theme here...)...The Lockdown in March. Monday Breakfast Group=OVER.

After our Precious Class President figured out how to Zoom on Saturdays so we could stay in touch and continue to learn about God and Jesus, she also suggested this small group of friends could substitute Zooming for in-person gathering. 

They invited me to join them about ten weeks ago and they have all given me such JOY! I’m the youngest. At 66. Three are in their 70s. The rest in their 80s. Y’all. They are the CUTEST. Funniest. Smartest. Wisest women/people. I do everything in my power not to miss these important chances to CONNECT with them!

MSH and I go to in-person church now. We’ve missed two Sundays in the past nine. Being there in the church builds our faith like never before!

We all so desperately need to get our lives back. With the lessons we’ve learned! And with the determination to REMEMBER said lessons. Right?

Hope each of y’all—wherever in this World you are—are healthy! Happy! Hopeful!

(TLC will be posting soon...if she can remember...)