Saturday, April 4, 2020

...19 for 19...

So...surely Y’all can guess what we’ve been doing, right?

Self-quarantining. SIGH.

What an unexpected NIGHTMARE.

One might think that if you are Two Old Peeps who have been “retired” for six years, you might be used to being with each other 24/7. For nineteen days. But you’d be wrong. Because, of course, we aren’t ever really together 24/7. (Let’s make it 16/7. We do sleep.) In “normal” times, we each have our own daily plans. So this situation? Not ideal.

TLC? Never, ever, EVER wanted to be a teacher. EVER. Teaching Little Leighton and Belle? First grade and pre-school? Not her cup of tea. (As her Mom—I can promise you she is rockin’ it!) This is simply taking it’s toll. On her. On all of us. On our children. Our families. Our friends. Our communities. Our country.

TLC and I have been talking about the things we’ve learned, or noticed, or have been reminded of this past 19 days.

From TLC...What I’ve Learned:

1.  The value of a bag of frozen veggies.
2.  Teachers should be paid 11 billion dollars. Per day. (And possibly per student.)
3.  Sunshine is genuinely good for the soul.
4.  My current motto: Coffee until wine.
5.  It’s okay if your children eat potato chips for breakfast. As long as they’re not fighting and you don’t have to cook another dang meal.
6.  Let go of rigid routines. (I struggle with this, but I respect the importance.) It’s virtually every man for him (or her)self. You do what you gotta do to get through the day.
7.  But, also, it’s important to keep some semblance of structure to your day. Otherwise, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, ends up in tears.
8.  I take too many things for granted. Walking into my favourite coffee shop. Grabbing lunch with a friend. Strolling around Target. HUGS.
9.  The world needs more ART. Art equals happiness in our home. We’re covering every surface that we can.
10. A package of fruit chews counts as a serving of fruit when your on-line grocery order can’t be fulfilled with the real thing.

From ELC...What I’ve learned:

11. No matter how long you’ve been married (almost 42 years...), your spouse can still surprise you.
12. No matter how long you’ve been married, your spouse can still annoy you.
13. No matter how long you’ve been married, your spouse can still make you want to scream. And laugh. And run away. And marry him all over again.
14. The very second you remember you must not touch your face, you’ll have an itch. Near your mouth. Your nose. Your eyes. Individually or all four of them all at the same time.
15. You apparently can never have enough toilet paper, paper towels, bread, milk, eggs and...PATIENCE.
16. You can watch TOO MUCH NEWS. Turn. It. Off.
17. Just when you realize how lazy you’ve been for 18 days, you can actually lower yourself to a whole new level of sloth-i-ness.
18. Seeing your grandchildren on FaceTime? Or in your garage—from ten feet away? NOT acceptable, Evil Virus. Get it? GO. AWAY. FOREVER. (Picture Grammy with a VERY mean look on her face.)
19. You simply cannot laugh enough. (At appropriate times, of course.)

So our next several posts will be our favourite Coronavirus...Covid-19...Self-quaranting MEMES. Surely you’ll laugh with us at some or all of them. (You’re welcome. Winky. Wink.)

PLEASE stay healthy and strong (physically and mentally)...DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE...Keep social-distancing...and WASH YOUR HANDS.

Cyber HUGS from Us to Y’all...

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

...pure joy...

Belle is pure JOY! Sassy. Silly. Sweet. Smart. Sensitive.

She’s kind. Cuddly. Giggly. Charming. CUTE.

Belle has added MAGIC to all of our lives. She’s wise for a 4-year-old.

She’s a good sleeper. (Mostly. Takes minimal cajoling/bribes.) She looks adorable in her glasses. She ADORES her Mama. She idolizes her Big Sister.

She makes us smile. And, sometimes, CrAzY. (A bit crazy...) She makes us think. She makes us proud. She makes us HAPPY!

Celebrating Belle has been MARVELOUS! Especially in this challenging, social-distancing nightmare.

Speaking of COVID-19:

In April, TLC and I are going to embrace the frustration of self-quarantining by sharing our most favorite memes. Stories. Lessons. Hope you’ll stop by and visit us—from six feet away!

Buh-Bye, March. It’s been...well...different. (SHEESH.)

Air Hugs, Friends!


Wednesday, March 25, 2020’s OFFICIAL...

Belle is 4!

We’re now referring to her as “four-antined.” (Not original.)

Our youngest of seven grands, she’s a happy-go-lucky pistol! She loves (and misses) her teachers and friends at school. She NEEDS Butterbean’s Cafe, fruit chews, glitter, bows and jewelry. She adores Peppa Pig, Pete the Cat (although real cats scare her...), and singing all the songs from Frozen and Frozen II. She’s looking forward to this quarantine being over so she can begin ballet and tap lessons. (Swimming lessons? She is not excited about those. But she’ll have no choice. She DOES love to swim. Just not the lessons.)

Since her first “official” birthday party with friends was postponed, as well as our family party for her, Grammy and Pa-Pa took her gifts to her porch Sunday afternoon and celebrated from the requisite 6-foot distance. (We sang Happy Birthday to Belle. Sadly, we were never, EVER on the same key. So I just sang louder. Not an ideal situation for anyone. Probably, and especially, any of TLC’s neighbors that could have been traumatized. Oh, well. Belle liked it!)

We’re truly proud of Belle! She’s sweet, kind, smart, generous, and PRECIOUS. Duh. We all pray her next year is full of GOOD health, FUN times with Little Leighton, her Mom, Dad and Henry (their dog), lots of learning and endless giggles.

(And NO CATS!) Wink. Wink.


Friday, March 20, 2020

...four MORE...

(I promise I’m not intentionally ignoring the current pandemic. However, it’s already taken away so much, including Belle’s first “birthday party with school friends.” So, through March, I’d rather just focus on celebrating my sweet girl. We can talk all things Coronavirus is April.)

Last night, before bath, I decided to ask Belle FOUR MORE questions! Her answers are sweet and silly. (I don’t know where she decided peacocks were brave but I know she sure is!)

1. What do you want to be when you grow up? A ballerina!

2. What’s your favorite movie? Frozen 2!

3. What’s your favorite animal? A peacock, because they’re SUPER brave, like me!

4. What’s your favorite song? “Walk Me Home,” by the P!nk lady!

I hope your Friday (I think that’s what day it is. LOL.) is filled with lots of faith, grace and love.

Happy weekend!

Saturday, March 14, 2020


Tonight, as I was putting Sweet Belle to sleep, I asked my almost four-year-old FOUR questions! I will always be so thankful I have these memories as who she is right now.

1. What’s your favorite show? “Hmmm. Sofia the First. Llama Llama. Chip and Potato. Butterbeans. Peppa. I like a lot of shows! But my VERY favorite right now is Sofia!”

2. What’s your favorite color? “Pink. Turquoise. Purple. Oh, and dark green.”

3. What’s your favorite food? (As an aside, Belle really LOVES food. Especially snacks. Her answer just happens to be what we had for dinner tonight.) “Plain spaghetti with butter and Parmesan!”

4. What’s your favorite thing to do at school? “Play in the kitchen with the baby doll wearing the pink outfit!”

Y’all. She’s so sweet. She’s happy. She’s smart. She cracks us up! She also clearly loves wearing things on her head! LOL.

I’m so lucky to have her!

Sunday, March 8, 2020 belle...

We decided several months ago that we needed to quit calling Baby Belle “Baby.” Just go with Belle. To this Grammy, however, she’ll probably always be “Baby Belle.”

She’s the youngest of our seven grandchildren. From the time TLC suspected she was pregnant, we were both certain she was a boy. (We also were convinced Little Leighton—aka LL—
was going to be a boy. So there you go. We are not good guessers.)

TLC was, in all honesty, quite The Drama Queen all throughout her LL pregnancy and birth. When Belle was born? TLC was more in control of her emotions. Belle came much faster than LL. It was still AMAZING and JOYOUS and MIRACULOUS. Mom and Dad were cooler this go-round. That was good.

Grammy and Pa-Pa were no less ecstatic at this Angel’s entrance into the world than they’d been at the birth of each of our grandchildren! We had the added honor of caring for LL. Bringing her to the hospital to meet her new baby sister. (Just like her Mama, LL was as intrigued by and with the hospital gift shop as she was seeing Belle for the first time. Sheesh.)

LL hadn’t been the easiest baby. (Again, neither was her Mama. The truth hurts, TLC.) She’d not been a good sleeper. At night or for naps. Despite not being out in the general public many times in her first two years—or at a daycare—she seemed to get sick ALOT. Then there was her Celiac Disease diagnosis at two. Her sleeping improved soon after she turned two and quit having gluten. Naps were always a struggle and they were over by the time LL turned three.

TLC was determined Belle was going to be a BETTER baby. She was going to sleep in her crib. PERIOD. ALWAYS. She was going to be a better napper. TLC HAD learned how to be a Mama and Belle was going to benefit from her LL experience.

Belle was the happiest baby! (Probably because she was sleeping more than LL.) She giggled. She laughed. She danced. (Long before she could walk, she’d dance.)

And here is Baby Belle! From birth to 4 months old!

Isn’t she the CUTEST?

Get ready. March is ALL BELLE. ALL the TIME. EVERY. POST.

Have a WONDERFUL week, Dearest Friends...


Saturday, March 7, 2020


Belle (formerly known as Baby Belle) will be four years old this month. 


Grammy ELC is in such disbelief. She’s the baby/youngest of our seven grandchildren and a daily reminder of how fast time speeds by us. 

TLC and I want to take this opportunity to focus on Belle! A few pictures. A few videos. A few stories and sweet memories. 

Hopefully Y’all will be patient and humour us! We’ll try not to be too obnoxious. Wink. Wink. 

Have a WONDERFUL Weekend—Wherever in the World Y’all are!


Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Saturday, February 29, 2020

...the end...

And now...ELC’s last seven LOVES!

Y’all know by now how lazy I must be—judging by all the TV I watch!

I currently use this excuse: I had my left hip replaced six weeks ago. Nuff said.

I’ll divide this post up into two categories.

First...shows I watch with Little Leighton and Belle and actually enjoy!

Then... shows I crave but that are probably mostly enjoyed by those of us over the age of...hmmm...I’ll go with 16.

Kids’ Shows that ROCK (and let me add they might be watched primarily by girls...but we make Pa-Pa watch them too and he doesn’t seem to mind...):

(1) Butterbean’s Cafe—Nick Jr. CUTE little show. Butterbean, her little sister, Cricket, Poppy, Dazzle and Jasper teach us all about kindness, fairness and how much we could use magic wands and fairy beans! Oh, and they can fly! Miss Marmalady, Spork and Spatch, provide Butterbean and Friends with dilemmas and challenges that provide lots of laughter and opportunities to talk to our kids and grandkids about making good choices every day.

(2) Fancy Nancy—Disney and Disney Jr. We ADORE all the Fancy Nancy books! This cartoon is beyond PRECIOUS. I mean, this Grammy cannot wait for a new episode every week. Even though I could watch every show many, many times and never get tired of them.

(3) Peppa Pig—Nick Jr. Of course the Leightons, whose ancestors hail from Jolly Old England, would TREASURE Peppa, her family and her friends. It amazes me how many kids, including Little Leighton and Belle, end up speaking with British accents after watching this show only a few times. Much less hundreds of times. Cheerio!

Now for us older Peeps!

(4) Guy’s Grocery Games—Food Network. Y’all, I am, as TLC would say, obsessed. Which is fascinating since of the three of us—me, TLC, and My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH)—I am not a Cook. Like they both are. Not. At. All. MSH will not even watch this show with me. Even when we literally have nothing else recorded we’d both be willing to watch. I cannot explain this sketchy attitude. I watch it alone. Honestly? It’s fine with me. I don’t want to share this show with anyone but All of Y’all.

(5) Indebted—NBC. Y’all will recall I NEED my 30-minute comedies on NBC, ABC and CBS. I live to laugh! This is Fran Drescher’s new show and it is AWESOME. To me. She and her husband have gone broke and have had to move in with their son and his family. I must admit this: the second show I just watched did not make me laugh as much as the first.’s Fran! I think she is hilarious. The cast is full of amazing actors you’ll recognize. Give it shot! Thursdays. I have faith next week’s will be just as charming as the first week’s. Did I mention it’s The Nanny?!?!?

(6) Kids Baking Championship—Food Network. First, it’s cupcakes and cakes! Do I need to say much more than this? These kids’ baking skills are incredible. They amaze me with every show I watch. I couldn’t do a tenth as well as they each do in these competitions. (I get especially excited when one or more of the kids is from Texas! Woo Hoo!)

(7) The Biggest Loser—USA. Tuesdays. So TLC and Her Hubby got me hooked on The Biggest Loser many years ago. Then they abandoned me and quit watching it. THEN NBC abandoned it and my heart was broken. Since I rarely have to watch commercials, I don’t see many ads for new shows. Or any shows! I happened to see that this inspiring show was on USA now! Has it been there for more than this season? Can’t tell ya. And I missed the first episode. I’ve found it just in time to cry every Tuesday night, though. (Because I don’t watch enough shows already that make me sob ugly tears every week. Grey’s. This Is Us. A Million Little Things. New Amsterdam. SHEESH.)

February Loves? Over and Out. Hope Y’all have found at least one of our Loves to try.

Here comes March! Wwhhhaaaattttt?

Hugs and Smooches...

Thursday, February 27, 2020

...completely random...

Happy Friday Eve! Can y’all believe February in almost over? To wrap up my last few loves, I thought I’d share a completely random list.

Here we go!

1. Diet Coke. No shame in admitting this. I went several years without one. But I’m back with a vengeance.

2. Ordering groceries online for pickup. Walmart is my favorite!

3. Anthropologie’s Capri Blue Volcano candles. To say I’m obsessed would be an understatement. I’d run out of toilet paper before I ever ran out of these. (You can actually buy these candles at several retailers—even Amazon. I just prefer Anthro.)

4. Tom’s “Silly Strawberry” Mouthwash (for Kids). Little Leighton loves this stuff! I’m a big believer in a mouthwash. I’ve got her hooked now, too. (It’s, obviously, gluten-free and fabulous!) I get this at Target.

5. Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve been a loyal fan from the get-go. Some seasons/characters have been better than others. However, I still look forward to this every Thursday night!

6. Jo Malone’s “Lime Basil and Mandarin” perfume. ELC and My Sweet Dad gifted me a lovely gift card to Nordstrom for my birthday. I used it to purchase this. It’s delightful. I tend to wear this in the spring/summer and “Wood Sage and Sea Salt” in the fall/winter. This brand of perfume/cologne is, hands down, the BEST.

7. I think we’ve mentioned this before, but it’s TOTALLY worth mentioning again: the Krusteaz Gluten-Free Cinnamon Swirl Cake Mix is, hands down, probably my most favorite gluten-free find. Y’all. It’s incredible. I substitute butter for the oil. I swirl all the cinnamon into the cake at once (I don’t want to mess with layering.) Then I top it with Betty Crocker’s (canned and GF) Cream Cheese Frosting. I could easily devour the whole cake. It’s EVERYTHING.

I have loved sharing my “loves” with y’all! Happy (almost) weekend!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020


I love lasagna. ELC is an excellent lasagna-maker. However, her lasagna takes hours. Boiling noodles. Making the sauce. Simmering said sauce. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I randomly came across a super easy recipe I’ve since adapted. We all love it! I thought I would share it with y’all tonight. It’s originally from The Kitchn.

TLC’s EASY Gluten-Free and Yummy-Full Lasagna


1 Medium Yellow Onion
1# Lean Ground Beef (I prefer grass-fed!)
Salt and Pepper, to taste
1/4-1/2 C. Red Wine (I like a Pinot Noir.)
1-24 ounce jar of Rao’s Marinara (Brand specific, please!)
4 C. Whole Milk, Low-Moisture Mozzarella
(I prefer the pre-shredded Great Value brand from The Walmarts.)
15 GF No-Boil Lasagna Noodles (Barilla is great!)
15 ounces Ricotta Cheese (Again, Great Value brand works like a charm.)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Sauté the onion in the EVOO. Add in the beef. Season with S&P. Once browned, deglaze the pan with the wine, and let it simmer for 10ish minutes. Let it then cool for 5ish minutes.

Spray a baking dish with EVOO or Avocado Oil (my personal fave). Spoon a thin layer of the jarred sauce on the bottom of the dish. Mix the rest of the jar into the beef/onion/wine mixture.

Layer 5 noodles on top of the sauce. Top with a 1/3rd of the ricotta (dollop and smooth), followed by a 1/3rd of the meat mixture and finally a 1/3rd of the mozzarella. Repeat two more times, though do NOT finish with the mozzarella. Reserve the last bit to top at the end of baking.

Cover the dish with foil. Bake for one hour.

Remove foil. Sprinkle with the remaining mozzarella. Bake another 10ish minutes.

Let it cool (This is CRUCIAL and prevents a “runny” lasagna!) and rest for at least 15 minutes on your stove. I promise—it will still be warm.


Minimal ingredients. Minimal prep. MAXIMUM FLAVOR.

You won’t be disappointed. Give this a whirl!

Happy cooking!

Sunday, February 23, 2020


So, my next love (the days of February are quickly coming to a close, I’ve got to get to crackin’) is completely random but something I’ve been using daily:

I love this stuff! AND, it’s CERTIFIED GLUTEN-FREE!

I’ve put it on everything from: taco salad, eggs, baked sweet potatoes, tuna salad. It’s truly not too spicy. It’s the tangy-ness I love! My Husband uses it to make our sweet and spicy wing sauce. YUM.

I grabbed this at Kroger. I’ll be buying more!

Happy Sunday, y’all!

Friday, February 21, 2020 loves...

Tonight, I’m starring my two new makeup loves!

Up first, the “Anastasia Brow Whiz” eyebrow pencil. I purchased this on a whim during Sephora’s big sale at the end of last year. Much like lipstick, ELC has been (kindly) suggesting I fill in my brows for quite sometime. I’ve tried several products and none have wow-ed me. Until THIS. It’s amazing! It makes my brows fuller, and looks completely au naturale. I’ve just ordered my second pencil, though I still have some left from my first, and we ordered one for ELC to try, too! My shade is “medium brown.” She went with “blonde.” It costs $23 (via Sephora). It’s worth every penny. I LOVE the little brow “bristle brush” on one end. The “pencil” (you just roll it up, no need for sharpeners) itself is ultra thin. I believe that’s what aides in the very natural look! Just outline your brow and feather it in. Done. Voilá! You can thank me later.

Second on my list: L’Orēal Infallible Pro Matte Liquid Lipstick. This is my latest shade: Dose of Rose. It’s perfect for everyday. At night, I like to go a bit more dramatic with Matador or Plum Bum (perfect for Fall/Winter). I love this lipstick. I apply it in the morning, and it still looks great by the afternoon! It doesn’t transfer onto anything. The matte finish is quite classy. While I love the look and feel of a gloss, I don’t like my hair getting stuck in it. That never happens with this! It costs around $7ish, depending on the retailer. I’ve purchased at Target, Walmart and Amazon.

Give these products a whirl. I truly LOVE them both.


Tuesday, February 18, 2020

...the eyes have it...

For you Younguns, I say this:

Take care of your eyes!

I have macular degeneration. It’s a condition that could eventually cause me to go blind. (Sheesh. As if us Old Peeps don’t have enough worries. Sigh.) I’ve inherited it from both sides of my gene pool. My biological paternal grandmother had it. My 87-year-old mother has had it for years. She’s virtually blind in one eye and we’re determined she won’t lose the other. Although her eyesight is not great in the eye she still has.

I found out I had macular degeneration three years ago. At age 62. It’s “dry” at this point. This is where I want it to stay.  I’ve been taking these eye “vitamins” since I found out I have it. The AREDS part of these vitamins is critical. You can buy eye vitamins that don’t have AREDS. Find out if you’re likely to be a candidate for this condition as soon as you can. (Smoking is also a factor in this—although my grandmother did smoke and my mother did not.) PreserVision is not cheap. I get mine at Costco or Sam’s. I have to take two a day. I don’t miss taking these pills! I want to see. Until I’m not here. Period.

Then there are cataracts. More good news for us Seniors. Everyone is going to have them. Some of you may never have to have them removed. I’m in a holding pattern with mine. They don’t seem to be growing as fast as My Sweet Hubby’s (aka MSH) did. He had his removed last summer. This is when I learned that the drops we put in our eyes should be “preservative free.” He buys the Refresh Plus drops. They’re individually packaged.  I’ve been using Bausch&Lomb drops for at least 20 years. But I didn’t know I should buy their “Soothe” drops. That are preservative free. Now I know! (I’m not fond of MSH’s drops because I find the little vials can touch my eyes when I’m squeezing them.) MSH also gets his drops at Costco or Sam’s, by the way.

I LOVE these products. I feel certain they’re keeping our eyes healthier!

Happy Tuesday, Y’all! Open your eyes today to the BEAUTY in your world! It IS there. I’m confident of this.


Saturday, February 15, 2020

...WWs’ love...

I LOVE Weight Watchers! (Now called WWs.) I think y’all might know this.

Just in case you don’t...

I’ll say it again: I LOVE WWs!

I’m a Lifetime Member. (Which means I reached my goal—losing 44 pounds—over two years ago.) As long as I don’t weigh two pounds over my goal, I receive the WWs App free. If I go even one ounce over two pounds? I have to pay $15.00. The cost of WWs is approximately $45 per month. So $15? That. Is. AWESOME. Right?

In over two years, I’ve paid $15 once. I was four ounces over two pounds. FOUR OUNCES! And, yet, I didn’t care. I NEED WWs to stay at my goal weight. My health is worth $15! Has paying that $15 that morning made me try harder to stay at my goal? Yes. Yes, it has.

FYI: TLC joined WWs last Fall. She wanted to lose 20 stubborn pounds that wouldn’t go away. It took her three months to reach her goal. Now she’s a Lifetime Member, too! I was/am truly proud of her.


Hope y’all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! And that this weekend will be FANTASTIC! Make some small changes in how you eat. (If you need to!) It’s baby steps that helped TLC and moi. Little itty bitty baby steps.


Tuesday, February 11, 2020

...animal flower crowns...

So it started with a little bear pillow from Target several years ago. The bear had a flower crown! TLC and I fell hard for animal flower crowns.

Then it went to TLC finding more “flower-crowned animals” at Hobby Lobby. Pictures. I bought one when we sold our country casa in 2018 and moved to the DFW Metroplex into our new-to-us home. It’s the cutest little cow with a flower crown. Also found it at Hobby Lobby and wanted it for one of our guest bathrooms. (The bathroom Little Leighton and Belle use when they spend the night with us.)

Then one Saturday this past December, I found this calendar at World Market! I always keep a fairly big calendar in my utility room. I note when My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) and/or I vacuum our house. Clean bathrooms. Even when we need to change sheets in our three bedrooms—particularly our master. (Yes—you Younguns are thinking it’s mighty sad I can’t remember when we do these chores. My defense? We is OLD. And time goes by sooo fast, MSH and I simply cannot keep track of our efforts to maintain a clean and organized home. It is what it is. Sigh.)

When I showed TLC this precious calendar by the artist Spring Whitaker (She has the sweetest story she tells about herself...), TLC got EXCITED. Little Leighton had told her she wanted a 2020 calendar for her closet. TLC got her one for Christmas! (Grammy had to keep hers hidden until Dec. 26th. I didn’t mind. Winky. Wink.)

February is for TLC! The owl is truly perfect for her. I think she’s shared her “owl”’story that is hilarious. (Which is probably not nice of me to say—since the night she experienced The SCARY Owl Mystery, Her Hubby was out of town and she was extremely frightened.) This owl is beautiful!

March is for Moi and Belle!

May is for MSH! This deer is beyond special as he went from being a BIG deer hunter (for about twenty years) to wanting to feed and protect them.

July is for Little Leighton! And AMERICA!

It’s safe to say  I’ll always LOVE pretty animal crown pillows, pictures and calendars. FOREVERMORE.

We’re getting very close to Valentine’s Day. Yikes. 2020 is flying by FAST.

TLC, Little Leighton, Belle, MSH and I all wish each of you a day full of chocolates, flowers, hugs and smooches!

And if you don’t receive them? GIVE THEM. PLEASE. Give them.


Saturday, February 8, 2020

#1a all-time love...

Happy Saturday!

In celebration of TLC’s 36th BIRTHDAY, I want to make this OFFICIAL:

She is my #1a ALL-TIME LOVE. (My Sweet Hubby—aka MSH—is and always be my #1. He must be. For a ZILLION reasons. But TLC is a teeny-tiny smidge under his rating. Winky. Wink.)

TLC is smart. Funny. Beautiful. Kind. Charming. Silly. STRONG. Gifted. (Gifted in fashion. Decorating. Cooking/Home Chef-ing. SHOPPING! Organizing. Planning.) Most of all? Gifted as her Precious Princesses’ Mom.

She makes me laugh. Cry. Smile. Giggle. Learn. Try harder. To be more like her. She makes this Mama PROUD.

Please enjoy some of my favorite pictures of my FAVORITE Daughter and FRIEND:

(By the way—I made her gluten-free “cake.” She wanted something lemon-y. I experimented with a cake mix and tried to actually make her a lemon cookie “bar.” See the last picture. The flavor was YUMMO. The texture was like a wedding cookie! Flaky. It kind of melted in your mouth. I’ll try again. Her necklace? An original made by Little Leighton! “I heart you.” In Little Leighton’s special creative way!)

Happy Weekend, Y’all!


Wednesday, February 5, 2020

...a few random loves...

So, my first LOVE is technically an ELC find. This was included in one of my Christmas gifts. I’m now on my third (wait, fourth?) bag of this certified gluten-free granola. I am obsessed. It is delicious. I top my yogurt with about a 1/4th of a cup, but believe you me, I could eat the entire bag—yogurt-less. Who knew granola could have probiotics? Win—WIN! Get thee to your local Walmarts and grab a bag or three. You won’t regret it. Treat yo’self!

Next up? My two new FAVOURITE books! I purchased these on Amazon for Little Leighton and Elle last week. The night they arrived, we read them both. They are absolutely precious. “Love Is” made me cry! The illustrations are beautiful. It’s about a sweet girl and a little duck. It’s very “metaphorical” to a mother’s love—at least that’s how I interpreted it! It’s amazing. The “Not A Valentine” book is about a little boy and his crush, and how he loves her everyday and in every way—not just on Valentine’s. These books will both have a permanent place on our bookshelves all year. I cannot recommend them enough! Hurry and head to Amazon and grab these for your little loves. Or even just for yourself.

I LOVE this month! I love Valentine’s Day! I love sharing my favourite things!

Y’all stay cozy. Texas is, of course, a weather disaster of spring-like days followed by snow. It’s currently freezing. I wish it would make up its mind.


Sunday, February 2, 2020

#1 love...

That would be my “grabber.” My (current) #1 LOVE. I’ve shared I’m a recent hip replacement patient. (A cute friend told me she calls grabbers “magic wands.” CLEVER.)

As I’ve also shared—I cannot CANNOT CANNOT bend over. To pick anything up. NOTHING. I have to use this grabber/magic wand (the long thing next to my sock-putter-on thing in the above picture) to help myself get dressed, too.

Let me say this: I’ve never dropped so many items in my life as I have the past two weeks. Truth. Murphy’s Law, I guess.

Here’s what happened this morning:

My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) had waited for me to get out of my shower before he left for the grocery store. He drove off while I put some makeup on and then was going to get dressed. (More jammies. My 24/7 outfits...JAMMIES.) As I was about to get some socks on, I dropped my magic wand.

EEEKKKKKK!!!!!!! I think I actually might have said a not-nice word. Then I got up from our closet chair—put my slippers on—and schlepped into our den.

I could have gone into the kitchen and gotten some long tongs out of a drawer or looked for MSH’s pantry grabber to take back to our closet to pick up my magic wand. I was pooped. I’d lost interest in socks. I needed to sit and ice my hip. me...I LOVE MY MAGIC WAND! I see it becoming a permanent necessity for the rest of my life.

Gotta scoot. Watching the Super Bowl! And also getting sleepy. Clearly worn out from my morning work.

Have a FABULOUS First WEEK in FEBRUARY, Friends!


Friday, January 31, 2020

...more love...

February! Tomorrow! Actually in just a couple of hours. 


So guess what we’re going to do? All during the month of LOVE?

Yep! We’re each going to share 14 things we love! 

Now don’t think you’ll have to read 28 posts. We may share three things in one post. Or ten! Or one. A total of fourteen for TLC. Fourteen for moi. 

May be a book. A food product. An IG person or company. 

Get ready! (We may be surprising each other.)

Buh Bye, January! It’s been...well, real. (Winky. Wink.)

Hugs and Smooches...

Monday, January 27, 2020

...tales from the couch...

Here I am! Doing what I currently do. Sittin’ on my couch. Makin’ myself get up and walk and do my hip replacement “exercises” periodically. I’ve now had three showers since January 15th. That is BIG, Y’all. Yippee!

This past Friday, TLC, Little Leighton (aka LL) and Belle came over to see me and My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) and have lunch with us. TLC had decided to keep LL home from school. She’d been to the nurse’s office the day before at school with a tummy ache.  She seemed to still be a bit puny when they got up that morning. (Belle doesn’t go to pre-school on Fridays.) So a visit to Grammy and Pa-Pa’s was something we were all excited about!

After lunch, Grammy laid on the twin bed designated as LL’s (and the one I’ve been sleeping on since I got home from the hospital—our master bedroom bed is too high and scary for me at this point...), and I watched LL and Belle play. I watched them watch TV. They were welcome entertainment! They came to our casa in their jammies. (Of course they fit right in with moi.) Here are My Sweet Princesses...busy:

And here is TLC—purging and organizing in our other guest room:

Yes—that closet has been quite awful. In my defense, I’ve been waiting for a free 3-4 days in a row to work in it myself. Winky. Wink. TLC couldn’t take it any more.

I occasionally checked on her. But my physical therapist came at 12:15 and kept me from monitoring TLC for almost 50 minutes. I’ll never know what I lost forever during that time. I guess I must admit it’s okay. If I don’t remember now what was in the boxes she went through, would I ever remember?

So this “recovery” is not going exactly the way I expected. I’ve had two rough weekends. I’ve cried. I’ve whined. I’ve had moments of regret, fear, confusion and, yes, anger. But this much I can tell you: I had no choice. My hip was causing me unbearable pain. My doctor told MSH and TLC—after my surgery—and me, the next morning—that I had a muscle tear he fixed and it was certainly contributing to my awful pain. It had to be done.

I’ve become expert at getting around with my walker! (If you’d told me when I was 40, 50 or even 60 that I’d have to use a walker when I was 65, I doubt I would have believed you.) My “grabber” (I cannot bend over for at least six weeks and I use it to pick up all kinds of things I drop/need/want.) is my third best friend after MSH and TLC. And then there’s this sock-assist:

I sit in the chair in my closet and get my clothes and socks on using my grabber and sock thingy! like a professional joint replacement patient. I feel like I could enter a timed contest and win! (Thank you to whoever thought of both of these invaluable inventions!)

Hope Y’all never need a joint replacement. Truly. But if you do? I hope you have it done at a top-notch hospital by a wonderful doctor. That you have a MSH and TLC in your life, family and friends that encourage you and help you. That you have entertainment and distractions as PRECIOUS as My Princesses! And a grabber and sock thing to make your life a wee bit easier.

Happy Monday! Happy New Week!


Friday, January 24, 2020


I have a new hip! I’ve not been the “patient” I expected to be. Many people that have had this surgery had shared with me how “wonderful” it was and that I’d have regrets I’d not done it sooner. I apparently thought the moment I woke up from anesthesia and surgery I’d be healed and rarin’ to go. Not so much.

I’d had two hip injections at the hospital where my replacement took place. So I was confident it would be top notch/first class. It didn’t disappoint me. The nurses and staff were all beyond magnificent! I checked in at 12:30 noon a week ago this past Wednesday. I stopped remembering anything at about 3:10 when the anesthetist started putting me to sleep. I have about one minute of memory in Recovery. At 6:30, I was in a room and looking at My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) and TLC.

MSH told me what the doctor had explained to them at the end of my surgery. I insisted MSH go home to check on Sweet Buddy Bear at 7:00. He needed rest and sleep. He’s 75. It’d been a long day. TLC was staying a bit longer. But I couldn’t stay awake so I insisted she, too, go home at 8:00. The rest of the night? I remember nothing until a respiratory therapist woke me up to breathe into a little machine thingy at 4:30 Thursday morn.

My doctor came by to see me at 6:00. He told me I should be able to go home later that day. MSH and TLC both came back around 9:30. The day was filled with a couple of pretty-good meals. Physical Therapy. Help from the awesome nurses. Hospital “stuff.”

MSH and I were able to head home at 4:30! From the moment I arrived at my casa until this morning, it’s been hard. Happy. Hopeful. Nice. Not so nice. Emotional. Frustrating. Good. And tough. FANTASTIC. All of that. And more.

I’ve had two visits from a SWEET Home Health Nurse. Three from a Physical Therapist. (He was my PT for almost three months last summer! That’s been a nice surprise.) I’ve tried to drink lots o’ water. Do my exercises. Not snack or eat too much. Get up and move around as much as possible.

I had to take myself off the prescribed pain medication last Saturday morning. It was causing me extremely scary side effects. Extra Strength Tylenol has been all I’ve had. Not quite enough but, well, my only choice.

I’m not sleeping great. I can’t bend over past a 90-degree bend at my waist for any reason. (Just be aware of how often you do this every day. It’s quite alot. I have a “grabber” to help me retrieve things I’ve dropped/I need.) I took my first shower a week after surgery. (That was heavenly.) I’m sore and stiff and must use a walker, of course, everywhere I go in our house. I’ve cried. Probably too much.

But through this whole experience, MSH has been his usual AMAZING self. My ROCK. He’s been my Nurse/Caregiver. He’s fixed every meal for me. He’s done our laundry and errands. He’s encouraged me and listened to me whine. He’s my Forever Hero.

TLC? She’s also been FANTASTIC/wonderful. She’s helped me AND her Dad. I’ve seen Little Leighton and Belle several times and they have been ANGELS.

However, TLC is using this opportunity to purge two of our closets. She loves to organize! (I call her Kanga. From Winnie the Pooh.) She also enjoys—a teensy bit too much—throwing and/or giving away ALOT of things she deems unnecessary. She. Is. Ruthless. I’m mostly thrilled she’s willing to help me. (She needs to do this purging/organizing thing for a living. I’m worried, though, she’d melt down when confronted with TRUE hoarders.)

So I’m 95% grateful. 5% fearful. Grateful for her willingness, time and energy. Fearful she’ll throw out something IMPORTANT. Important to ME. She’s coming today with Belle to continue her efforts. I’m determined to keep an eagle eye on her when I can. She’s lightning fast. I’ll have some trouble monitoring her. Now that I’m basically a sloth. Have I told you how much I love her? More. Than. Life. Itself.

Deep down in my very soul, I’m deeply appreciative of my doctor and all the nurses that have given me the opportunity to be out of immense, 24/7 pain. I cherish MSH and TLC and My Little Princesses. I’m beyond blessed to have caring family and FABULOUS friends who have prayed for and encouraged me.

Recovery and healing will take longer than I expected. I CAN do this! I’ll pray I don’t have to go through this fun ever again. Winky. Wink.

Happy Friday! Be safe. Be happy. Be healthy and strong. Be KIND. (Take care of your body/joints. They’re apparently important.)


Monday, January 20, 2020

Monday Lisa

If these memes don’t sum up life right now, I’m not sure what does.

ELC had her left hip replaced last week. I know she’ll fill y’all in soon! She is a FIGHTER, y’all. She’s been through more than one person should in a lifetime. Yet, she (mostly) keeps a smile on her face.

I lost my voice last week. I honestly think my husband was delighted. Ha! Ha! I went out Thursday with one of my favorite friends. I cashed in a Christmas gift card for a wine/tapas pairing. It was YUMMY and delightful. I arrived home around 9:30 to said husband wearing a ski hat and with at 101.6 fever. Oh, joy. He’s feeling better but I think we’re all ready to be done with January at this point.

Onward and upward, you know?!

Happy Monday!