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Thursday, October 1, 2020

...pig muffin...

It’s October! Wow. Just wow. We’re not going to lie. Getting through the nightmare that has been 2020 has been hard. For every person in this World. We can do it! I believe it. We can and will do it.

Life feels more hopeful. Little Leighton and Belle are going to school in person and that is simply GLORIOUS! All of us are THRILLED. Praying it continues to be safe. Enjoying their smiles and stories and HAPPINESS!

TLC has the cutest hairstyle EVER. It is so cute their pediatrician asked her yesterday who her stylist was and, if she asked for The TLC, would the stylist know what she meant? IT. IS. EPIC cute.

I continue to have a body that betrays me. Constant arthritic pain. I still walk like a penguin and no one at my doctor’s office or their physical therapist can fix me. Yet. I stay grateful I’m alive and able to do everything but walk normally and dance! 

Belle is the youngest comedienne in our family. She is hilarious. Most of the time she’s not meaning to be so dadgum funny. It simply comes naturally.

She loves to repeat everything Pa-Pa says. Even if we’ve ALL heard him say it. Last Friday, the four of us (Pa-Pa, TLC, Belle and I) were having lunch at our casa. Little Leighton was at school. Belle goes to school Monday through Thursday and takes Ballet and Tap on Friday morns.

Belle was listening to the three of us chat while we ate when she (sweetly...sort of) interrupted Grammy and said: Anyway, let’s talk about dessert! FYI: We ALWAYS have dessert after lunch. We rarely have it after dinner.

She and Pa-Pa went to the pantry so he could list all of her options.  “Would you like a Roll of Gold?” (That would be a Rolo. He usually calls them Rollie Pollies.) She ran over to me—I was literally sitting about 10 feet away and heard every word—and said: “Grammy! Pa-Pa asked me if I wanted a Roll of Gold!” We laughed and laughed. (We always do.)

This morning, as TLC was driving Belle to school, they called me. “Hello!” I said. Belle excitedly told me: “Grammy! It’s 30 days until Halloween!” (Yesterday we’d discussed the number of days until Halloween was 31.)

“It is?” I pretend ignorance quite often. Winky wink.

Then she said something I couldn’t understand. What did she say? I asked TLC.

TLC: “She said I’m eating an Egg PigMuffin. And she’s holding her nose. She hates how it smells.” 

Yesterday I’d told TLC I got an Egg McMuffin for the first time in almost seven months and it was FABULOUS. Of course, TLC had to copy her Mama. Duh.

Here’s hoping you have a FANTASTIC Friday! A WONDERFUL Weekend! Laugh! Sit down and have a meal with your loved ones. And have a few Rollie Pollies with an Egg PigMuffin!



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