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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

A Few Favourites

So, I didn't make those gluten-free cinnamon rolls last weekend. LOL. I did, however, make the most delicious peanut butter cookies. Y'all. They are naturally GF and as easy as can be. You need to immediately click on THIS LINK and make these Salted Peanut Butter Cookies. I think during Christmas, I'll add Hershey's Kisses. These will be the new and improved Peanut Butter Blossoms. OMG.

Yesterday, I had lunch with ELC and My Sweet Dad. They make the best sandwiches and bowls of fruit. I swear, food just tastes better at their house. Afterwards, ELC and I headed to "her" Target. I had a return. Of course we ended up shopping. The Dollar Spot has the most precious Christmas goodies out. We scored adorable tea towels and jewelry organizers. The Universal Thread jeans were also on sale. They are my absolute favourite. I grabbed one pair with ELC and ended up ordering THIS PAIR in black when I got home. I picked up that pair today. FIFTEEN DOLLARS. They are yummy! ADD TO CART.

I have been devouring books lately. I've been on a big Colleen Hoover kick. (ELC, you will not like these books. Just skip this part.) Regretting You was the last one I read. I also loved November 9. I'm also a huge Taylor Jenkins Reid (Daisy Jones & The Six) and Elin Hilderbrand fan. I just finished the first two books from Elin's "Paradise" series and will download the last one ASAP. Earlier this year, I read 
The Happily Ever After Playlist. I absolutely adored it. Go ahead and add all of these to your cart, too, if you love to read! I did recommend The School of Essential Ingredients to ELC. It's delightful, and ELC has truly enjoyed it. It's a quick read and definitely one you should add to your "to be read" list for this fall/winter. It's just cozy.

THIS is my current favourite coffee creamer. It is creamy and not overly "nog-y." I am seriously considering ordering as much as I can to last me throughout the year. It's a "limited edition flavor" and won't last long. For those on the BLUE WW plan, it's one point for four tablespoons.

Tomorrow is Belle's "Costume Parade" at her preschool. She is so excited. I'll share pictures next week. Though Halloween will be a bit different this year, we are still equally jazzed about celebrating. There will be lots of candy and laughs with our friends. 2020 is virtually a dumpster fire, but I refuse to let it steal all of our joy,

It's been absolutely COLD here in our part of Texas this week. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I'm headed off to snuggle under my five blankets and catch up on Real Housewives. Happy Friday Eve Eve, friends!

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