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Sunday, October 18, 2020!

So I’m that Little Baby Boomer who has fought every advancement in technology since I was 25. First I fought memory typewriters. Then I fought cell phones. (When you carried one in a bag and it was HEAVY. It was quite hilarious.) Then I fought satellite TV. (When the satellites were HUGE and ugly eyesores on your property.) Then I fought emailing. Then I fought the smaller cellphones. (I believed no one needed to be able to find me or talk to me 24/7. Still kinda think we are tooooooo obsessed with our cells.) Then I fought iPhones. Then I fought mouse-free laptop computers. Then I fought ZOOM. Boy, did I ever fight ZOOM.

My Sweet Hubby and I still don’t do Netflix. Or have any other “streaming” (Is that the right word?) services. We haven’t had HBO forever and ever. We don’t even have Amazon Prime. (Yes. It’s true. And, surprisingly, we’re still alive and sort of well. Winky. Wink.)

But I can ZOOM! (I’ve not been a Zoom “host” and can’t see that happening anytime in the future.) In fairness to TLC, I ZOOM because of her and her technology expertise. Without her? I’d continue to be Zoom-impaired. I’d be that Little Old Grammy saying: No. Sorry. I don’t do that. Don’t know how. Thanks for askin’!

I’d sincerely appreciate it if we could all sit still for a while and not have to “update” or “upgrade” ANYTHING or have all new stuff dumped on us anytime soon. Let’s say five years.

‘K? Deal?

New week tomorrow! New opportunities. New goals. New challenges. New surprises! Let’s all embrace the excitement and BE HAPPY and KIND!



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