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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Ida Know—American Ninja Princess

Y’all. Belle. Oh. My. Stars. The child is a whirlwind. A mini tornado. Another enigma in this cRaZy family.

On Wednesday afternoon, I was over at TLC’s. For a few hours. My hip injection had been postponed for a week. I was a bit down in the dumps. Needed distraction. There’s no one better to keep your mind from negative thinking/over-thinking than 3-year-old Belle.

She’s so very different from Big Sister, Little Leighton (aka LL aka Sister Biscuit.). TLC and LL were not “physical” toddlers. Neither climbed up on anything! Both loved being carried, in fact. Both had to be told—around 5 years old—no more being carried! No more strollers. Sheesh.

Belle? Climbs as high as she can. Gets her upstairs’ and downstairs’ Princess stools—that are technically for getting up on the potty or reaching the sink to brush her teeth—and tries to see and reach EVERYTHING she can get her little hands on.

She’s been doing somersaults since she was eighteen months old. This makes her Mom and Grammy nervous wrecks. She won’t listen to us tell her to slow down and do them right. Nope. No time for listening.

I’m now calling her The American Ninja Princess. In addition to running around their playroom like it’s a track, and even in her Rapunzel princess shoes—that are high heels, Y’all—she is now using the playroom couch as an obstacle to climb on, up and over. As fast as she possibly can and all the while with her Mom loudly demanding: STOP THAT RIGHT NOW. Before you get hurt!

Her vocabulary—and her understanding of what she's saying—is also impressive. Sister Biscuit? Same way. Early talking. Early knowledge of what she was saying. Belle has a teeny little issue with the way she says some letters and words. Bird? It’s boid. TLC has been working with her on this.

TLC: Say “BIRD, Belle. Look at my mouth and lips. BIRD.

BELLE: Boid. (With the cutest little smile,)


BELLE: Boid. (Smiling...cooperating...smiling...)

GRAMMY: Okay, Mama. That’s enough!

When you ask Belle a are your shoes? She says: Idaknow.

GRAMMY: Watch my mouth and lips, Belle: I. DON’T. Know.

BELLE: Idaknow.

These pictures were all taken in the past ten days.

Here...Pa-Pa and I are taking LL and Belle to a new park we found close to our casa. Belle is trailing behind LL and Pa-Pa. Handicapped Grammy is bringing up the rear. Belle is currently not a fan of parks. Doesn’t want to swing. Or slide. Mostly just wants to wander around telling you she doesn’t want to do anything. The American Ninja Princess needs the comfort of her home/playroom/Grammy and Pa-Pa’s home to go WILD.

Here she’s attempting to sit still and play Candyland with LL, Pa-Pa and moi. Pa-Pa and I had coasters with coffee cups on them. Belle got a coaster for her fish. I cannot make this stuff up. Which is why I take pictures to show TLC.

The last two: She’s in her playroom. Their tent is a “Nursery” for the Princess Babies. Aurora. Tiana. Ariel. Belle spends alot of time getting them arranged and ready for their naps.

Yes. That is an Easter headband. Belle still wears it at least twice a week. Her hair. Oh. My. That wild hair.

I might be too old to continue to “coach” this Princess Ninja. She wears me out. She pretty much wears all of us out. And we ADORE HER! With all of our hearts and souls.

Happy July, Y’all! Wear red, white and/or blue all week to celebrate America’s Birthday! At least try...WHY NOT?

Hugs and Smooches,

Thursday, June 27, 2019


Tuesday morning, I took my mother to an eye specialist in Arlington. This was my third time to take her to this doctor. In four months. I’ve not talked much about my mother—TLC’s grandmother—Little Leighton’s and Baby Elle’s great-grandmother—in all these years of writing our blog.

Many of you know TLC and I have this blog printed in a book form periodically. We do this for Little Leighton and Baby Elle. As a (partial) history for them to treasure. A history of my life. Of TLC’s. Of their sweet lives. I’ve not detailed much about my relationship with my own mother. But I’ll share a bit about her now:

I’m the oldest of my mother’s four children. I knew—by the time I was in junior high—my Mom
and I were VERY different. In one thousand ways. But I also knew, soon after I had TLC, that physically I was, in fact, more similar to my mother than I’d truly ever realized. Not so much in our faces. Or hair. Or weight. Or height. Or personalities. (What the heck is left?) On the INSIDE of us. And in a “medical-ish” type of way.

I have inherited her (and probably her Mother's——my Nana’s) arthritis. Hearing issues. Eye issues. Female history. (She didn’t have breast cancer like me. My Nana didn’t, either.) Mother had a hysterectomy when she was 31. So did I. She’d had four children. Her fourth being born when she was almost 30. I’d had TLC—my only (biological) child—when I was 30.

By the time my mother was 75 (she’s 86), she’d had two hip replacements and two shoulder replacements. My left hip will be replaced. Eventually. It’s inevitable. It’ll be my first replacement—when it happens. My right hip? Yep. It, too. I’ll be surprised if I need my shoulders replaced. My mother was a tennis player and much more athletic and “out-doorsy” than moi.

My mother has very little sight in her right eye.  This eye specialist is trying hard to save what sight she has remaining in her left eye. She obsessively read books. All of her life. (I have cherished reading since I was 3.) She was an excellent Bridge player. (I’m, at best, adequate. I do adore it, however.)

Today, my Mother can watch TV and read the closed-captions. She cannot read books. She cannot play cards. She can see her husband, children, grandchildren and great-granddaughters (six great-grand girls—no great-grand boys!). She can go out to eat—and come to her children’s homes that are close by. (She and my dad still live in their home.) She cannot hear much. If we talk really loudly—she can catch a few words—every now and then.

So this past Tuesday—I looked at my mother for almost five hours from the time I picked her up until I took her back home. (These appointments take two to three hours. Getting there adds alot of time to the endless day.) It’s exhausting for me. And I’m 21 years younger. I watched her. I wrote her notes to communicate with her (It’s the best option...although you must use a medium Sharpie and write BIG.)

I studied her. And I saw myself. At 86.

I was sad. Yet I am certain I want to be able—at 86–to be grateful for everything I have. Especially my family and my life.

I believe that’s why I wanted to share this part of my story. I pray each of us will remember to always THANK GOD for what we have. If we’re breathing, there’s a reason we’re here.

BIG smooches and hugs this Friday Jr.!


Saturday, June 22, 2019

the man...the myth...

...the show. HUGH JACKMAN.

For Christmas this year, My Hubby gifted me two tickets to see Hugh Jackman in Dallas on June 19th. The only caveat? He was not going with me. I needed to take someone else. Musical-type-shows aren’t really his “thing.” His loss! 

Of course I wanted to bring ELC! We rarely have time together without my little girls. We’ve had maybe three pedicures in seven years. Two of those have been in the past three months! She always so graciously watches Little Leighton and Elle so I can go out—with MH or friends. She deserved this concert more than me!

Off we went on Wednesday! We had a yummy dinner before, and then proceeded to have the most delightful time at the show. Hugh must be the kindest human on this planet. Ever. He was charming and AH-MAZING. We cherished every moment!

I sure hope we can do something like this again soon!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 goddess...

So TLC and Her Hubby (aka HH) took Little Leighton (aka LL) and Belle to Orange Beach in Alabama last week. First time to the beach for The Little Princesses! TLC planned it all them a night—going and coming—in Baton Rouge. (LL and Belle are not the most fun gals on a trip in a car for an hour—much less MANY hours. Many breaks are IMPERATIVE.)

Grammy ELC’s job for four nights/five days was to turn outside lights off and back on, feed Nancy the Beta fish (Nancy—who is actually a male fish—that was a story explained many moons ago...), water TLC’s recently planted flowers, get their mail out of their box, keep their alarm turned on and just generally make it appear they were NOT out if town.

By the way: A scary situation had happened at their casa on the Wednesday before they left. I was at their house. HH was out of town on business. I won’t go into details at this point. I’ll will share the entire back window behind the driver’s seat in HH’s truck was shattered that afternoon. During the day. Bright sunlight. In front of their home where it’s been parked for almost two years. On purpose. The incident caused some confusion and fear on TLC’s part and her Mama’s. Hence my determination to try to “protect” TLC’s and her family’s home as best I could.

I’m going to brag and say I ROCKED it. (I must give My Sweet Hubby a little credit. He helped me three out of eight visits to their home.) Y’all, I was SOOO good as a Vacation Security Consultant and Administrator that I’m seriously considering starting this as a part-time business adventure. (No. Not really. Just kiddin’. But I am swearing to Y’all: I. Was. AMAZING. I was so good I forgot they were on vacation myself! No. Another fib. Still...Winky Wink.)

Here’s wishing Y’all a TERRIFIC Thursday tomorrow! Be safe. Be SECURE. Be mysterious. Heck—go on and go to The BEACH! I’m available for hire, remember.


Wednesday, June 12, 2019 therapy...

Today two things happened:

1) I had to drink a Diet Mountain Dew. (For the first time in almost four months.)

2) I went to My Sweet Cat for a cut and color. Cat: My hairstylist for over 33 years. THIRTY-THREE. YEARS.

The Dew: So after my nearly 90-minute drive to our former hometown (My heart hurts to say that word—former.) to get my old, grey hair processed, I stopped at a convenience store I frequented oodles of times over the past many years to buy a Coke Zero. (And, okay, a Powerball ticket. Because...why not?) There were no Coke Zeroes in the cooler. None. Well, actually, that’s not quite true. There were three Coke Zeroes—Orange Vanilla flavored. Sorry. Tried one a few weeks ago. Not again. Not falling for it again. (YUCK.)

I was, therefore, FORCED to buy a Diet Mountain Dew. Not gonna lie: I loved every single sip. Will this set me back? Make me want another? And another? I’m truly not worried about it. I’ll confess to Y’all if I do give in. (I won’t. Maybe in another four months. Not anytime soon.)

Cat: I miss her. I love her. I need her expertise. Her talents. Her wisdom. Her kindness. Her encouragement. Her patience. Her fun shop (Think Truvy—Steel Magnolias. Okay. Cat’s shop is not at her house. Although, when her grandparents were alive, it was next to their home!)! Her (free!) counseling. (No one has ever paid Cat enough for said counseling. Including me.) If I can go back to see her every two to three months? For my roots to be dyed and a therapy session? I’ll be grateful. I’ll be hugely grateful. (By the Way: My hair? BEAUTIFUL. If I do say so myself. Wink. Wink.)

Tomorrow is Friday Jr.! Here’s hoping the next four days of your life are full of Diet Dews (or the drink of your choice) and amazing moments with precious, dear, cherished friends.


p.s.—TLC’s bathroom remodel REVEAL is coming soon!!! It’s positively lovely.

Friday, June 7, 2019 to four...

First—in case you missed’s June. JUNE. The 7th. Actually. (There goes our intentions of doing eight posts a month. Sheesh.)

I refuse to bore y’all with excuses. TLC and I both believe we have some decent ones.  Instead...I’ll share this:

I’m 65. Y’all remember I don’t hide this. Why? Why would I? I’m sincerely grateful to be here. Every minute of every day. Prior to this past April? I was on one prescription medication. ONE. I have friends ten years younger that are on three. Five. Perhaps I’ve been a bit sassy and obnoxious about my one script. 

Because as of last week? That number has jumped to four. FOUR. Dadgummit. Not only am I frustrated. And a little more broke. I’m also a bit stressed. For two of my new three scripts? I read the pamphlets that came with them. 

YOUNG ONES—take my advice: DON’T read about the possible side effects of medications. It will give you chills. Nightmares. You’ll regret it. Trust me. 

There was definitely advantages to spending most of my life without the ability to Google/WebMD EVERYTHING.

Ignorance truly is BLISS.

Hope Y’all have a WONDERFUL weekend—wherever in this world Y’all are! Stay healthy! And as far away from prescription drugs as you can get...