Saturday, November 16, 2019


ELC here. I’m up to bat for the latest “gratitude” post. I our home I love. Watching a CUTE Lifetime Christmas movie. (Yes, Virginia, there are other channels besides Hallmark that have Christmas movies.) Snacking on a YUMMY Weight Watchers’ brownie mug cake. In my cozy flannel jammies. Feeling...grateful. For every one of the above blessings. And SO MANY MORE.


My Sweet Hubby. My Darling TLC. My Princesses: Little Leighton and Belle. Wonderful family members and precious friends.

For life. Breath. Decent health.

Yes—the pain in my left hip gets worse by the hour. My second hip injection I just had? Not helping as much as the first. Sometimes my pain level feels like a 15. On a scale of 1-10. 10 being the AWFULEST.

And I got a speeding ticket—in a school zone—three weeks ago. (I. Do. Not. Speed. Truly. I. Do. NOT.) I was on my way to a Weight Watchers’ meeting for my monthly Lifetime Member weighin. Two policemen were picking drivers/speeders off one after another. I actually didn’t realize I was in a school zone!when I saw them. The drivers in front of me who escaped being caught? I wasn’t even keeping up with them. The young policeman was not a bit moved by my explanation and sincere apology and tears. $159 later I’ll be doing a 6-hour Defensive Driving on-line course soon. Yippee.

Visiting my mother at her assisted living home nearby two to three times a week? For the past several months? Exhausts me. We’ve had an extremely difficult relationship for 55 of my 65 years. I’m trying to FEEL forgiveness—not just SAY I forgive her. Maybe I’ll get there.

All of the things I’ve mentioned? My stressors? Not as hard as what many people in this world face every day. For me? Speedbumps. Annoying. Frustrating. Insignificant in the big picture speedbumps.

I’m grateful for this day. For the love I feel and share. For comfort. Warmth. Hope. Good people that surround me with kindness and support.

Most of all—MOST OF ALL—I’m grateful for My Dear Lord God Almighty and His Son, Jesus Christ. My Savior.

Hope Y’all have had a marvelous day! May tomorrow—Sunday—be a day of worship, peace, and SWEET, SWEET JOY!

Hugs and Smooches...

Monday, November 11, 2019


... for my madness!

So, I’m incredibly grateful for our newly-ish remodeled master bath. However, I soon discovered how hard it is to keep clean. While I love the subway tile in my shower, there are SO. MANY. grout lines, and we have impossibly hard city water. (Meaning: hard water stains, etc.) I was reading a Real Simple article about a month ago. It had something to do with simplifying the bathroom cleaning routine. They recommended this product:

Method Daily Shower. Y’all. I’m already down to maybe a 1/4 of the bottle. I ADORE IT. I spray it all over my tile (though I don’t spray it on the glass) after I’ve showered. That’s it! There’s no scrubbing. Just spray and go! It smells DIVINE. Very spa-ish! I’ve already purchased the refill. This is my first experience using a Method cleaning product, and I’m officially hooked. I purchased this at Target. I think it’s actually on Cartwheel right now, too!

Give it a whirl and be grateful for a clean shower with minimal effort, too!

Thursday, November 7, 2019

...unending gratitude...

A month of gratitude! Love it, TLC! I’ll go first and this will be super easy.

I need my left hip replaced. Apparently arthritis—and genetics—has pretty much destroyed my hip. I’ve been in pain for way over a year. But I’m trying to delay this surgery until June. I don’t think I’m going to be able to. Dadgummit.

So I opted to try injections this past summer. Had my first one on July 3rd. It was a good experience. The hospital I was sent to is topnotch FANTASTIC. My orthopedic surgeon wanted me to understand he had no way of knowing if an injection would help. Or, if it did, how long the relief might last.

I’d say it lasted about two months. A month ago, the pain started getting worse for me. Yesterday I had my second injection. I was in excruciating pain for five days. I didn’t realize how much a new-ish medication was helping me until I had to stop it prior to being anesthetized.

Last night I had problems getting comfy. To sleep. Am I bit concerned? Yes. Yes, I am. Am I going to be able to put off replacement surgery until June? No. NO WAY. I’ve told My Sweet Hubby and TLC I can’t stand this pain for seven more months. I will lose what’s left of my mind. I’m praying I can get to at least 2020 with some comfort from this injection procedure.

Sooo...I am deeply THANKFUL for doctors. Nurses. Physician Assistants. Lab Techs. Even kind receptionists and business office people. I THANK My Dear Lord God Almighty that He gives a gift of medical service to those of us who cannot imagine ever being interested in this line of work. A person who can’t grasp slicing into bodies. Seeing lots of blood. Etc. Not for me.

My gratitude is IMMENSE.

Happy Thursday to each of you, Dearest Friends! I wish you a Friday and weekend full of FUN. Safety. Laughter. GOOD health. Peace.

Hugs and Smooches!

Sunday, November 3, 2019


It’s November!

This month, I thought we might share things we are grateful for! It could be anything: something that makes our lives easier, something that brings us joy, a favourite place. I hope you’ll follow along!

Have a restful, peaceful Sunday!


Tuesday, October 29, 2019


From October 4, 2017:

ELC actually just ordered this quote on a t-shirt for me and I. Am. Excited. (Thanky, Mama!) I think it might possibly be my most favourite quote ever (despite having never read Anne of Green Gables). The final three months of the year are my jam. I'm in my element. October, November, December? They make my spirit bright!

I hope my girls love this time of year as much as I do. Little Leighton seems to and Baby Elle will soon learn! I snapped this picture of them (and Buddy!) when we were visiting ELC and My Sweet Dad two weeks ago. The light lends so much warmth to the photo. It just says, "FALL," to moi. (The cute "cat ears" LL is wearing probably helps, too. Winky. Wink.)

May your upcoming weekend be filled with pumpkins, pumpkin pancakes, candy corn and coziness.


Sunday, October 27, 2019

lots o’...

From October 21, 2016:

...excuses as to why I can't seem to type any coherent sentences lately.

Number One:

Obviously. But aren't they just so darn smoochable?


Two weekends ago, ELC and My Sweet Dad graciously offered to board Buddy Boo Bear and come "babysit" Little Leighton (LL), Baby Elle and Henry. God bless them! My Hubby and I wanted to see a concert at WinStar Casino in Oklahoma on a Friday night. We were going to spend the night and have all day Saturday to do as we pleased! It was going to be my first night away in MONTHS--long before Baby Elle's arrival. Of course:  Murphy's Law. I get SICK. It started with a scratchy throat the Sunday before. Mid-week, I thought I had turned the corner and was on the mend. Then I woke up Friday feeling just miserable. At this point, I didn't want to cancel. I stuffed my purse full of cough drops, Tylenol and Ibuprofen and powered through. Despite my general malaise, the concert was AWESOME. (Gary Clark, Jr. Blues-y. Rock-y. Country-y. From Austin!) I even won $100 at the slots that night, too! (My Hubby won $1 playing blackjack. LOL!) I hoped to wake up the next morning feeling magically healed, but I think the hours of second-hand smoke made it so. much. worse. We cut our day super short and came home Saturday afternoon. I ended up at the local CareNow clinic first thing Sunday morn and quickly had a prescription. UGH. I clearly should have gone to the doctor beforethe trip. C'est la vie. Lesson learned.


It's been too dadgum hot in Texas! Maybe that's not an excuse. At least a good one. However, it's making me very bitter. It's October. I want scarves around my neck, boots on my feet and soup in my Crock-Pot. Last weekend, we took LL to a little pumpkin patch, and I was sweating. That is simply WRONG. A cold-front blew through yesterday and things have cooled down significantly! In fact, we should be in the 40s tomorrow morning. Hallelujah.

I hope all of you sweet, sweet readers have a wonderful weekend! I will try much harder to come back SOON.


Thursday, October 24, 2019


From October 24, 2015:


(I felt this would be a very appropriate Halloween-themed "yummy.")

So, I follow Brooke White (of American Idol fame) on Instagram. She is LOVELY. She happens to have a doll of a daughter about two months older than Little Leighton. Brooke is funny and sweet and entertaining! A couple of weeks ago, she posted a picture of this exact Witch Hazel on her IG feed. She said she has tricky skin and her Mom had just discovered this at her local Sprouts. She had been using it for a bit and had fallen in love. I knew I had to give it a whirl, as my skin is a hot mess because of pregnancy hormones.

On Tuesday, LL and I ran into the Sprouts right down the road from our house. We needed a few necessities--Katz Donuts and a pumpkin. Priorities, right? I also picked up this Witch Hazel and promptly used it that night. I have used it every day and night (after I wash my face) since. I personally think it rocks! And, now, I have ELC hooked, too! She just purchased a bottle! It's not drying. It's soothing. I genuinely think it's already making a difference in my complexion.

Give it a try! I don't think you'll be disappointed.


Saturday, October 19, 2019

ELC’s TOP TEN Favourite Things About 10-10

From October 12, 2014:
Last Thursday, TLC and Little Leighton (LL) came to the country for a 2-night visit. My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I cleaned, shopped and got all of LL’s toys out the day before. We waited, anxiously, all morning long, for them to come up the hill!

Friday (10-10) morn, MSH had to leave for Ft. Worth for errands and a lunch meeting. TLC had a hair cut and color in town and also had to leave early. That left LL and I free to play and play and PLAY! Which we did.

From the moment TLC and LL arrive until they leave, and except for meals, naps and bedtime, LL is One Busy Little Bee! It’s been three weeks since her last visit. She always acts like it’s been six months—running around in “her” room, checking out the toys in the master bedroom and my office, looking for Morty, The Cat, and talking to Buddy Bear, The Dog. MSH and I savor every single second she’s here.

Here're my favourite things about 10-10 (Because you’ve been waiting patiently, for days, for this, right?):

  1. Once MSH and TLC were gone, LL and I finished up a good breakfast of oatmeal and strawberries. While I washed dishes, LL played in her/The Guest Room. It’s right by the kitchen, so it’s easy to keep an eye on her. Since she currently runs (or as she says, “Zooms!”) everywhere (“I zooming, Gwammy!”), we all have to be ready to stop what we’re doing and follow her. She came out of the bedroom with her stroller and (doll) diaper bag. She told me she was going to “Go see the ducks, Gwammy!” (This is what she and I do when I’m at her home—we do this A LOT!) I asked her if she wanted to take one of her “babies” in the stroller, as it was empty. She said, “Yes, Gwammy. I get Sweetie!” We decided the “pond” would be in Grammy and Pa-Pa’s room. When we got in there, I suggested that the rug, by our French doors, serve as the “pond.” We always take a Ziploc bag of bread when we visit LL’s ducks. I got a baggie and some of her “pretend” bread and then thought of the two ducks in our tub that she plays with during bathtime. We put them on the rug and VOILA. A duck pond extraordinnaire. She had such fun! I’m confident this will be a new “regular” thing we do at some point during a visit.

  1. I tried to sneak off to put in a load of laundry. It took LL approximately 15 seconds to realize I wasn’t in our room. “Gwammy? GWAMMY? Where are you?” she loudly says as she “zooms” around trying to find me. Can you tell I adore the way she says “Gwammy.”

  1. We read books in “her” room. She sat in my lap and listened to every single word I said. Of the five books we read, we read two twice. I’d read them ten times each if she wanted me to. Fifty. I would.

  1. Once TLC got back home, we caught her up on our shenanigans and then started to think about lunch. I also needed to get our dinner prepared and in the fridge. I’d figured out how I could make my Hot Chicken Salad “gluten-free.” We sat LL up on the island and she watched, intently, as I cut up the grilled chicken and TLC cut up celery and red bell peppers. She asked for some of everything. I got her some Ranch dressing so she could dip the celery and bell peppers in it. Lunch on the island instead of in her high chair? Scandalous. She thought it was grand.

  1. At breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that occur while in a high chair at the kitchen/dining room table, LL reminds us “Buh-wessing?” (LL uses the letter “W” for her "L's" and “R’s." Sometimes, if I’m having a teensy bit of trouble understanding what she’s saying, I substitute the letter “W” in there somewhere and can figure it out 98% of the time!) We typically start her out on something like toast or a salad or some fruit while we’re getting everything together. As soon as we’re all seated, here comes LL's "Buh-wessing?": “God is great. God is good. Let us thank Him for our food. Amen.” We all say it loud and proud! She says every word with us. It makes me get tears in my eyes. If she has “seconds,” or when it’s time for her to have a cookie or some kind of dessert, she’ll say: “Buh-wessing, again?” Yep. We do it again. We figure we can never, ever thank God enough for everything we have. At Our 10-10 Special Island Lunch? We said our buh-wessing.

  1. After a great nap, TLC and I surprised LL with a trip to The Pumpkin Patch at Lone Star Family Farm near Stephenville, Texas—about 16 miles from our home. It was hot—this is Texas—but it was FUN. We took lots of pictures at their cute little “photo spots” they’d set up. LL saw a charming cow (or it could have been a bull!)—in a pen. Eating hay. Two horses. Two corn mazes (We didn't have time to do either one.) We went on a hayride—a flatbed wagon of hay bales pulled by a big tractor. Although a tidbit dusty, it was worth every minute of the experience. We were actually the only three on the hayride. That made it quite special. Y’all know how we like to pretend we’re “Royal.” It's now a treasured memory!

  1. After dinner, LL entertained TLC, MSH and me on the back porch. She sings the ABC song and misses not one letter. She dances. She twirls. She giggles. She makes silly noises. She laughs out loud and with gusto. She's a hoot.

  1. Bathtime has always been a favourite time of the day for LL. MSH and I have a big garden tub with lots o’ toys. LL gets into her own little world and needs no entertaining. She’ll occasionally ask me if I’d like a “latte?” (She can say that “L!”) I, of course, think her lattes are the best I’ve ever had. Could she think I’m really tasting the bubbles? Hmmm. I don't know.

  1. It’s quite the process to get LL’s jammies on. She’s still in diapers. So there’s that. Then she needs a saline nose solution every night. For on-going congestion. TLC has done this almost since she was born, so there’s really no fussing from LL about it. TLC will let her hold that container when she’s done. Friday night LL said: “Gwammy, this is gwuten-fwee!” Oh. My. Bless her precious little heart. TLC is educating her about her medical situation. Which, of course, is an excellent idea. Jammies. Teeth-brushing. (In cold weather, the final step is getting her hair blow-dried. Right now, in Texas, it’s not cold. In fact, it's still darn hot. Sigh.) LL isn’t a huge fan of brushing her teeth. She has to be reminded that Daniel Tiger brushes his teeth. And Elmo. And Abby. And Sofia, Doc and all the Disney Princesses. Eventually, when The Bedtime Process is complete, it’s time for books. Three, to be exact. Two prayer books and a Ladybug Girl.

  1. Saying good night to LL is THE BEST. She’s super-cuddly and loves a hug and a smooch. She says: “I wove you, Gwammy.” Sigh. My heart smiles bigger than Texas.
Hope Y’all have had a FABULOUS day…and that this week will be full of peace, joy, wisdom, magic and some sparkle here and there!

Monday, October 14, 2019

shut all the doors...

From October 12, 2013:

…not just the front one...

 Let me explain:

“My name is ELC. And I’m a sugarholic.”

Guess I’ve known this for about 49 of my 59 years. I’m not proud of this addiction. I’m grateful not to have some other addictions. Truly. But this is not a good one. Every morning I get up and tell myself I’m going to minimize my sugar intake. (Trying none at all really is my only hope. Haven't succeeded in that endeavor very often.) Five out of seven nights a week I go to bed mad at my weakness.

I got home from two days at TLC’s casa around noon yesterday. Unloaded my car and then had to run to town to pick up two flats of pansies (One of my most favourite bedding/potting plants because My Sweet Nana adored them.) I’d bought from a friend’s daughter. A fundraiser for her school. I also needed to run into a drug store to return/exchange a broken mascara (The wand was, as I told the cute little Assistant Manager fella, “wonky” and didn’t work right. Y'all know I can't have this problem. TLC and I spend way too much time and effort finding the best mascaras made for the best prices. Not working properly is not an option for moi.).

After taking care of both of these errands, I should have headed straight home. Instead, I decided I needed a large VCZ (Vanilla Coke Zero). From Sonic. Would you believe My Sweet Hubby’s truck veered, instead, into a McDonald's? Why? I don’t know. (Let me admit this: I also have a sort-of-controllable junk food addiction. More controllable than my sugar addiction. I’ve always liked McDonald’s. Yes, occasionally, I’ll stay away. For a few weeks or even a few months. Worried the news’ reports about their meat, etc., might be accurate. But Big Macs? Yes, please. Grilled Onion Cheeseburgers? Absolutely. I can’t make myself apologize for this.)

While waiting in the Drive-Thru line, I noticed a new McFlurryflavor. Well, new to me. Pralines and Cream. Wwwhhhhaaaaatttttt? Pralines and Cream? Since I’d had a chicken sandwich on the way home with NO FRIES or TOTS, I made the decision I could have six bites of what sounded like a heavenly treat. (The pretty picture ad by the order-speaker said a snack-sized Pralines and Cream had 500 calories. 500. Calories. Sheesh.)

I did it. Also ordered a large Diet Coke. Clearly, I had no shame. 

The first bite I took—as I drove away from the window—was amazing. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was one of the yummiest bites of an ice cream concoction I’ve had in a very, very, VERY long time. Especially one that didn't have any chocolate in it.

I decided I could eat a third of it. Then it became half. Did I manage half? Ha. Right. And then we all woke up. I practically licked the cup clean. Shut All the Doors!!! It was totally beyond exquisite.

{When TLC reads this, she’ll be a tidbit shocked and majorly disappointed in me. I’d lost ten pounds (that I’d gained back from my original 20-pound loss two years ago) recently. However, I’ve been back up five for three-ish weeks. She’s had to listen to my constant whining and complaining about my lifetime of dieting. She’ll be a little hurt, on my behalf, for my lack of self-discipline. We both can be a little too judge-y of each other. After her initial reactions, she’ll remember she went to her favourite local ice cream shop yesterday afternoon and had a cup of Heath custard. Okay, yes, she's lost more than her baby weight gain, at this point. She weighs what she did in her early high school years. I'm hugely proud of her. Possibly a little jealous. But I think she’ll understand.}

Today I’m doing my best to recover from my unfortunate slip in strength and good sense. So far, so good. True. It's barely past noon here in North Central Texas. I can only hope and pray this confession will be good for my soul. And scales. That tonight I get in bed not angry at myself, but proud.

Y’all have a Sweet Saturday—full of happiness, joy, fun, laughter and, what the heck, maybe even a few sprinkles of sugar—Wherever in the World you are…

Thursday, October 10, 2019

We’re Famous!

From October 4, 2012:

Look what ELC just discovered whilst browsing the "Winter 2012" Garnet Hill catalogue:

We're over pumpkins.  We've moved on to Christmas!

P.S. Just kiddin' about the pumpkins.  We LOVE 'em.

Sunday, October 6, 2019


From October 16, 2011:

How much one or both of us weighs now? The total number of cupcakes the two of us would like to eat in a month? The number of Louboutins TLC owns? How many pints of non-fat greek yogurt the two of us have consumed in the past three months? (No. Yes. Ha—funny. Probably.)

This is our one-hundredth post. 100. Ciento. Honderd. Centum. Mia moja. Hundra. Cent. Hundert. Isang daang. Sto.

We don’t know about y’all, but we find this incredible. We thought sixty was a lot. Eighty = Really? With the speed of passing hours, days, weeks, and months, time has zoomed by, causing us to be amazed at where we find ourselves today. Now. At this moment. It sort of tickles us that we’re still attempting to keep up these shenanigans. That we continue loving to work together—as a team. Team Leighton. Tee Hee Hee. We’ve actually been quite surprised at the lack of conflict and crankiness between us. (We’d venture to guess our Hubbies are equally shocked.)

We want to thank everyone who has told us they’ve enjoyed our bantering/thoughts/observations/memories/cRaZiNeSs. We hand-counted—took us one hundred non-stop hours—and there are ONEHUNDRED ZILLION blogs/websites out there to entertain/educate/challenge us all. Exactly that many. Trust us. For those of you who have loyally stuck with us—week after week—from not only Texas and California and other equally fabulous places in the U. S. of A., but also from several countries around the World—we want you to know how much we deeply appreciate YOUR time and interest. Consider yourselves officially HUGGED.

We especially send out heartfelt gratitude—through cyber-space—to Autumn and Kacy. For their funny/sweet/clever comments/encouragement! Y’all ROCK. We hope you’ll always remember how much we adore you! 

Stay tuned… We’re pretty sure we have at least one hundred more posts in us! Maybe one thousand. (Oops, we can sense that really scared y’all. Sorry.) We’ve got some tricks up our sleeves we hope will give y’all a giggle or two. Or, at the very least, make y’all smile. As we keep skippin’ down our own paths, we think we need as many giggles as we each can find.

Cheers and Merci, doux amis! Grazie, amici Dolce. Obrigado, Amigos Doce. Diolch i chi, Sweet Ffrindian. Gracias, amigos Dulce. Dankie, Sweet Vriende. Hvala, slathke prijatelji. Tirima kasih, Teman Manis.

Cheers and Thank You, Sweet Friends!

p.s. We Heart The Texas RangersWow!!
American League Champs! Next Stop: 
The World Series. YIPPEE!!!

Thursday, October 3, 2019


So—it’s October. TLC’s second favourite month after December. July (Little Leighton’s birth month), March (Elle’s and Grammy’s birth month and TLC’s wedding month) and February (TLC’s birth month) would all be, I suspect, actually tied with December. But, Lawdy, TLC LOVES her some October, Y’all.

After almost nine years of blogging, I told her I thought it was time to recycle some past October posts. Because there seems to be little hope of writing anything new. Original. Fresh. In terms of all things Fall and, well, you know, pumpkin/pumpkins.

I’ll start Sunday—so stay tuned...

And have a WONDERFUL weekend!


Tuesday, October 1, 2019

October FIRST!

Y’all know we love the quotes we find on Pinterest.

Happy day!

Monday, September 30, 2019

little leightons’ fav #7

Y’all. It’s the last day of September. WHAT? It’s also 90 degrees here (though it feels like 98 degrees). If it doesn’t start to cool down soon, I swear I’m moving. I’m tired of sweating in my flannel (albeit lightweight), while I drink my PSL. It’s just ridiculous. (Or maybe I’m ridiculous? Who knows? The heat exhausts me.)

It’s been a bit since I wrote a fun list. Y’all know I love a good list! Since we’re currently sharing My Little Ladies’ Favourites, I thought I would document all of their current random must-haves.

Up first: Little Leighton!

1. Favourite Show? Hallmark Movies! Yes, y’all. She ADORES them. Nothing brings me more joy! We currently watch them on Saturday mornings before everyone else gets up (because, God bless her, LL wakes up before the crack of dawn). I drink my coffee. She eats her Lucky Charms in a bowl. It’s delightful.
2. Favourite Color? Purple, though she would also add pink and teal, too.
3. Favourite Toy? LEGOS!
4. Favourite School Subject? Art, with theater a very close second place!
5. Favourite New Trick? Tying her shoes!
6. Favourite Clothes? SKIRTS. A skirt layered over leggings is absolutely mandatory. Every. Single. Day.
7. Favourite Thing To Do Outside? Scooter!
8. Favourite Stuffed Animal? Hallmark, the Bear, from Grammy’s house. (See #1 above.) Lola the Lion (that I purchased before she was born). Fuzzy, the Beanie Boo that shares her birthday. (He was originally named Gatsby.) Glamour, her OG Beanie. Glamour will always make the list.
9. Favourite Thing To Pretend? Grocery Store at Grammy’s!

Elle’s Turn!

1. Favourite Show? Peg + Cat
2. Favourite Color? PINK! She loves all shades of pink!
3. Favourite Toy? Her dollhouse, which is actually a hand-me-down from LL. She plays with it everyday. Word on the street is, Santa might be bringing her a “big girl dollhouse” this year!
4. Favourite “School” Subject? Music! She LOVES music.
5. Favourite Book? The “Amelia Bedelia” Early Readers. She wants to read them every night!
6. Favourite Food? Cucumbers and Fruit Chews. (Not necessarily in that order.)
7. Favourite Lovey? Her “DD.” It’s half-blankie/half-bunny. DD is almost always in her little hands.
8. Favourite Thing To Do at Grammy’s? Playing with the rocks outside.
9. Favourite Animal? A penguin!

Cheers to September! Hello, October!

Thursday, September 26, 2019

little leightons’ fav #6!

So ALL Leightons—and Elle—ADORE ice cream! Alot of ice cream is inherently gluten free. But, of course, this family MUST have ice cream specifically labelled gluten-free. No guessing. If a container is not labelled? But we think the ingredients seem to all be GF? We go to websites or make phone calls.

Haagen Das? Many MANY flavors of this DELICIOUS ice cream are gluten-free. And labelled that way. This Grammy found these teeny containers a few weeks ago! They’re in front of a pint of Haagen Das. To give you context of size. Have they been around awhile? Probably. New to me! And TLC.

Little Leighton and Elle? These make them truly happy. We start by letting them eat about a third of the container and THEN we add whipped cream. Chocolate syrup. Sprinkles!

They’ll be coming Saturday to spend the day with me and Pa-Pa and they’ll be super excited when they find out these will be their afternoon snacks.

Happy Friday Jr.! (Have some ice cream. Soon. It’s good for our souls. Winky. Wink.)


Friday, September 20, 2019

little leightons’ fav #5!

These. Books. (There’s actually at least one other. About a hamster. I currently have no clue where it is or if I still have it. When I bought it, I didn’t “preview” it before reading it. I dove in to it with Little Leighton—cold turkey—one sleepover-with-Grammy-and-Pa-Pa-night when she was about four years old. I confessed to TLC later that I should have checked it out first. I feel that that one is more appropriate for an older child. Maybe eight or nine years old. Just my humble opinion. There’s a really mean cat. FUNNY. But, still...I think it’d be easier for an older child to see the point of the cat.)

These are HILARIOUS. With stories that are teaching life lessons in a CLEVER and hugely humorous way. 

A very dear friend of ours originally gifted Little Leighton with the goldfish book. Her two precious sons loved it. Then we discovered there was one about a parrot and the hamster story. 

We all love the goldfish book THE BEST. The parrot is truly CUTE, too. 

The illustrations are beautiful. 

These would be GREAT birthday gifts. Individually or as a pair. For children around two and older. 

It’s FriYAY! Been a pretty brutal week in my life. Long story. (Actually a brutal three months. I’ll share with Y’all what’s been happening soon. October. Ish.) 

In the meantime—ENJOY the weekend! Read! READ to a child! LAUGH! Be grateful for God’s blessings...


Tuesday, September 17, 2019

little leightons’ fav #4!

Today, I’m sharing FOUR of my girls’ most favourite items from Trader Joe’s! (They are, obviously, all gluten-free!)

First up—Little Leighton LOVES these tortilla chips. They have a hint of lime and pair perfectly with guacamole.

Second—The TJ’s version of “Pirate’s Booty.” We ALL actually prefer this to the name-brand. It’s puffier and cheesier!

Third—These taco shells ROCK. Bonus? They’re only $2!!! Bake them in the oven, versus microwaving. They are legitimately so delicious.

Fourth—STOCK UP. I literally just bought FOUR boxes of this GF Pumpkin Muffin Mix. Both of my girls LOVE muffins for breakfast. If we ever had a lot of leftovers, I would freeze them. They are so quick and easy to heat up before school.

Y’all know Trader Joe’s can be hit or miss for me. What I love? I LOVE. I especially love TJ’s during the FALL, though. It’s MY most favourite.

Happy Tuesday, Friends!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

little leightons’ fav #3!

I’d first like to comment on TLC’s last post. When I first started reading it, I wanted to call her and tell her she got an “F” on this assignment. This month is to be The Little Princesses’ Favs. Not hers. But as I read it, I remembered that Little Leighton and Elle have both told me they really like that spray. They actually asked me, the last time they spent the night with us, why I didn’t have any of it at our casa. So I calmed down and knew TLC had presented the “fav” accurately.

Also, I immediately recognized the fact that she’s transitioned from calling Baby Belle to Elle. And I’m still saying Belle. For Baby Elle. Elle is My Sweet Hubby’s and my youngest grandchild. Of seven. I’ll try to switch to Elle. (I think I’ve done it in past posts. I’m not consistent. I’m 65. It’s part of aging. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.) After today? I can make no promises. She's THE BABY!!!

Now their Fav #3!

This game is SO MUCH FUN. Elle loves Olaf. She’d been seeing a picture of this game for several months when we played the Princess Cupcake game. Grammy finally got Mom TLC to order it for my house a few weeks ago. 

This is another game that says 3+. Elle mostly loved the little Beanie Olaf you hide. The actual game? Notsomuch. But I LOVED IT!

I CAN’T WAIT to play it with Little Leighton this weekend! She and Elle are spending Saturday night. She is going to ADORE it!

Happy Friday Eve, Friends EVERYWHERE!

Be safe. Be happy. Be kind. Put up your cells. Turn off your iPads and the TV and PLAY A GAME!


Sunday, September 8, 2019

little leightons’ fav #2!

Okay, so technically this might be a favorite of mine for my girls. Potato. Pa-tah-toe. I read about this online sometime over the summer and quickly hit “Add to Cart” via Amazon. Y’all. I’m downright scared of lice. Little Leighton sleeps with approximately nine million stuffed animals. The time it would take me to rid my house of bugs? I might as well just burn it all down and start over. I think I have pre-post traumatic stress just thinking about it.

BONUS: This is Gluten-Free!

Now that Elle is in school, as well, I spray them both. After I’ve fixed their hair in the morning, it goes something like this:

Me: Time for your magic hair spray!

Them: Ugh. Let me cover my eyes and hold my breath!!!

Me: Spritz. Spritz. Spritz.

Me: DONE. Now you have your Fairy Shield to protect you from bugs!

Honestly, they’re not huge fans of the smell. Personally, I think it’s delightful! It’s very herbal. Clean. I dig it. This also legitimately holds their hair in place, without it being crunchy! (You know what I mean by “crunchy,” right?)

While we haven’t been using this long, I’ve put all my hope, faith and trust in this product! It certainly can’t hurt.

Happy Monday Eve!

Thursday, September 5, 2019

little leighton’s fav #1!

Nearly three years ago, I found this game. For Little Leighton. At Walmart.

She fell in love with it immediately! And, frankly, so did Grammy. (It’s also major hilarious when a Dad or Granddad plays.)

If you like Disney Princesses and cupcakes? It’s. Just. Simply. Fun.

The box says 3+. I want to suggest this: With some help, I guess 3-year-olds can (semi) successfully play. Little Leighton was probably getting close to 5 years old when I found this. Belle is now 3 years and 5 months old now. When she plays? It’s an iffy situation. Just bein’ real.

WARNING: The cupcake “toppers” are tiny. I actually mean they are TEENY TINY. So keeping them from being lost (especially if your child wants to play “cupcake store” and borrow said cupcakes from this game) might be a challenge. (Once I open most children’s games—out come my sandwich and snack Ziplocs to attempt to keep the game in tact.)

ALSO: You don’t get that pretty pink cupcake plate-stand. It ain’t in there. Or it wasn’t in the three games we’ve bought.

By the way: TLC has given this game a few times for a birthday gift! It’s $16. Ish. So a great price for a great gift.

Belle will be up next...this Grammy can’t wait!

Happy Friday Eve, Sweet Friends Everywhere...

Monday, September 2, 2019

September Favs!

September. I NEED to find a way to slow this next season down. Because Y’all REMEMBER: TLC is going to bombard us with PUMPKIN EVERYTHING. Sigh.

As promised in July, September will be Little Leighton and Belle FAVS!!! (TLC and I may actually ask them to come up with their lists. But we can assure Y’all—we’ve got this covered! We know Their Little Princess Unicorn selves so well, we’d never have to actually consult them. Trust us.)

We can both EASILY come up with at LEAST 20 Favs for each of them. Easy. Peasy. Lemon. Squueezy. (However...don’t get excited. We’ll plan to do 4-6 each. Duh. We over-promise. Under-deliver. It’s who we are. Wink. Wink.)

I’ll start us off in a couple of days! Meantime, Y’all get busy preparing yourselves for EVERYTHING Pumpkin via TLC. Oh. Lawdy.

TLC is who she is...

Sapphire Hugs,

Friday, August 30, 2019

...big leightons’ favs #9...

Well, I’m sick. There was a moment yesterday where I thought it might be the flu. My body ached. Literally, my eyebrows hurt. I was running fever. I was a hot mess. I am better this morning. No fever, and I consider that a win. I clearly have some yucky virus. I blame back-to-school germs or WinStar Casino. We were there last weekend. You KNOW that place has to be full of germs. It’s huge. I sanitized after hitting the slots. Maybe that wasn’t enough.

Since September is finally (almost!) here, I’ve decided to share two new fall favourites with y’all today! You can bet your bottom-dollar I’ll have my pumpkins out by Sunday. I’m so excited. I’m like a kid on Christmas morning. This season is my JAM.

The first one is a YUMMY candle I impulsively bought at Target earlier in the week. I’ve since purchased six more. They are THAT good. It’s the Opalhouse “Cedar Pumpkin.” Y’all. They are a FALL MUST.

This next one is a new favourite coffee creamer. Since joining Weight Watchers, I’ve given up my beloved sugary creamers. I miss them everyday. I know. I’m dramatic. (I still enjoy a Skinny Vanilla Latte from Starbucks. A tall is 2 points). This was also a random Target buy last week. I literally grabbed the last carton. If you know My Sweet Dad, his philosophy is, “If there’s only one of a product left, it must be good, and, therefore, it must be purchased.” So, purchase it I did! I can have FIVE TABLESPOONS for only ONE POINT. That helps my coffee feel extra rich and decadent. There’s a very light, spicy taste. It feels warm and cozy. It screams fall. I’m here for it.

I hope y’all have a HAPPY FRIDAY! Bring on FALL!

Monday, August 26, 2019

big leightons’ favs #8!

Hey, now, Friends...we are ginnin’ along with these ”Favs,” right? Yeah, Us!

I have terrible/horrible/awful nails. And I do NOT know why. I used to have strong ones. Well, decent nails. About 12ish years ago they got bad. Like shamefully bad.

Okay. Okay. So I don’t take very good care of them. Probably, if I got committed to having regular manicures, they’d do better. And TLC and I have posted, in the past, a nail strengthener we like and that will work. Turns out, however, you have to actually use it for it to be successful. Who knew?

I’ve also shared that I’m too cheap and TOOOOOOOO lazy to have “fake” (or whatever the latest process is to get purdy nails now) nails applied to my scary nails. TOO. MUCH. TROUBLE. AND. TIME.

BUT—I search for hand creams that might help and I SWEAR by this one:

Y’all, I faithfully use it EVERY NIGHT! It’s the last thing I apply to this old body after my nighttime face-cleaning procedure. I think it is the BEST hand lotion for nails that I’ve ever used. I also think my nails would be even better if I’d put it on 2-3 times a day. Hey—once is such a big deal for moi!!!

TLC pretty much agrees with me about this product and uses it, too. Her nails are good. (She’d also confess she could spend a little more time on them.) Maybe someday we’ll be as loyal about manis as we are about pedis! (Wait...we pretty much stop regular pedis from the first of November until the first of April. Never mind.)

Don’t look’s almost September. Sheesh.

Happy New Week!



Wednesday, August 21, 2019

big leightons’ favs #7

So. These:

Y’all, I am known for calling Walmart “Hellmart.” Or “Wally World.” I mean it no disrespect. Do I sometimes go a little cRaZy shopping at Walmart? Yes. Yes, I sometimes do. Employees stocking shelves that get annoyed with YOU—the CUSTOMER. Not enough actual people cashiers. Etc. Etc. Etc.

But then I find FUN shoes like those pictured above—for $9.97—and I forgive Wally World for the millionth time.

Now, are these super sturdy shoes? Nah. In fact, they border on being—IMHO—slippers. BUT—I can see me wearing them out for 2-3 hours. They are comfy! And, again, they were $9.97!

TLC and I have found some CUTE clothes for Little Leighton and Belle at Walmart in the past several months. Of course, Ellen has her line of clothes there. Pioneer Woman? PRETTY things with her name on them. Now Patricia Heaton has her line of home products, too. They are lovely.

Sometimes you just need to allow yourself about thirty minutes to wander the aisles of your local Wally World to find some fun deals! If nothing else? You’ll get lots o’ steps on your Fitbit.

TLC will be up next with Favs #8—SOON!

Smooches and Hugs...

Sunday, August 18, 2019

big leightons’ favs #6

This go-round, I’m actually sharing TWO favourites, both new discoveries, from Trader Joe’s!

Here’s the thing, I either LOVE TJ’s products, or I’m completely underwhelmed. I’ve found there’s really no inbetween for me. They have some of Little Leighton’s favourite gluten-free treats. I’m always tres impressed with their produce department. They have unique finds, and everything is always so pretty! However, some of their processed/packaged foods lack flavor, IMHO. Again, that’s just moi.

We made a quick stop to TJ’s the Friday before school started because LL LOVES their GF frozen waffles (and I love their $1.99 price tag). While browsing a bit, we came across our first new favourite:

We have actually tried the “original/plain flavor” before (and snagged a bag on this trip, too). This was the first time seeing this flavor, though, and let me tell you what, I could have eaten the entire bag myself. I begrudgingly shared with my children. I even let ELC try one. The bags are small. I suggest getting AT LEAST two, if not four. (This bag had already been opened when I took the picture.)

As we were about to check-out, we came across this:

Y’all. This is a Capri Blue “Volcano” knock-off. (You know, the ones they sell in Anthropologie?) Ohmahgosh. It’s so good. It smells identical. I bought three that day. They’re $4.99/each. I also think they’re seasonal. I had to pop-in the following Monday. There were four of these candies left, and I immediately scooped them up. You need to hurry down to your local TJ’s and buy them out. They are THAT GOOD.

I hope y’all had a restful, peaceful weekend. We spent yesterday finally painting Elle’s room “ballerina pink!” It’s so sweet and girlie. I’ll need to share a picture soon!

Happy Monday Eve!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

big leightons’ favs #5

If y’all have been with us for a while, you may remember how I feel about “pumps.” Not cute shoes! (That would be TLC’s department.) I mean the bottles we all buy with squirt pumps. Lotions. Creams. Soaps. Etc. I despise them BECAUSE you can NEVER get your money’s worth. There’s always at least 1/4th of the bottle left you can’t access—via that silly pump. Whose little tube doesn’t even reach the bottom of said bottle.

(TLC and My Sweet Hubby can tell you I am determined to use his Lubriderm he always buys—has been buying for at least 35 years—in a pump. When I see his latest bottle in our trash? I get that bottle out and turn that sucker upside down in my bathroom cabinet. Trust me: I get the majority out. It annoys me, however. Sigh.)

So I discovered this lotion in March. Ish. There are two to three “scents.” This is my fav. And TLC’s fave, too. The BEST thing about it? It is NOT a DADGUM pump.

I highly recommend this fabulousness!

Big Hugs on this Friday Eve, Sweet Friends Everywhere...


Saturday, August 10, 2019

big leightons’ favs #4

Y’all. These. Are. FABULOUS.

My Dad told me about them a few months ago. My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) and I have bought many since. We’re keeping at least four in our fridge at all times. These are our two preferred kinds. There’s a third that’s got sausage in it. I’m not a big sausage fan. MSH is a MAJOR fan of all things sausage. I only buy these two (Winky. Wink.) and he hasn’t complained yet. 

My youngest sister, Lucy, and TLC have basically dismissed these. Like they think it’s silly to buy them. When (they’ve all but said this...): How hard is it to scramble an egg and throw a few extras in?

I’ll tell you exactly how hard it is for this “I-ain’t-no-great-at-home-Chef-but-anyone-who-has-ever-had-my-scrambled-eggs-will-tell-you-they-ROCK:”

I don’t have to chop anything up. I don’t have to wash a thing but a fork. And it’s ready in about three minutes. Am I, in fact, lazy? For about $2 per container—not counting the egg or the electricity it costs to microwave it for 90 seconds—I may be. Don’t care.  I’m all in on this DELICIOUS convenience. 

A warning: This is going to stay HOT in the container for several minutes! I actually transfer my end-dish into a paper bowl. (Lazy and not as “green” as I should be—YEP! That. Is. Moi. Sorry. Not sorry.)

I’ve eaten these for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Add a piece of toast and some fruit and you’ll probably be quite satisfied and full. 

Will I continue to make my famously yummy scrambled eggs for family and friends? Yes. I will. But for me and MSH? These are all we usually need. 

We find these close to the butter section in the cold cases at Walmart, Kroger’s, etc. Hope you aren’t faced with them gone/out the day you want to try them. These are POPULAR. At least in our area. 

(By the way: Each container is 4 pts—counting the egg—if you’re following a Weight Watchers’ program. Not bad for a meal. Not bad at all.)

Happy Weekend, Sweet Friends!

Thursday, August 8, 2019

big leightons’ favs #3

For my, TLC’s, next favourite, I’m sharing another drug store beauty find! I know you’ll be shocked to know it’s a: MASCARA! Did you think we really wouldn’t include at least one this month? Uh, nope! We can’t resist! Wink. Wink. #buyallthemascaras

This mascara was the happiest accident. I was at Target and wanted to purchase my OG favourite mascara: L’Oréal Voluminous. What I didn’t realize was the one I grabbed was actually the “curved brush.” Y’all. This is a game-changer! The design of the brush insures I get every teeny, tiny lash coated in mascara. It’s, in one word, BRILLIANT. I love it and am certain you will, too.

Give it a go!

Happy Friday Eve!

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

big leightons’ favs #2

First things first—not sure I’m down with being “BIG” Leighton. Just saying, ELC. LOL.

So, for my, TLC’s, first favourite, I’m sharing this fabulous lipstick.

ELC can attest that I’m not generally a “lipstick person.” It drives her bonkers. Then, one day, whilst browsing The Walmarts, I came across this L’oréal Infallible Matte Lipstick. Y’all. This stuff is legit. I prefer matte because a gloss can be super sticky, and sticky gloss, hair and wind don’t mix. Also, I can apply this in the morning, and it still looks just as fresh by dinner. I’m completely serious! It blows my mind. This doesn’t budge. I actually have to use a Neutrogena Makeup Removing Cloth to take it off at night. Despite its resilience, it’s not drying at all. I love this stuff! It’s converted me to a “lipstick gal” now.

Give it a whirl! I don’t think you’ll regret it. And, bonus: it’s not expensive. You know we love our “drug store beauty finds.”

Happy Tuesday, Friends!

Sunday, August 4, 2019

...big leightons’ favs #1...

August, Y’all. It. Is. August. Sheesh.

So...this month TLC and I are going to do some of our “FAVOURITES!”

I’m calling this month’s posts “big leightons” because next month we’re going to post Little Leighton’s and Belle’s Favourite Things! (Won’t that be major fun? The answer is YES. Yes, it will. Winky. Wink.)

I’m first! I don’t think I’ve told TLC about this Fav #1. Here’s the deal:

Remember when you were little—I’m talking 3 to 10-ish years old—and your parents would take you to visit your grandparents—or great aunts and uncles—or you’d see older people at church—and you’d get a little bit skeered? BECAUSE not only were there some major wrinkles happening and these people were maybe talking really loud—about things they’d told you fifty to a hundred times—but they also had tons o’ bruises? Everywhere. Hands. Arms. Legs. (We won’t even discuss the brown “liver” spots on their faces. Sigh.)

Well, guess what? Those bruises were there because, as we age, our skin becomes thinner and thinner. And thinner. It’s tres stressful, frustrating and downright sad.

Guess what else? I’m there. I’ve actually been there—at the point in my life where this gal (who ALWAYS bruised easily ever since I was a tiny tot...) has all those bruises. Small. Large. Medium-sized. (There’re two on my old body right now. One on my right hand. One on my left leg. Sorry. TMI.)  I’ve been noticing this sad aging reality since I was 60. Ish. (I’m 65. And #notgettinganyyounger.)

About two years ago, I was noticing my pores in my “t-zone” getting larger. And larger. I was not happy about this situation. I decided to try some of those charcoal masks. That were all the rage. (Are they still? I have no clue.) Anyway, most that I bought didn’t get dry—where I could pull them off. They stayed moist. After several different options, I wasn’t seeing my pores look better.

One day, I found a product that was definitely a “pull-off mask.” BUT OH MY STARS. When I attempted to peal it off? I literally, truthfully, frantically thought my skin was coming with it!!!!!!!! I’m seriously not exaggerating—I washed it off as fast as I could.

This Senior Citizen was DONE with masks. Forever. Then I picked this scrub up and I adore it. I only use it twice a week. But—unless it’s my bad old eyes—I feel like four months of staying with this has helped!

Of course it doesn’t cost alot. I’m all about doable/reasonable skincare products/regimens. Yep—I’m the gal who still uses Dove bar soap morning and night! And not ashamed or apologetic. (Actually, a dermatoligist I went to—TLC went to him, too—recommended this to me. How could it be wrong?) Am I cheap? Possibly. Oh, well. This is me. I am what I am.

If you try this scrub—I truly hope you like it!

Praying y’all had a WONDERFUL weekend! (It’s been a horror-filled weekend for too many Americans. I’ve cried. I’ve prayed. I’ve been angry. Sigh.) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this a GREAT week!

Smooches and Hugs,

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

...intentional inspiration...

July 31st. Half the year over. Gone. Done. Yikes. This has been a most challenging, wonderful, hard, marvelous, frustrating, confusing, stressful, hopeful year so far. This morning, as I look back not only on the past five years, but the past two weeks, I turn to My God for support, understanding, help and love.

From my little prayer book entitled Praying Through the Tough Times, by Lloyd James Ogilvie, I read this a few minutes ago:

When I Am Weary.

Why are you cast down, O my soul? And why are you disquieted within me? Hope in God; For I shall yet praise Him. The help of my countenance and my God.

PSALM: 42:11

Almighty God, reign supreme as sovereign Lord in my life today. Enter my mind and heart and show me the way. May I be given supernatural insight and wisdom to discern Your guidance each step of the way through this challenging day. Break deadlocks with people, enable creative compromises, and inspire a spirit of unity. Overcome the weariness of hard work. Give me a second wind to press on.

When there is nowhere else to turn in my human dilemma and difficulties, it is time to return to You. When things don’t work out, I must ask You to twork out things. When my burdens make me downcast, I cast my burdens on You. If You could create the universe and uphold it with Your providential care, You can solve my most complex problems.

Dear Father, I want to know You so well, trust You so completely, seek Your wisdom so urgently, and receive Your inspiration so intentionally that I will be a person totally available for the influence of Your Spirit. Help me to be just as receptive to Your direction. Alarm me with disquiet in my soul if what I plan is less than Your best. With equal force confirm any conviction thar will move forward what You think is best for me. Remind me that You are with me and will guide mr. You are Jehovah-Shammah: You will be there!


May you each be blessed today with creative compromises and a spirit of unity!

I hope Y’all have a Wonderful Wednesday! For TLC and me, August will hold Our Favourite Things! We hope you’ll join us...

Hugs and Smooches,

Sunday, July 28, 2019

the BIG...


I finally have “before and after” pictures of our bathroom remodel. The pictures on the left are the “before.” We love it so much. We have a bit more art to acquire. I’m just waiting on the perfect pieces. Other than that, it’s DONE. Hallelujah.

The vanity pictured is actually my husband’s. I don’t have a “before” of mine but will share an “after” (including the beautiful “cactus picture” Little Leighton drew for me!). My Hubby built both of our vanities! It was truly a labor of love. We also painted the walls, ceiling, trim and doors ourselves. While it’s certainly not my favourite thing to do, we actually make a pretty good “painting posse,” and we knocked it out. Go, us!

I hope y’all have had a wonderful weekend! I made a super yummy “berry crisp” this afternoon. ELC and I are doing some fun “favourites” posts in August, and I’ll share it then! Teeheehee. I know you’re on pins and needles.

Happy Monday Eve!

Thursday, July 25, 2019


I cherish my Charles Stanly bible. And this devotional:
Every Day in His Presence

From July 23rd:

Call Out to Him

O God, have mercy! I look to you for protection...I cry out to God Most High, to God who will fulfill his purpose for me.

Psalm 57:1-2 NLT

Are there obstacles or difficulties that seem to block you from fulfilling God’s purposes for your life? Perhaps you’ve worried, planned, and toiled but have ultimately failed to achieve what you desire, and despair is beginning to settle in. If so, it is time for you to stop doing and begin asking.

Friend, the Lord your God is sovereign. He can soften hearts that you could never touch, change circumstances beyond your control, provide resources you can’t even dream of attaining, and untangle messes that seem unredeemable. And He is waiting for you to cry out to Him for  deliverance.

Friend, it is sheer pride that keeps you relying on yourself rather than depending on and obeying Your heavenly Father, who wants to be your strength, your life, and your all. Stop trying to figure everything out. Kneel before Him and leave all that concerns you in His hands. He will not fail you.

Lord, You are my only hope and help. I count on You, Father. Lead me in the way I should go, amen.

The devotions Dr. Stanley writes always—ALWAYS—speak to my heart and soul. Every one I read. Every day.

I pray each of you has a wonderful Thursday—wherever in this World you are!  I pray your heart is  softened and messes in your life get untangled. (I’ve got a few of my own. Sigh.)