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Sunday, December 8, 2019


Little Leighton opened her 8th Advent “charm” (she and Elle are building charm bracelets) today, and exclaimed, “Can you believe it’s already December 8th?” I truly can’t! She spent the morning wrapping presents. Y’all. She’s unbelievable! She did amazing and had such fun! She was excited to place them under our tree we picked out on Saturday morning!

After trimming our tree, we made gluten-free peanut butter cookies and had an impromptu play date with friends! We even had a yummy dinner out at a restaurant (which is a real treat, given the nature of Celiac Disease)!

This afternoon, we watched Christmas music with ELC and My Sweet Dad at their beautiful church! We are feeling extra merry and bright as we begin a new week. I, unfortunately, am still struggling with my ear infection. It’s making me quite bonkers. It’s also given me such empathy for ELC and what she deals with on a daily basis, after completely losing her hearing in her left ear.

I hope y’all have a merry-filled week! Christmas is coming!

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