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Thursday, December 12, 2019

...makin’ it...

So this is going to be about another TV show I LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE. (Sadly, it’s about to be over. Like—I think—tonight. But you hip younguns that can find all kinds of shows on Netflix or On Demand or Hulu? You MUST watch this. More about Makin’ It in a bit...)

First, a little intro:

In watching Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman and the “Master Makers” in Makin’ It the past several weeks, I was reminded of a Christmas “newsletter” My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) and I received several years ago. (I remember doing a post about it! Could I find that post now and link it here for Y’all? That would, of course, be a big—ARE YOU KIDDING? I still can’t post pictures. You’ll have to take my word that it was a fascinating story. Or roam around in past December and January posts. Try 2011. Or 2012.)

Anyway...I actually DO read those Christmas newsletters we all get. Yes—I’m not even fibbing. I read them! And, honestly, enjoy them! Around 2009–or maybe 2010–MSH and I received a LONG one from a couple we’d known for approximately sixteen years. They lived about 150 miles from us—but we saw them two to three times a year. The wife wrote about each of them, each of their two kids and their spouses, and each of their six grandchildren. The end of the newsletter was when MSH, TLC and I lost it! To hysterical laughter. The wife shared that she simply needed their 18-year-old dog, Prissy, to pass away. She was certain their future would be brighter!

Y’all, she was serious. In this woman’s defense, the dog had apparently been ill for many years—costing them oodles and oodles of cash at their Vet’s office. a CHRISTMAS newsletter—she expressed her wish for the family dog to die.

Should we have laughed? NO. But WHO DOES THAT? It cracked us up. Still does—when we think about it.

By the way: Y’all KNOW we love our Buddy Bear and TLC’s Henry! We adore and cherish all animals. (Snakes and armadillos? Okay, no. Not them.)

Fast Forward to Makin’ It. Trust me when I say you do NOT have to be a “Maker” to think this show is AWESOME. I’m not a cook and I TREASURE The Food Network. I’m not an interior decorator or house flipper and I obsess over HGTV. I can’t sew a button on or tell you if I still have a glue gun somewhere in my casa. Still...this show (This was the second “season” for it, too.) intrigued me and I got hooked immediately. The first time around and this time!

AMY POEHLER and NICK OFFERMAN are the executive producers and hosts of Makin’ It. They are, IMHO, geniuses. GENIUSES. Clever. Fast. Sharp. HILARIOUS. I laugh out loud every show. EVERY SHOW. (I don’t want it to end.)

The Makers competing are extremely interesting peeps themselves. Charming. Kind. Unbelievably talented. Unique. SMART. does my Christmas newsletter story relate to Makin’ It?

The Makers were to build an animal shelter. Or home. For an animal of their choice. They chose the following animals: a cat, a couple of dogs, a turtle, a calf and butterflies. One of the Makers made her “cat house” look like a condo in Palm Springs! She shared that she and her family have a female cat named Bella. She’s old. And apparently extra cranky/catty. Rebecca—the Maker—called her creation a “Purr-a-dise” for cats ready to retire. It was incredibly swanky! Rebecca said they (everyone in her family) were all ready for this cat to pass away. So they could get a puppy! Amy and Nick cracked up at her honesty.

Do I admire honesty? I do. I really do. I value it in my own life. I totally get striving to being diplomatic and even telling little bitty white lies. But honesty? Not enough of it in this world.

Watch this show!!! If you don’t get major tickled by Amy and Nick? I’m sorry to tell you but this retired therapist will be forced to suggest you search for some counseling sessions. I mean it. You’ll need to find out why you don’t think these two are EVERYTHING.

(Did I mention Amy and Nick are comic GENIUSES?)

Happy Friday Eve and BIG HUGS...


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