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Monday, December 30, 2019’ve got mail...

Y’all, it’s almost over. 2019. Must admit I’m not sorry. I thought 2018 was rough. This year has been a whole other kind of WWHHHYYYYY??????

Won’t go into it. Any of it. I know at least the first three months of 2020 will be challenging. My Sweet Hubby and I have health issues. We’ll deal. And we’ll pray the next nine months are tres better. (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Dear Lord God Almighty—make it improve!)

In the meantime, I saw the following on Facebook. Loved it. So did TLC.

So read it! Enjoy it! And have a VERY SAFE and VERY HAPPY New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day! Wherever in this World Y’all are...

Smooches and BIG Hugs,

p.s.—The movie TLC and I have watched a million times? You’ve Got Mail. (And I cry. Every. Single. Time.)

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