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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

...a sad start... TLC’s favourite month of the year.

After being the quintessential SUPER Hostess with the Mostest on Thanksgiving Day, TLC’s body totally turned on her and she has a HORRID ear infection.

Monday she made the BEST decision—in a moment of pain and despair—to visit a CVS Minute Clinic. (Elle was sick for a week with some kind o’ cold virus and we all were pretty sure it’d be a miracle if we didn’t get it, too. TLC had been fighting a cold. I, actually, have been sick ra myself.)

I was able to care for Elle and pick Little Leighton up from her after-school Art Class so TLC could get the help she desperately needed. The Nurse Practitioner at the Clinic confirmed what TLC had had to face: She had an extremely infected left ear. Full of...well...never mind the gory details. I’ll just say EVIL stuff.

I was also able to help her get the Little Princesses’ dinner fixed. Baths taken. (By the way: TLC’s Hubby was out-of-town for his job. Always when any kind of crisis hits, right? Happened to me alot when TLC was growing up and My Sweet Hubby—aka MSH—was traveling for work. You can count on child drama or home drama or your own illness to begin the moment your spouse drives or flies away. Murphy’s Law.)

I drove home Monday evening praying TLC would feel better by the hour. And get some sleep. And was comforted by the fact that Her Dad and I are twelve minutes away. In an emergency.

Yesterday she got the little girls to school—sans makeup—then went home and headed straight to bed. After an early doctor’s appointment for me, MSH and I picked up Diet Cokes, Dannon yogurt (A must when taking strong antibiotics—maybe not Dannon, specifically, but probiotics!), and Chick-fil-A chicken noodle soup for TLC. (She, by the way, refuses to eat any kind of canned chicken soup—but she loves Chick-fil-A’s. I’m not saying it’s canned. I’m simply confused by TLC’s standards. MSH and I really like Progresso’s chicken soup.)

I picked up Belle at her school, Little Leighton at her school, and delivered them home to a Mama who felt a teensy bit better. A Mama who was determined to keep Tylenol and ibuprofen in her at all times until fully back to her healthy self again. A Mama who this Mama will always want to care for and help when she’s sick.

I’m hoping TLC wakes up this morning feeling even 25% better than yesterday. She LOVES December! With all of her sicky little heart.

I wish Y’all a WONDERFUL Wednesday. Wherever in this World you are! Take care of your body, heart, mind, soul and spirit. Avoid those danged old germs out there, Friends...


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