Wednesday, June 12, 2019 therapy...

Today two things happened:

1) I had to drink a Diet Mountain Dew. (For the first time in almost four months.)

2) I went to My Sweet Cat for a cut and color. Cat: My hairstylist for over 33 years. THIRTY-THREE. YEARS.

The Dew: So after my nearly 90-minute drive to our former hometown (My heart hurts to say that word—former.) to get my old, grey hair processed, I stopped at a convenience store I frequented oodles of times over the past many years to buy a Coke Zero. (And, okay, a Powerball ticket. Because...why not?) There were no Coke Zeroes in the cooler. None. Well, actually, that’s not quite true. There were three Coke Zeroes—Orange Vanilla flavored. Sorry. Tried one a few weeks ago. Not again. Not falling for it again. (YUCK.)

I was, therefore, FORCED to buy a Diet Mountain Dew. Not gonna lie: I loved every single sip. Will this set me back? Make me want another? And another? I’m truly not worried about it. I’ll confess to Y’all if I do give in. (I won’t. Maybe in another four months. Not anytime soon.)

Cat: I miss her. I love her. I need her expertise. Her talents. Her wisdom. Her kindness. Her encouragement. Her patience. Her fun shop (Think Truvy—Steel Magnolias. Okay. Cat’s shop is not at her house. Although, when her grandparents were alive, it was next to their home!)! Her (free!) counseling. (No one has ever paid Cat enough for said counseling. Including me.) If I can go back to see her every two to three months? For my roots to be dyed and a therapy session? I’ll be grateful. I’ll be hugely grateful. (By the Way: My hair? BEAUTIFUL. If I do say so myself. Wink. Wink.)

Tomorrow is Friday Jr.! Here’s hoping the next four days of your life are full of Diet Dews (or the drink of your choice) and amazing moments with precious, dear, cherished friends.


p.s.—TLC’s bathroom remodel REVEAL is coming soon!!! It’s positively lovely.

Friday, June 7, 2019 to four...

First—in case you missed’s June. JUNE. The 7th. Actually. (There goes our intentions of doing eight posts a month. Sheesh.)

I refuse to bore y’all with excuses. TLC and I both believe we have some decent ones.  Instead...I’ll share this:

I’m 65. Y’all remember I don’t hide this. Why? Why would I? I’m sincerely grateful to be here. Every minute of every day. Prior to this past April? I was on one prescription medication. ONE. I have friends ten years younger that are on three. Five. Perhaps I’ve been a bit sassy and obnoxious about my one script. 

Because as of last week? That number has jumped to four. FOUR. Dadgummit. Not only am I frustrated. And a little more broke. I’m also a bit stressed. For two of my new three scripts? I read the pamphlets that came with them. 

YOUNG ONES—take my advice: DON’T read about the possible side effects of medications. It will give you chills. Nightmares. You’ll regret it. Trust me. 

There was definitely advantages to spending most of my life without the ability to Google/WebMD EVERYTHING.

Ignorance truly is BLISS.

Hope Y’all have a WONDERFUL weekend—wherever in this world Y’all are! Stay healthy! And as far away from prescription drugs as you can get...


Friday, May 31, 2019

...porch vs veranda...

So it’s the last day of May. Sheesh. Time keeps marching on. Fast and FURIOUS. This afternoon, this OLD GRAMMY donned her bathing “dress” and went swimming with TLC and The Little Princesses.  It was COLD. The water. Yes. Also the temp. Well, cold for Texas. At the end of May. 75 degrees when we got to the pool. Un(or Non)predicted rain had showed up early this morning. It was quite surprising. Clouds lingered for hours. Despite the almost freezing (Okay. Okay. VERY cool.) water, TLC and I went in. With Little Leighton and Belle. We survived for 90 minutes. Long enough to satisfy The Princesses.

As we head to June and Summer reruns, I continue to watch HGTV. Alot. Beach shows. Lakefront shows. New shows. Old shows. Anything that interests this person who doesn't have HBO or Netflix. Yep. I realize that’s incredible. (Try to move on. Wink. Wink.)

A couple of nights ago, I was watching a Beachfront show that was filmed in St. Croix. A couple was looking at homes in the $500,000 range. I think. Maybe they had a million. That part I can’t remember. (My Sweet Hubby and I probably couldn’t decide to buy a $50,000 home there—if one existed. Just sayin’...)

Here’s my point: They were looking at a home that had—what the husband called—a big “porch.” The wife patiently corrects him: That’s a “veranda.” Porches are for drinking tea. On a veranda, you have “drinks.” (Clearly—aka—alcoholic drinks.)

How could I be 65 and not be aware of this difference in these two words?

On this Friday evening, I’d like to share three things:

1) There was no better porch ANYWHERE than the one My Sweet Hubby and I had at our country casa. It. Was. FABULOUS. We miss it.

2) Our new porch? Charming. Small. Cozy. Sweet. We’ll take it.

3) Whether you have access to a porch OR a veranda this weekend, and whether you have a lemonade, sweet tea, Coke Zero, glass of Pinot Grigio or a Strawberry Margarita, I hope you’ll sit and relax. I hope you’ll recharge your batteries and find peace. Quiet. Fun. Laughter. Happiness. Gratitude!


Wednesday, May 29, 2019 update...

So, Monday began the fifth (FIFTH) week of our bathroom remodel. At this point, we only lack glass for our shower, switch plates (Home Depot AND Lowe’s have both been out of stock.) and my husband’s cabinets. We spent the majority of last weekend painting, as ELC mentioned. I also tried dusting my bedroom. Oh. My. GRAVY. There was dust everywhere.

I’m weary but can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Here are a few recent pictures I took yesterday:

I guess we also lack accessories, such as the towels and art for the walls. That’s all piled on my guest room bed. I’m super excited and think it’s all coming together brilliantly. I can’t wait to share a final reveal soon!

Happy Wednesday! It’s been quite stormy here today. Stay safe, wherever you are!