Sunday, February 26, 2017

prayer love...

My Prayer this Sweet Sunday (from Praying Through the Tough Times by Lloyd John Ogilvie):


Revive me, O LORD, for Your name’s sake! For Your righteousness’ sake bring my soul out of trouble.

          PSALM 143?11

Gracious God, sometimes I’m a stingy receiver who finds it difficult to open my tight-fisted grip on circumstances and receive the blessings that You have prepared. You know my needs before I ask You, but wait to bless me until I ask for Your help. I come to You now honestly to confess my needs. Lord, I need Your inspiration for my thinking, Your love for my emotions, Your guidance for my will, and Your strength for my body. I’ve leaned that true peace and lasting serenity result from knowing that You have an abundant supply of resources to help me meet any trying situation, difficult person, or disturbing complexity, and so I say with the psalmist, “Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits.”

I gladly respond to the admonitions of the psalmist: “Commit your way to the LORD, trust also in Him, and He shall being it to pass…Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for Him.” I prayerfully accept the vital verbs of this advice and apply them to my faith today: commit, trust, rest, wait. You have shown me that when I commit to You my life and my challenges, You go into action to bring about Your best for my life. Commitment opens the floodgates of my mind and my heart to the flow of Your power to help with people or problems that concern me.

I trust in Your reliable interventions to free me from anxiety, and when I rest in Your everlasting arms, I experience spiritual resilience and refurbishment. All Your blessings are wroth waiting for because nothing else gives me the strength and courage I really need. Thank You for Your faithful reliability. You, dear God, are my Lord and Savior. Amen.

          (Psalm 68:19; 37:5,7.)

My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

          PHILLIPPIANS 4:19


I will keep on being filled with the Spirit.



May each of you have a wonderful day and upcoming week…

Commit! Trust! Rest! Wait!



p.s.: That “waiting” is the hardest part, right? Sheesh. 

Friday, February 24, 2017

friendsip love...

I LOVE my friends! I’m so truly lucky to have such dear, sweet, kind, special friends in my life. From junior high, college, my early marriage years, church, school days with TLC, work, My Sweet Husband’s long, long career, Facebook and even Words With Friends (Howdy, Mackie!), I’ve been beyond blessed.

My precious friend, Emily, surprised me with a very, VERY unexpected (and completely unnecessary) gift a few weeks ago. We’d met for our monthly Pedi and Lunch Date. She gave me the cutest sack with this fancy dish in it:

Isn’t it lovely? Could there be a more accurate statement about GOOD friends? I can’t even imagine what it would be. It's most definitely the way I feel about Emily.

Now here’s the funny/cRaZy/weird thing she said about this gift:

She thought I might use it as a jewelry dish when I’m at TLC’s!

Why, you wonder, is that weird? BECAUSE: (As I looked at Emily with my mouth open, I explained the reason I was totally blown away.)

ELC: Three visits ago, I was in My Room at TLC’s getting ready for bed, when I noticed the pretty bowl she'd given me months ago, to use for my jewels, was gone. I didn’t really have the nerve to ask TLC (a tired, often cranky Mom of a baby that RARELY sleeps all night) where the heck my bowl went! I’d decided I’d bring my own the next time I drove East.

Voila! I now had a new dish to bring! I mean, seriously, don’t y’all think that’s kind of spooky?

So here’s Emily’s charming dish on said nightstand time before last my last visit to TLC—full of my jewelry!  

I adore it. And I cherish Emily and her amazing friendship. Thank you, Darling Doll.

Y’all please have a WONDERFUL weekend—full of STARS and jewels, FUN and FRIENDSHIP!


p.s.: That bowl? I found it on TLC's entry hall table. It's empty. But it's still pretty. Winky. Wink. I don't need it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

pounds and pounds of love...

February. Hearts and Flowers. Chocolate Candy. Love.

Well, Folks, I love Weight Watchers! More than ever. Let me explain.

When TLC was about five months old, I joined the local Weight Watchers group with one of my closest and dearest friends. (We were, and still are, like sisters. Even though we haven’t lived in the same town or area in over 26 years. Sigh.)

Liza had had her second son four months before I’d had TLC. So we were both in that We-Can’t-Lose-That-Last-Fifteen-Pounds Zone. We decided it was time to try something serious.

The WW program, at that time, was quite restrictive. Although the meetings were fun and uplifting. Motivational. I lost fourteen pounds in six weeks. Liza lost most of what she wanted to, also. So we stopped. We spent the next couple of years weighing our food. Trying to continue to use the weight loss principles we’d learned.

I settled in at a weight I wasn’t totally happy with—but it was acceptable. 133. I stayed at that number, or in that range, for many years. I walked ALOT. Five days a week. Minimum. I walked anywhere from 2-5 miles. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, at forty years of age, I slowly gained twenty pounds during chemo. After that first year of surgeries and chemo and recovery, I’d lose ten. Gain ten. Lose five. Gain ten. This went on for several years
Fast forward to the past four years. I'm become horrible with my eating habits. I'm truly out-of-control. My Sweet Hubby is worried about me. TLC is worried about. I'm worried about myself. I have a BAD back. Bad knees and hips. There are days I can barely walk.

My Precious Sunny and I tried Weight Watchers about five years ago. Same meeting place. Different leader. Different people. I simply did not commit. I doubt that I lasted a month. I seem to have blocked it from my mind.

Enter Oprah. And her commercials. And the fact that Oprah feels like someone I’ve known most of my adult life. (She’s only two months older than I am.) I rarely missed any of her shows. I was becoming intrigued with her involvement in and contributions to Weight Watchers. She could have any plastic surgeon in the world make her skinny. She wants to, instead, live a life full of good, healthy choices. Me, too.

Factor in five years of BAD checkups—in terms of bloodwork. My cholesterol is up. My “sugars” are up. My weight is higher than it’s been since I was pregnant with TLC (I gained sixty pounds having My Sweet Daughter. YIKES.). I'm a hot, chubby, or maybe downright fat, mess.

Sunny’s sister told her several weeks ago she had joined Weight Watchers. She was truly enjoying it! We decided we would try it. It was time to do something. We both cherish our grandchildren. We want to be around for a long, LONG time watching them grow.

Sunny is doing her work on-line. At this point. She's losing! I’m doing both on-line and meetings. (I’ve been to two meetings.) I told the Leader—a lovely, kind, funny, happy, encouraging woman—I’ll be lucky to attend two to three meetings a month. I’ve lost six pounds. I ADORE the WW App. It syncs with my Fitbit and I've received all of my “Activity” points every week since I started.

I have a goal I’m not sure is realistic or attainable. I intend to give it all I’ve got. And when I fail? I’ll pick myself up and start over the next day. It’s what we all must do when life doesn’t end up happening the way we planned. If you need to lose a few pounds, or a lot of pounds, consider Weight Watchers. It’s ranked as one of the top all-time weight loss programs in the world. I think it's awesome.

Hope y’all have a Terrific Tuesday! Have an orange! Have some asparagus! Eat some grilled chicken and save the donut for another time. (But you CAN have that donut. Trust me.)

Smooches and BIG WW Hugs…


Thursday, February 16, 2017

three things...

...I'm lovin' this week!

1. My new shampoo.

I have no clue what "mosa mint" is but it smells delightful. Bonus: it's gluten-free!

2. Rolos.

ELC included a bag of Rolos in my Valentine's treat this year. I need them out of my house. Now. I can't stop eating them. Bonus: they're ALSO gluten-free!

3. The Bachelor.

Ugh. I should be ashamed to type that. I give ELC such a hard time each season she tunes in. I got sucked into this train wreck and I can't stop watching.

Happy Friday Eve, friends! I am (still) sick. My little cold from last week turned into a massive sinus infection this week. So, because my antibiotic says I need to eat something before I take it, I'm off to gobble more Rolos! I think that counts.