Saturday, November 17, 2018

and just like that...

…everything changes.

This past Thursday we closed on our place. We’re now, officially, “leasing” it for a few weeks. In order to pack and move to our new home. (New to us! It’s just six years old, though, and in a lovely, small neighborhood. Seventeen-ish minutes from TLC, Her Hubby and Our Little Princesses!!!) We close this Monday morning on this new-to-us home.

So much has happened in the past three weeks. It’s been fast and furious. It’s also been faith-testing. Stressful. Frustrating. Difficult. Exciting. CrAzY. JOYFUL. Sad.

We were to get to our closing at 11:00. Our Buyers were set for 10:30. When we walked into the title company at 10:40, we saw our realtor. He said: “The Buyers aren’t here. And there are some problems.” I’ve said I wish someone had taken a picture of My Sweet Hubby’s (aka MSH) and my expressions. Because I’m sure they were somewhat priceless.

FEAR. Sheer fear took over both of our minds, hearts, souls and bodies. This had to be okay. Or we’d lose the home that we believed—deeply believed—was meant to be for us on our new journey. A journey even six years ago we didn't expect to be taking.

Let me summarize the entire closing experience this way:


The Lender for the Buyers had made a big mistake. When he (finally) arrived, he was beyond apologetic. He’d realized his mistake, he said, at 2:00 o’clock in the morning. Questions had to be asked. Information had to be checked. Documents had to be changed. And it couldn’t happen as fast as we, as the Sellers, wanted it to.

The Buyers walked in, with their realtor, an hour and half late. They, too, were very apologetic. It had been nothing they had done wrong or could control. We'd only seen them the one time they'd come to look at our home, barn apartment and property. We'd enjoyed the few minutes we'd talked to them that Sunday morning. We knew they were extremely interested because they were here longer than any of the other potential Buyers. There were 19 couples and/or individuals that came, in the past year, to look at our home and place. Including this couple. We had a strong feeling they were the most connected to it right away.

I was thinking later that night, as I reflected on the events and tried to unwind from the stress by catching up on my DVRed "The Voice" and "Dancing With the Stars," how one person can affect so many other lives. One person can unintentionally, or intentionally, do or not do, say or not say, act or not act, irresponsibly, unfairly, dishonestly or unkindly, and in a such a way their actions and/or choices and/or behaviors can change the lives of one to thousands—millions—of people. Made me wonder what I might have done in my past to have scared, angered, hurt, stressed or frustrated someone else. Maybe many, many other people. Happens all the time in families, right? 

Our Buyers’ Lender? He made an honest mistake. An honest, unintentional mistake. He had such great remorse. We all ended up sincerely feeling sorry for him. He was a nice man. (I hope, by the time I post this, that he has let it all go and realized he fixed it. I hope he’s moved on. God bless him.) But think of the individuals in this World, or in your life, or in the lives of your families and friends, that affect YOU. Personally. Sometimes you don't even know that individual. Yet they somehow changed your day, month, year, or life.

By 4:00 Thursday afternoon, it was completely and successfully finished.

So in a little over an hour, TLC and her family will come, for their very last time, to our country casa. Little Leighton, at six years old, has spent the most time, of all of our seven grandchildren, including Baby Elle, with us here. She'll be sad. She'll adjust and will be hugely thrilled we'll be living so close to her. Still, her heart will always miss Grammy and Pa-Pa's home. Barn. Ranger. Mama Cows and Calves. The roadrunner and armadillo and turtle she saw. Up close and personal. Feeding the catfish at the Big Tank. Blowing bubbles outside for hours. Coloring on the back patio in the cool, morning breezes. Trips to town to Staples (which she refers to as one of her favourite all-time stores) and the Froyo Shop. Beloved memories.

I have spontaneously and regularly cried, many times, in the past year. In the past three weeks? I've cried every day. Several times a day, actually. I'm not sure I understand how I'm going to drive away from this magnificent home we've cherished for over eighteen years. We've seen thousands of tarry nights that have taken our breath away. We've seen thousands of exquisite sunrises. Thousands of incredible sunsets. We've watched Mother Nature at her finest! Beautiful birds and cute/precious country critters have touched our lives more than we could have ever imagined. We've spent countless days and nights and weekends making memories with our family and dear, special friends. Luckily, we have videos and millions of pictures to help us remember everything wonderful (and even some of the not-so-wonderful) times we treasure.

I must scoot. I need a tissue. Again. Sigh.

(TLC has promised to do a post by Monday! We'll see...won't we? Winky. Wink.)

Wishing each of Y'all a WONDERFUL Weekend...wherever in this World Y'all are!


Sunday, November 11, 2018


From Jesus Today by Sarah Young:

IN QUIETNESS AND CONFIDENCE SHALL BE YOUR strength. When you’re in a tough situation, your mind tends to go into overdrive. You mentally rehearse possible solutions at breakneck speed. Your brain becomes a flurry of activity! You scrutinize your own abilities and those of people you might call upon for help. If you find no immediate solution to your problem, you start to feel anxious. When you find this happening, return to Me and rest in quietness. Take time to see My Face and My Will rather than rushing ahead without clear direction.

I want you to have confidence in Me and My Ways—patiently trusting in Me even when you can’t see the way forward. Whereas anxious striving drains you of energy, quiet confidence will give you strength. You can trust that I will not forsake you in your time of need. Keep communicating with Me about your situation, and be willing to wait—without pushing for immediate resolution. Those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength.

Those who wait for the LORD will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary.

Isaiah 40:31 NASB

And so My Sweet Hubby and I wait. And wait. And wait. Doing our best to have strength and patience. I’m not a patient person by nature. Every minute of every hour that goes by that something I’m expecting doesn’t happen? Yowzer. I either:

1.     Overthink.

2.     Overtalk.

3.     Overeat.

4.     And, mostly and primarily, I overpray.

(Well, can I overpray? I mean, really? Seriously? Is it possible? Maybe. Because then God and Jesus are going to suggest this: You, ELC, YOU HAVE NO FAITH. You said you were giving this to Us because you couldn’t handle the stress and anxiety, right? So why aren’t you LETTING GO???)

It’s kind of semi-yucky in North Central Texas. Overcast. A bit colder than Texans tend to appreciate! Tomorrow there will be a little winter “BLAST.” Not major. (Or so they say. Why do we not always and totally trust those Dadgum Weather Peeps?)

I’m sending each of Y’all (WHEREVER in this WORLD Y'all are...) some HUGS, warmth, patience, kindness, hope, and FAITH. Will Y'all each send a bit of these things BACK TO ME? 

Thanky. Thanky very much.


Thursday, November 8, 2018

homes sweet homes...

So it seems there is a strong probability our home and place have sold. My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) and I have even found a home that’s sixteen minutes from TLC and family and have put a contract on it. All of this has happened in the past month! If everything falls into place, we could be driving away from Our Country Casa in three to four weeks. I honestly cannot think about this. Talk about this. Or type words, thoughts or feelings about it. Not without getting consumed with grief. Or having BIG tears fall.

When the Sellers of the home we want to buy accepted our contract this past Monday night, it made me think about all of the homes and places I’ve lived in sixty-four years.

Without going in to the endless twists and turns of my life  My (Long…wink wink) Journey up until this very moment, I’d like to share this with Y’all:

I counted them all up and I’ve lived in seven homes*, two college dorms, eight apartments and one barndominium (The barndominium was the one we built when we bought this place and where we lived while building our home. It’s still one of our family’s favourite places to hang out!) I wasn’t surprised. I guess. And yet…I kind of was a bit shocked. Seeing all of these abodes typed out on a piece of paper was interesting. I double-checked it three times.

I can remember a lot of details about most of those places I’ve lived. My memories of our home in El Paso actually begin when I was about three. Some because of pictures I’ve seen, of course. But I can also clearly see that home in my mind’s eye right now. The general floor plan. The big front porch. The backyard. The garage apartment my grandmother—Nana—lived in for a couple of years before my parents’ divorce. It was probably 30 years old when I was three!  Maybe older. So, if it’s still there? It’d be close to or over 100! Yikes.

Of the apartments? Two I lived in as a child/adolescent—while my parents looked for homes. Three were apartments I shared with roommates. Two were apartments I lived in alone. One was an apartment MSH and I lived in literally three weeks only and about a year after we married. (The timing of us buying a home wasn’t working. We had to move out of one house before we’d made a deal on another.)  Four of the said eight apartments were very inexpensive and probably bordered on sketchy/dangerous. They weren’t places I’d want my children or grandchildren to have lived or to live in now. I survived.

Only our home before this one was a place I cared enough about to decorate. Furnish with pieces I loved.  A home to have celebrations and holidays and parties often. I was proud of that home. (We actually still go by to see it every few months. We get sad. Especially TLC. It was the home we brought her home to the day after she was born and where she lived until she was sixteen. She still asks if we're sure we can't buy it back. Uh, no, TLC. We haven't won a lottery yet, Silly Child.)

But this home? The only home MSH and I built together? This land? Our barndominium? I’ve cherished. I’ve adored. I’ve loved with all of my heart. I’m now crying. Sheesh. (HOW WILL I SURVIVE THIS?

As this experience proceeds, I’m not sure how much blogging I can do. TLC is in the midst of being Room Mom for Little Leighton’s class. Lots o’ stuff going on there at this busy time of the year.

Please hang in with us! I’m a’thinkin’ we might do some “Blasts from the Past!” (Y’all that have been with us a while know we resort to this tactic during times of extreme stress and/or busy-ness.)

On this somewhat dreay-ish day in North Central Texas and from the office of our home I will have a hard time leaving, I wish each of you a Thursday, Friday and weekend FULL of cozy warmth in a place that gives you sheer and utter JOY!



*Four different times in my life I went back to live at my parents' home in Weatherford, Texas. FOUR times. And each time I'd wished I had another alternative. Just because it was hard to have been on my own and then back under the Rents' Roof. You know? You get it. Again, I survived. Duh.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

some surprises are just what we need...

This past Sunday, My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) and Buddy Bear went for their daily morning walk to our gate. I got this picture from MSH about fifteen minutes later:

Not sure when this baby's Mama had him. Could have been between Friday night and early Sunday morn. We’re 98% certain this is a bull calf. Isn’t his coloring amazing? I told TLC it’s like coffee with just the right amount of cream!

The Mama cow’s name is Minnie. Little Leighton (aka LL aka Biscuit) has named all of our Mamas for the past four years. Since she could talk! We’ve had lots of “Princesses.” Elsa. Anna. Belle. Etc. LL had basically run out of Princess names. Hence Minnie.

This calf will soon officially be Mickey Jr. I thinks that’s adorable.

Our other Mama cow (Her name is Daisy. If she has a girl? The girl calf will probably be named Clara. After Clarabelle the Cow. On Mickey Mouse. Duh.  If he's a bull calf? No clue. Not at this point.) Daisy should have her calf soon. Three weeks. Ish.

We treasure our calves! They give us such JOY. Especially through the eyes of these granddaughters. (And even though Baby Belle, in her two and a half years on our Earth, has not been able to come visit at Grammy and Pa-Pa’s place as often as LL has been able to, in her six and almost a half years on our Earth, Baby Elle has had fun on several Ranger Trips with Pa-Pa and LL to view babies. She possibly won't remember all of them.)

Yesterday’s surprise reminded MSH and I how grateful we are to Our Dear Lord God Almighty. For his many, MANY blessings. Seeing that baby? After the evil that took place in Pittsburgh on Saturday? Gave us some comfort. Many smiles. Happy tears!

Wishing each of you a week that gives you a WONDERFUL surprise! And some peace in your hearts and souls.



p.s.: TLC tried to suggest to Biscuit that she allow Baby Elle to name this calf. Or, at the very least, the next one. Biscuit wasn’t quite on board with this idea—as of last night at bedtime. Grammy thinks Biscuit can give Baby Elle two to three options for names and Baby Elle can pick one. This way Biscuit has had some input. We’ll see how much pull Grammy has with LL/Biscuit…winky wink.