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Thursday, November 30, 2017


Happy December Eve!

Can y'all believe it's Christmastime? I simply can't, but I'm sooooo excited!

Overall, Thanksgiving went well! My dressing was dry (inside family joke--but it also was legitimately dry), but other than that, we had FUN. Now, I've decked my halls, I'm feeling extra jolly, Hallmark Christmas movies are on continuously and I'm ready to celebrate Sweet Baby Jesus' birthday.

This evening, I wanted to share with y'all my new favourite makeup! This past summer, one of my best friends, Taylor, came for a visit before we moved. She is one of the most thoughtful, creative and talented people I know. She puts Martha Stewart to shame! For this visit, she brought me a "goodie bag" containing many of her favorite things. Taylor knows how much ELC and I LOVE mascara and she gifted me the one she thinks is simply the best! It was Tarte's "Tarteiest." I had heard of Tarte before but had never purchased any of their products. Lo and behold, you can imagine my surprise and joy when, as I was looking at the packaging, I noticed it was labeled: GLUTEN-FREE. What the what? YIPPEE! ELC and I are always searching for safe products Little Leighton can use. We have to make sure EVERYTHING is GF. Right down to chapsticks, lipsticks, lipglosses. Taylor blessed me so much that day--and not just with wonderful (GF!) treats but her amazing friendship. I am so thankful for her.

After that visit, I started researching Tarte and learned all of their products are GF. Double YIPPEE! On a recent trip to the mall (in search of blingy hi-tops for LL), we stopped into Sephora and I purchased this:

It's a Tarte set that includes mascara, lipgloss, eyeliner, tons o' eyeshadows, blush, bronzer and highlighter. It's packaged BEAUTIFULLY and is genuinely amazing. Other than needing brushes, I use only this set now--it's so "complete!" It was about $60, and I think it would make an awesome Christmas gift for someone. (My pictures don't do the eyeshadow colors justice--they are so pretty.)

I hope y'all have a wonderful and festive weekend! Next time I post, I'm bringing back one of my infamous lists--per ELC's request! Stay tuned, Readers.


Sunday, November 26, 2017

a refuge in times of trouble...

From Jesus Today by Sarah Young

I AM GOOD—A REFUGE IN TIMES OF TROUBLE. I care for those who trust in Me. Even though you inhabit a world full of trouble, I assure you that I am completely, 100 percent good! I am light, and in Me there is no darkness at all. Seek in Me the perfection you have longed for all your life.

Because of the brokenness of this world, you always need a refuge—but especially in times of trouble. When you are hurting, I yearn to shelter you in My powerful, loving Presence. So turn to Me in tough times, and you will find Me faithful.

Many of My children fail to receive My help during difficult times because they don’t really trust Me. When adversity strikes, they either lash out angrily at Me or become so focused on their problems that they forget I am with them. An essential element of trusting Me is remembering My promise to be with you always. Trust in Me, My child, and I will take care of you.

The LORD is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him.

          --Naham 1:7


This is the message which we have heard from Him and declare to you, that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.

          --1 John 1:5 NKJV


When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.

          --Psalm 56:3 ESV

Praying each of you had a lovely, blessed, happy, and safe Thanksgiving holiday! (I’m still in bed with my tissues and acetaminophen. Sigh.)

Have a Wonderful Week—wherever in this World you are!


Wednesday, November 22, 2017


I truly, TRULY love TLC’s lists! She hasn’t done one in a while. Actually, I want to go back to 2011, 2012 and find a few of her lists that were amazing. I’m betting they still would fit her life now. Mostly.

Since TLC is going to “Hostess” our Thanksgiving Lunch manana (her first time and may I say we’re all TRES exicted!), I’ve decided to do an ELC List. In honor of today—November 22nd. I’m going to share with Y’all twenty-two things I’ll be grateful for tomorrow. Actually, these will be things I’m grateful for every single day of my (long-ish) life.

  1. My Lord God Almighty.
  2. His Son, Jesus Christ.
  3. My Sweet Hubby. (MSH)
  4. TLC, Her Hubby, Her Precious Little Leighton (aka LL aka Biscuit) and Baby Belle.
  5. My family. Our family. Our sons. Daughters-in-Law. Our AMAZING Grandchildren (seven total!). Sisters. Brother. Aunts. Uncles. Cousins.
  6. My friends. I have had the BEST and most AMAZING friends in my 63 years. I cannot thank God enough for everything they’ve done for me. Everything I’ve learned from them. All of the drama, happiness, pain, fears, silliness and laughter we’ve shared. High school friends. College friends. SO. MANY. MARVELOUS. FRIENDS.
  7. My health. In general? It ain’t bad. Could I drink more water? Of course. Could I eat more fruits and veggies? Always. Considering some of the health crises I’ve experienced—I am full of gratitude today. (If only ONLY ONLY I could sleep better. Sigh.)
  8. The United States of America. Land that I LOVE.
  9. Our pets: Buddy Boo Bear, Henry (I treasure him even if he’s technically TLC’s and often cRaZy.) and Hunter the Cat.
  10. Our country casa!
  11. The food we are lucky enough to eat. Our clothes. Vehicles.
  12. The sun, moon, stars (The Stars At Night—Are Big and BRIGHT—Deep in the Heart of Texas!), and magnificent, exquisite skies.
  13. Rain. (When we get lovely, nurturing, restoring rain. (Frankly, we can all do without rain that comes as a result of hurricanes, tornadoes and/or flooding. Ain’t nobody got time for that kind o’ rain, Dear God. Sheesh.)
  14. Our cute Mama cows and their babies: Dixie and Olaf; Elsie and Belle; Twinkle and Swen. They are just the SWEETEST.
  15. Weight Watchers. And, specifically, My WW’s Leader. I’m now down over forty (YEP—FOUR. ZERO. 40.) pounds. I intend to keep this weight loss permanent. The program works GREAT for me. It’s not been fast. In fact, it’s been slow as a turtle/snail. It’s worked. (Thank you, Sunny’s Sister and Oprah!)
  16. Writers who write amazing books. Composers who write AMAZING music.
  17. Television. Movies. Plays. Gifted people who give us the chance to be entertained. The opportunity to think. Laugh. Cry. Learn.
  18. Did I mention My Lord God and Jesus Christ?
  19. And did I mention my amazing husband and family?
  20. Kleenexes that have lotion and VICKS already in them. We’ve all had yucky, useless, frustrating colds/allergies/upper respiratory infections. I’ve had a low-grade fever for going on three days now and an extremely RED nose. Whoever thought of putting lotion and Vicks in tissues? GENIUS. That’s exactly what you are. Brilliant. God bless you. Seriously.
  21. Diet Mountain Dews and Coke Zeroes. (You didn’t think I was going to forget them did you, TLC? Not a chance. And don’t even try to shame me into stopping this unhealthy addiction. Not happening. Sorry. I feel I could have much worse addictions than these two things.)
  22. Each and everyone of Y’all! Those of you who have been with us for seven years! Or seven months! Or seven weeks! Or seven days! Thank you. From the bottom of TLC’s and My GRATEFUL HEART.
Happy, HAPPY Thanksgiving Eve, Dearest Friends!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

hoppy loppy

I was supposed to share my favourite new makeup with y'all almost TWO Mondays ago. Oops. I'm genuinely sorry. My husband has been traveling. We've all been sick. Blah. Blah. Blah.

My bad.

So, I promise to share that with you (because it would make an AWESOME Christmas gift!) after Thanksgiving, as I am hosting Turkey Day this year at mi casa. I'll be running around like a chicken (errr...turkey?) with my head cut off all week. I feel certain most of you understand my situation.

In the meantime, I had to bore you with a few funny things my girls have said over the last week.

1. After Baby Elle and I dropped Little Leighton (aka LL) at school one day last week, we headed to Hobby Lobby. I was talking to ELC on the phone as we were pulling into the parking lot. From the backseat, I heard a tiny, cute little voice exclaim, "Hoppy Loppy! Hoppy Lobby!" First, I had no clue Baby Elle could even attempt to say Hobby Lobby. Second, apparently I have a problem if my daughter, who is not even twenty-months-old yet, can recognize the building. Again--OOPS. (Little Leighton=Staples. ELC told this story in a previous post.)

2. ELC came to spend this past Thursday night with me while Hubby was out of town. Baby Elle had been particularly grouchy that afternoon. Sweet Little Leighton had had enough (I don't blame her.) She looked at Elle (while Elle was standing in front of the chair she was sitting on) and said, "Bye, Felicia." ELC and I just about died! She used it properly. (This was after last week when, as we were pulling into our church parking lot, LL, very seriously and completely out of the blue, asks me, "Mom, who is Felicia?" HA!)

3. Later that evening, ELC and I were reading bedtime stories to LL in her room. I can't remember what I did that was annoying her, but she looked at me and said, "CLIP." ELC has mentioned recently my IMPECCABLE taste in TV programming. This particular phrase (which basically means "Stop talking") comes from my favourite Dorinda Medley on Real Housewives of NY. LL has NEVER seen an episode (promise), but I guess I say this a lot now. (Because it cracks me up!) Google it, if you haven't heard Dorinda say it.

4. Yesterday, after an amazing morning at the Fort Worth Zoo, the girls and ELC were riding with me to donate clothes, toys and books to a local charitable organization. I (jokingly) told Baby Elle I was considering donating her, too. Little Leighton, again quite seriously, says, "Oh, yippee! Then there will be just good ol' me left!" God love her.

I hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend!

Stay GRATEFUL this week!


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

when to wait...

From Prayers with Purpose for Women by Jackie M. Johnson (I adore this little devotional book…)

Being a Woman of Action

In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.

          James 2:17

Lord, I want to be a woman of action—a women of true faith. Faith by itself—if only thoughts and words—is dead. It has to be accompanied by my deeds, Lord. I pray for the wisdom to know when to take risks, when to act, and when to wait. Help me to know the right thing to do and the best time to do it. Put true faith into me, Lord, so I can perform the good works You have for me to accomplish.

In Your Son Jesus’ Name I pray...


This speaks straight to my heart, soul, mind and spirit. I am the MOST IMPATIENT person I know. I’m serious. Waiting on God’s Timing? Sometimes it feels completely impossible for this Big-Haired Texas Grammy. It seems like I’ve spent my entire (long) life waiting…and waiting…and waiting. Frustrated. Often angry. Confused. Sometimes very bitter. Sigh.

My Sweet Hubby (MSH) has a family “crest” I had framed many, many years ago and the “motto” or “creed” is:
Deeds Not Words

This hangs at our back door. The door we use 96% of the time. We can read these words every day. Several times a day. And, yet, we mostly walk right by them. In a hurry to get where we going to do what we think we must do.

My good intentions can make all kinds of promises. To MSH. To TLC. To family members. To my precious friends. But, worst of all, to My Lord God Almighty.

Today I want to intentionally take a risk or two. I want to hear God tell me the right thing to do and the best time to do it. I want to FEEL my faith grow. And grow. AND GROW.

God bless each of you on this Tuesday. I pray for your strength, peace, courage and patience

With my love and BIGGEST hugs,


Friday, November 10, 2017

mama mia and hallelujah!

This time last weekend I was on my second night of “Grammy Nannying” Little Leighton (aka Biscuit aka LL) and Baby Elle (aka Belle) while TLC and Her Hubby enjoyed a two-night get-away to Austin.

It was my first time to keep The Little Princesses by myself! I’d kept LL a few times when she was tiny. I’d kept Belle this past 4th of July by myself. For one night. But I’d never kept both—alone—without My Sweet Hubby (MSH).

I’d arrived at TLC’s casa on Thursday morning. Received all my (millions of/written) instructions and had taken over their care, on my own little lonesome, around 10:30. That day went pretty dadgum good! Baby Elle took a LONG nap. We picked Biscuit up at her school at 2:00 that afternoon. We stayed for almost an hour—on the playground—where Belle thought she was quite The Big Girl.

Once we got home, time went by fast. Snack. Playroom time. Dinner. Baths. (Okay. We had a couple of mishaps at bathtime. LL got out of the bathtub and fell on the tile—because she was running. I accidentally bumped Belle’s head on the linen closet door trying to get some chapstick off a shelf. Both recovered after only a few tears. I felt terrible. We all survived.)

By the Way:  I’d also never had had to bathe the two of them by myself. It’s tricky. Honestly, this was my biggest worry. LL was a HUGE help, though. We got 'er done. Belle was in bed and asleep by 7:00 that evening. Biscuit in bed and asleep by 8:00. Grammy Ga-Ga was in bed and out like a light by 10:30. I don’t think I moved until my alarm went off at 5:00 a.m. Friday morn.

I got up super early to get my makeup on. Fixed my Big Texas Hair. Dressed. Watched the monitor for signs one or both of The Little Gals was about to rise and shine. (The monitor toggles between their two bedrooms.) At 6:30, I saw Belle sitting up in her crib. I was counting on a 7:00 a.m. wakeup. Sigh. Then I heard this:

Mama Mia! Hallelujah! Hi, Ga-Ga! (What Belle calls me—although she’s beginning to say Grammy quite often now…) Hi, Ne-Ne! (What Belle calls Little Leighton…) Hi, Mama! Hi, DaDa! Hi, Pa-Pa! Hi, Olaf! (What Biscuit named our first calf born this year…) Mama Mia! Hallelujah!

Over. And over. And over. I was certain she was going to wake LL up. By the time I got upstairs and retrieved her from her crib, LL was awake. (They slept later the next morning. Praise The Lord.)

Explanation of Mama Mia and Hallelujah:

A couple of weeks ago, TLC and I sang some Abba songs for LL and Belle. While they were having an afternoon snack. (Naturally, we were incredible.) We danced to Dancing Queen. Duh. Belle realized she could say Mama Mia and practiced it. For days. And days.

The first time TLC took Belle to an ENT in Frisco, back in the Spring, they were playing the movie “Sing” on the waiting room TV. Biscuit FELL IN LOVE with it. TLC purchased it as soon as she could and downloaded several of the songs on her phone. Biscuit learned every word of every song. One of them is the Tori Kelly version of the song “Hallelujah.” Belle ADORES it. It is truly the CUTEST thing to hear her sing it. Mostly she just knows the Hallelujah part. And she says it like this: Halleyuyah. But trust me: It is P.R.E.C.I.O.U.S.

I made it with no problems to Saturday afternoon (I confess: I had help from MSH aka Pa-Pa, who came for several hours on Friday, and my youngest sister, Aunt Lucy, who came for several hours on Saturday…Basically, I guess I cheated.)! TLC and Her Hubby were back by 3:00 p.m. With gluten-free cupcakes and stories to tell! I was home and on my davenport by 5:00 p.m. Pooped. But in such a MARVELOUS way.

I’m currently feeling pretty confident I can Solo-Grammy-Nanny again. Soon. Mama TLC EARNS her time away, bless her sweet heart. This was her first trip, in fact, with Her Hubby, just the two of them, since Belle was born. She’s My Hero. I’m serious. She’s THE BEST mother and daughter. Ever.

Mama’s Friday night! Hallelujah!

(Be safe and happy and kind and do get some rest, Dear Friends Everywhere…)

ta-ta for now…


Sunday, November 5, 2017

tragedy after tragedy after tragedy...

…and on and on and on…

Just when we think we might all get a break from the latest mass shootings, another one happens. This one in a church. A church. About four hours from our home.

Although many, many, too many of us have been saying for too many years there’s truly nowhere we are safe, we really want to believe, deep down in our spirits and souls, that as we sit in God’s House, we’ll be okay. Our children and grandchildren will be allowed to worship and praise Him in peace. Free from danger and violence.

I was excited about a silly little post I was going to do tonight. I’ll save it. I’ve cried several times this afternoon. I’ve prayed every hour since I heard about this latest tragedy. What I haven’t done is laugh. I still don’t feel like even smiling. It seems like both of those efforts would be disrespectful to the victims, their families and their friends.

So I’ll wait…

In the meantime, let us all PLEASE continue to pray to Our Lord God Almighty for these shocked and heartbroken people. And for everyone’s protection from the despicable, vile, hideous, unbelievable Satans in this world.

In sadness, confusion and despair, but with deep determination, I pray for each of you tonight. Your families. Your friends. Your well-being. Your futures.



Wednesday, November 1, 2017

apology #711...

…to TLC. (This number is actually the number of posts, including this one, we’ve done since we started our blog in January of 2011! The number of times I’ve apologized to TLC in 33-ish years? Probably ten times that number. Sheesh.)

But here’s why I’m officially, and in writing, apologizing to TLC tonight:

She brought to my attention, after my “saving the world” post on October 25th, that I did, in fact, sorta/kinda hurt her feelings by dissing her choices of television programs. (I didn’t mention movies—but I think I’ll include those, too. What the heck? I’m already in hot water, right?)

TLC, I am profoundly sorry I hurt your feelings. I had no right to make any kind of comment on what you choose to watch on television. Or Netflix. Or HBO. Or at the movies. Truly. What I said was completely out-of-line and I promise I’ll do my best to keep my thoughts on your (very iffy and often ridiculous) choices of programs/movies in check/to myself. In the future. Yes, I myself watch some crazy s#*t. I know I do. So please—PLEASE—find it in your heart to forgive me and we’ll move past this. Okay?

BTW: I’ll happily forgive YOU for dissing my 10-year-old black suede Keds’ tennies at Little Leighton’s School Costume Parade yesterday. I thought I looked major cute. But I know you SOOO WELL…I saw your face the minute I stepped out of my car and walked towards you and Baby Elle. When I continued to question your semi-disgusted expression, you finally told me you did NOT like my shoes. You said it firmly and, quite honestly, with what appeared to be a tidbit of disgust. I, however, did my best to appreciate your fashion suggestion that I should have chosen one of my two cute short “booties” to wear with the jeans I had on. Noted, TLC. Noted. Fo shizzle. Sigh.

Are we even? Pretty much? I love you, TLC. With all of my soul. I have from the moment I knew I was, in fact, pregnant with you. I don’t like knowing that I’ve hurt you. Truly. I'm being totally serious now.

We’d both like to thank all of you who have stuck with us for SIX (soon to be SEVEN) YEARS as we’ve carried on…and on…and on…on this here blog. I, for one, pray I haven’t hurt any of Y’all’s feelings—because I would never want to do that, either. Pinky swear.

ta-ta for now, Sillies Everywhere!