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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

apology #711...

…to TLC. (This number is actually the number of posts, including this one, we’ve done since we started our blog in January of 2011! The number of times I’ve apologized to TLC in 33-ish years? Probably ten times that number. Sheesh.)

But here’s why I’m officially, and in writing, apologizing to TLC tonight:

She brought to my attention, after my “saving the world” post on October 25th, that I did, in fact, sorta/kinda hurt her feelings by dissing her choices of television programs. (I didn’t mention movies—but I think I’ll include those, too. What the heck? I’m already in hot water, right?)

TLC, I am profoundly sorry I hurt your feelings. I had no right to make any kind of comment on what you choose to watch on television. Or Netflix. Or HBO. Or at the movies. Truly. What I said was completely out-of-line and I promise I’ll do my best to keep my thoughts on your (very iffy and often ridiculous) choices of programs/movies in check/to myself. In the future. Yes, I myself watch some crazy s#*t. I know I do. So please—PLEASE—find it in your heart to forgive me and we’ll move past this. Okay?

BTW: I’ll happily forgive YOU for dissing my 10-year-old black suede Keds’ tennies at Little Leighton’s School Costume Parade yesterday. I thought I looked major cute. But I know you SOOO WELL…I saw your face the minute I stepped out of my car and walked towards you and Baby Elle. When I continued to question your semi-disgusted expression, you finally told me you did NOT like my shoes. You said it firmly and, quite honestly, with what appeared to be a tidbit of disgust. I, however, did my best to appreciate your fashion suggestion that I should have chosen one of my two cute short “booties” to wear with the jeans I had on. Noted, TLC. Noted. Fo shizzle. Sigh.

Are we even? Pretty much? I love you, TLC. With all of my soul. I have from the moment I knew I was, in fact, pregnant with you. I don’t like knowing that I’ve hurt you. Truly. I'm being totally serious now.

We’d both like to thank all of you who have stuck with us for SIX (soon to be SEVEN) YEARS as we’ve carried on…and on…and on…on this here blog. I, for one, pray I haven’t hurt any of Y’all’s feelings—because I would never want to do that, either. Pinky swear.

ta-ta for now, Sillies Everywhere!


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