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Sunday, October 29, 2017

the loveliest...

October is truly the loveliest month, dontcha think?

This weekend was so productive. Garages were switched. (Long story.) (More) Flowers were planted and mulched. There was church. Crock-Pottin'. Lots of time spent outside. (We even watched part of an Air Show from our front yard. So. Cool.)

Saturday night was just your typical wild and crazy night:

Just kidding. We played with Instagram filters.

Then, tonight, we had "Trunk or Treat" at our church. We didn't last long (it was insanely crowded and I had hungry girls), but they looked cute! Even if they didn't dress up. (Another long story. I'll spare y'all.)

I hope y'all had a peaceful, restful, joyful weekend, too!

Stay tuned: next Monday I'm sharing my new FAVOURITE makeup, introduced to me by my sweet, sweet friend, Taylor. It's gluten-free and AWESOME.


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