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Sunday, October 22, 2017

a mighty river...

From Praying Through the Tough Times by Lloyd John Ogilvie:

   Silently now I wait for Thee

Ready, my God, Thy will to see

 Open my eyes, illumine me,

   Spirit divine.


Almighty God, it is with Your permission that I am alive, by Your grace that I have been prepared for my work, by Your appointment that I am here, and by Your blessing that I am secure in the gifts and talents that You have given me. Renew my body with health and strength. Open my inner eyes so I can see things and people with Your perspective. Teach me new truth today. May I never be content with what I have learned or think I know. Set me free to soar with wings of joy and delight. I trade in the spirit of self-importance for the spirit of self-sacrifice, the need to appear great for the desire to make others great, the worry over my place of importance for the certainty of Your place in my heart. Restore the continuous flow of Your Sprit through me as a mighty river.

Dear God, You promise to be with me whenever and wherever I need You throughout this day. You have assured me that You will never leave or forsake me. You remind me that Your love is there when I am insecure, Your strength when I am stretched beyond my resources, Your guidance when I must make decisions, Your hope when I am tempted to be discouraged, Your patience when difficult people distress me, Your joy when I get grim.

I open my mind to receive Your divine intelligence, my responsibilities to glorify You, my relationships to express Your amazing affirmation, my face to radiate Your care and concern. As You care for me today, I pledge myself to live for Your glory. I am ready to receive what I will need each hour—each challenge, each opportunity. This day is a gift, and I accept it gratefully. You are my Lord and Savior. Amen.


Some mornings I get more out of my devotional readings and prayers than others. Today was one. I don’t really know why. I simply treasured every lovely word of this one. (I remember the hymn we sang all the time when I was growing up in the Episcopal Church by Clara H. Scott. Once I read those first words of hers, I went back and sang them to myself. Sigh.)

(Are Y’all beginning to think I might need to consider starting a new blog entitled “Sundays with ELC?” Hmmm…)

So yesterday we had our first “lookers/prospective buyers” at and of our country home. It is a LONG story that I won’t go into. I will say it didn’t happen the “traditional” way—that is…being set up by our realtor and/or another realtor. It ended up taking almost four hours of our afternoon/evening. Which My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I, fortunately, had to give. Although they loved our home and place, I don’t think it made any sense for them to buy it. Another llooonnnnggggg story. (We expect to hear that from them today or tomorrow and we’ll be ready. And fine.) It did get us past that FIRST experience in this journey we so reluctantly want to make. As the nice woman and I rocked on our porch (MSH and her husband were still walking around our Barn area), I had this urge to scream:


Of course, I didn’t do that. I wanted to, though. MSH said he felt the same way at several times during the “tour.”

As I’ve shared, we positively believe God knows what His Plan is for us, our cherished country home and our future. We are waiting. As patiently as possible. With as much faith as we can muster. Thy Will Be Done. Amen.

I send you my love, hugs, and peace this Sweet Sunday, Dearest Friends…Wherever in this World you are…


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