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Monday, April 29, 2019 left side...

...of my old body...continues to betray me.

Modified  radical mastectomy on my LEFT breast: 1994. Tough stuff. Many followup implant surgeries. Six chemo treatments. (Causing me many more physical problems.)

Sidden Sensorial Neurological Loss (SSNL) of my LEFT ear:  2009. 100% loss of my hearing in that ear. Can’t wear a hearing aide. Nothing left to “aide.” Three ENTs couldn’t tell me why.

Now, last week, learned my LEFT hip needs to be replaced. Oh. Goody. Can’t wait.

So breast cancer? Not in my family. That anyone knew about. I had just turned 40. I spent a
year going to doctors in Ft. Worth once a week. From our home about 90 minutes away. I cried at my last chemo treatment. For a hundred reasons. But mostly because I adored my nurses. Such special people. It’ll be 25 years on May 26th since my mastectomy. I’m grateful to My Lord God for every minute I’ve been allowed to be here.

My deafness? I cried every day for a year. Every. Day. I could NOT accept it. Mostly because I couldn’t find out why it happened. I had been on a plane with My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) a week before I realized I had no hearing. That ear had popped on takeoff and hurt like it never had before. (I’d been on ALOT of flights at that point in my life.) This pop and pain only lasted about 25 seconds. Stopped and was never painful again. Even when I realized I could NOT hear. No pain. No clue. Nothing. I still ask God daily/nightly to consider healing my ear.  Mostly I remind myself I had 55 years of perfect hearing. Some babies are born deaf. Or lose their hearing too young. So I thank My Lord God for my past hearing and for my right ear. (I wish I had the power to make sure there was no more deafness in ANYONE. Especially babies and toddlers and children and adolescents and teenagers and young adults. And middle-aged adults. And Senior Citizens. And all animals.)

Now this LEFT hip. My mother is 86. She has had both of her hips replaced. At about 66 and 74. So am I completely surprised? Nope. Am I disappointed? A little worried? Frustrated? Yes. I cannot lie. Yes. I was hoping I’d have some other options. I was hoping to have a FUN, busy, easy, relaxed, great Summer with MSH, TLC, Little Leighton and Belle. Not be somewhat housebound for several weeks. Maybe two month. Sigh.

It is what it is. BUT...

Does anyone else wonder why these hard challenges are happening to my LEFT side? Weird. Just weird.

It’s almost May, Y’all! The year is speeding by! Take care of yourself. Your body. Your heart. Your soul. Your bones and joints. Your ears. Other important parts. Wink. Wink.

Hugs and SMOOCHES,

Tuesday, April 23, 2019’s been awhile...

...since TLC or I’ve recommended a mascara! Like—maybe two years? Because...well...we’d gotten a bit obsessive and out of control about buying so very many different ones. (Or maybe I was the one out of control? Yes. I do think it was me.)

Anyway, Y’all: THIS. IS. IT. The ABSOLUTE BEST mascara we’ve tried maybe ever. E.V.E.R.

I don’t know exactly how to explain it. I mean—why I think it’s perfection. (Finally.) I guess it’s the applicator/wand. (If that’s a good enough technical word.) I promise it really needs to be the last one purchased.

Sadly, it is $28. But, listen: Use it for special occasions! Nights out! Weddings! Church! Important dates or meetings! Y’ is FABULOUS. Simply SUMPTUOUS.

I will be shocked if I ever find another mascara better than this. Truly.

My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) and I had a lovely weekend! The Easter service at our new church was MAGNIFICENT. The whole day was wonderful. In every way. Now this new week has started fast and furious. I had my second MRI in 3 weeks this morning. I have two doctors’ appointments—in/on the same day—Thursday. MSH will find out tomorrow if he can get a cataract removed soon. We have family coming Saturday. It’s alot for We Two Geezers. (I get tired looking at this as I type it.) We shall survive!

Y’all stay safe! Happy! Healthy! Try that mascara, too.


Thursday, April 18, 2019


Little Leighton is out of school tomorrow. To jumpstart the long-weekend, I decided Breakfast-For-Dinner was apropos! I’ve recently discovered Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Buttermilk Pancake Mix. Y’all. It’s my favourite. The pancakes are so fluffy! I whipped up a batch, and served them with a side of Applegate’s Uncured Sunday Bacon. Oh, and fruit. #healthy

Both of my girls were so excited! As you can see here, the bacon was devoured first. Because, priorities.

I’ve been doing Weight Watchers for about 9 weeks now, and I’ve lost 13 pounds! I have about four more to go. The day after I turned 35, I decided I was ready to make some positive, healthy changes. It was that, or buy a new wardrobe. I swear ELC should be a WW Ambassador, because not only is she visibly successful, but she wholeheartedly champions the entire lifestyle. I have loved tracking my points, and I truly don’t feel deprived or restricted. I, myself, had a pancake with THREE slices of bacon tonight. #winning

We’re taking the girls to the beach this summer, and I’ll be wearing a bikini. LL is only slightly mortified. HA!

I hope y’all have a peaceful, joyful, happy, healthy, yummy Easter Weekend!

Sunday, April 14, 2019

every Sunday...every one...

So My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) and I joined an incredible church a couple of weeks ago. We’ve been visiting the 11:00 service since mid-January. This church has 15,000 members! Not what we expected ourselves to do. Join such a HUGE church. (Huge to us, anyway.) But, Y’all, we absolutely ADORE this church.

Every Sunday we listen to the most amazing orchestra and choir. Every Sunday there’s a special singer—or group of singers—who performs magnificent “special” music. The co-pastors’ sermons—the 11:00 service has the gift of hearing what I would call the “senior” co-pastor, as he’s been at this church for a long time—are fascinating.  (The “senior” pastor actually grew this church from about 500 members to 15,000. And I’m telling you it is because he is a wonderful man. Smart. Wise. Funny. A mesmerizing preacher.) His co-pastor is younger, but also an interesting, passionate, smart and funny man who shares important sermons, too.

We’ve heard another young pastor a couple of times that is full of energy, spirit, humor and a knowledge of the Bible that is impressive. None of them disappoints.

Every Sunday, there’s a challenge finding a parking spot. Every Sunday we sit on the same side/same pew (within 2-3 pews...) and look forward to the inspiration we know is coming!

Every Sunday, MSH and I cry. At some point during the service. Happy tears. Grateful tears. Tears of pure JOY and lovely peace. (Sometimes I end up being teary for at least half of the service. I am who I am...)

Palm Sunday was especially MAGNIFICENT this morning! Oh. My. Tonight I can still feel the magic!

Thank You, My Dear Lord God Almighty. Thank You for our sweet friend who suggested we visit this church. Thank You for all of the people there who share their gifts and talents. Their faith and commitment. God, bless them all. And please bless every reader that graces our blog with their friendship, time and support!

Y’all have a SAFE and valuable week—wherever in this World you are!


Thursday, April 11, 2019


I spent Monday morning in my parents’ kitchen helping My Sweet Dad bake his famous Gluten-Free Goldfish Crackers for Our Girls. Little Leighton had her first Field Trip the next day, and the kids would be having (gluten-full) Goldfish Crackers. We never want LL to feel left out. She has said she misses those dang Goldfish the most since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I doubt she actually remembers how they taste, only the fact that she sees everyone and their dog eat them. Constantly. 

After numerous (failed) attempts to contact Pepperidge Farm and beg them to make a gluten-free variety, Pa-Pa decided to take matters into his own hands. He set out to find a gluten-free recipe and the tiniest fish cookie cutter. He has since perfected his recipe, and they are FAR superior to the ones out on grocery shelves now. I’ve deemed them PLATINUMFISH. A step above “gold!”

Y’all. I had no clue how truly time-consuming the process of baking these crackers is. Between kneading the dough and using a specific chopstick to get the dough safely out of the cookie cutter, it’s exhausting and takes hours. My Sweet Dad is a SAINT. The truth is, it wouldn’t matter if they took four days to make and bake, he would do it in a heartbeat to keep LL not only SAFE but full of joy.

From the moment LL was diagnosed, he read and reasearched more than any of us. He is her hero. He’s proudly earned that spot.

I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, April 8, 2019


So I have turned 65. Several days ago. It happened without alot of fanfare. As per my wishes!

I woke up that morning and felt...well...64. (Actually, for the past several years, I haven’t felt a day over 55. Except for my bad back. And feet. And knees. A few more wrinkles. Details only, right?)

I got two cute cards from My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH). He takes picking out my cards quite seriously. I always laugh. Or cry. Really—both. Because he faithfully gives me a a funny (sometimes ridiculously silly) card and a touching one. Or two. TLC helped him purchase the most FABULOUS KEDS for my (sadly big) feet. LIMITED edition, don’tchaknow. Wink. Wink.

TLC sent me two PRECIOUS videos of The Little Princesses singing “Happy Birthday” (before Little Leighton had to be delivered to school) and saying: “Happy Birthday, Your Majesty!” Giggling in both. Their giggles are the most AMAZING gifts to me. Always have been. Always will be. TLC and Gals had given me their gifts the day before. Y’all. TLC is a Gift-Giver EXTRAORDINAIRE. She amazes all of us lucky enough to receive her creative, thoughtful, SPECIAL gifts.

After MSH and I got ready for the day and Buddy Bear set to stay alone for a couple of hours, we went to a station about two minutes from our casa and bought tickets to ride the train to downtown Ft. Worth. Something I’d been wanting to do for several months.

It. Was. Great! We had a car mostly to ourselves. Not very scenic. Definitely memorable!

Once we got back home, we had a light lunch. Rested for a bit. Went to Southlake Town Square for a bit of Kendra Scott/Anthropology shopping. We had an early and DELICIOUS dinner at a Bonefish restaurant close by. YUMMO. Loved my filet mignon!

Got home by 8:00 pm. Yep. We’re old. It’s what we Seniors do. It’s one of our “rules.”

We each watched our own “shows” and ended the day in sincere gratitude. For life. For blessings. Big and small.

Note: I also received some LOVELY/thoughtful gifts and cards from my sisters and some precious, treasured friends. I cherish each of them.

Here’s wishing All of Y’all a MAGICAL week! Full of days that are as marvelous as the day I turned 65!


Thursday, April 4, 2019


Not vu. Deja on This Is Us. I watched the finale last night. Cried. Alot. It’s what I do. Of course. Anyway. She is now my most FAVOURITE character on this amazing show. (If you’ve watched it, you understand. Her speech made her want a burger. It made me want one, too.)

It’s April! Little Elle (Formerly known as Baby Elle but now she’s THREE! Therefore and henceforth she’ll be known as Little Elle.) has had a yucky cold. And Grammy has cared for her the past 5 out of 6 days. (Well, not 24/7. Several hours each day.) Grammy now has a yucky cold. Fortunately—when I realized it yesterday, I knew I could spend today in bed. Which I’ve done. My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) has been a great nurse. I feel a smidge better this evening.

Hope Y’all have a Fabulous Friday and Wonderful Weekend! (Don’t get sick.) I’ll be here. Sneezing. Watching LOTS of HGTV and Food Network!