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Monday, April 8, 2019


So I have turned 65. Several days ago. It happened without alot of fanfare. As per my wishes!

I woke up that morning and felt...well...64. (Actually, for the past several years, I haven’t felt a day over 55. Except for my bad back. And feet. And knees. A few more wrinkles. Details only, right?)

I got two cute cards from My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH). He takes picking out my cards quite seriously. I always laugh. Or cry. Really—both. Because he faithfully gives me a a funny (sometimes ridiculously silly) card and a touching one. Or two. TLC helped him purchase the most FABULOUS KEDS for my (sadly big) feet. LIMITED edition, don’tchaknow. Wink. Wink.

TLC sent me two PRECIOUS videos of The Little Princesses singing “Happy Birthday” (before Little Leighton had to be delivered to school) and saying: “Happy Birthday, Your Majesty!” Giggling in both. Their giggles are the most AMAZING gifts to me. Always have been. Always will be. TLC and Gals had given me their gifts the day before. Y’all. TLC is a Gift-Giver EXTRAORDINAIRE. She amazes all of us lucky enough to receive her creative, thoughtful, SPECIAL gifts.

After MSH and I got ready for the day and Buddy Bear set to stay alone for a couple of hours, we went to a station about two minutes from our casa and bought tickets to ride the train to downtown Ft. Worth. Something I’d been wanting to do for several months.

It. Was. Great! We had a car mostly to ourselves. Not very scenic. Definitely memorable!

Once we got back home, we had a light lunch. Rested for a bit. Went to Southlake Town Square for a bit of Kendra Scott/Anthropology shopping. We had an early and DELICIOUS dinner at a Bonefish restaurant close by. YUMMO. Loved my filet mignon!

Got home by 8:00 pm. Yep. We’re old. It’s what we Seniors do. It’s one of our “rules.”

We each watched our own “shows” and ended the day in sincere gratitude. For life. For blessings. Big and small.

Note: I also received some LOVELY/thoughtful gifts and cards from my sisters and some precious, treasured friends. I cherish each of them.

Here’s wishing All of Y’all a MAGICAL week! Full of days that are as marvelous as the day I turned 65!


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