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Sunday, October 27, 2019

lots o’...

From October 21, 2016:

...excuses as to why I can't seem to type any coherent sentences lately.

Number One:

Obviously. But aren't they just so darn smoochable?


Two weekends ago, ELC and My Sweet Dad graciously offered to board Buddy Boo Bear and come "babysit" Little Leighton (LL), Baby Elle and Henry. God bless them! My Hubby and I wanted to see a concert at WinStar Casino in Oklahoma on a Friday night. We were going to spend the night and have all day Saturday to do as we pleased! It was going to be my first night away in MONTHS--long before Baby Elle's arrival. Of course:  Murphy's Law. I get SICK. It started with a scratchy throat the Sunday before. Mid-week, I thought I had turned the corner and was on the mend. Then I woke up Friday feeling just miserable. At this point, I didn't want to cancel. I stuffed my purse full of cough drops, Tylenol and Ibuprofen and powered through. Despite my general malaise, the concert was AWESOME. (Gary Clark, Jr. Blues-y. Rock-y. Country-y. From Austin!) I even won $100 at the slots that night, too! (My Hubby won $1 playing blackjack. LOL!) I hoped to wake up the next morning feeling magically healed, but I think the hours of second-hand smoke made it so. much. worse. We cut our day super short and came home Saturday afternoon. I ended up at the local CareNow clinic first thing Sunday morn and quickly had a prescription. UGH. I clearly should have gone to the doctor beforethe trip. C'est la vie. Lesson learned.


It's been too dadgum hot in Texas! Maybe that's not an excuse. At least a good one. However, it's making me very bitter. It's October. I want scarves around my neck, boots on my feet and soup in my Crock-Pot. Last weekend, we took LL to a little pumpkin patch, and I was sweating. That is simply WRONG. A cold-front blew through yesterday and things have cooled down significantly! In fact, we should be in the 40s tomorrow morning. Hallelujah.

I hope all of you sweet, sweet readers have a wonderful weekend! I will try much harder to come back SOON.


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