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Saturday, November 16, 2019


ELC here. I’m up to bat for the latest “gratitude” post. I our home I love. Watching a CUTE Lifetime Christmas movie. (Yes, Virginia, there are other channels besides Hallmark that have Christmas movies.) Snacking on a YUMMY Weight Watchers’ brownie mug cake. In my cozy flannel jammies. Feeling...grateful. For every one of the above blessings. And SO MANY MORE.


My Sweet Hubby. My Darling TLC. My Princesses: Little Leighton and Belle. Wonderful family members and precious friends.

For life. Breath. Decent health.

Yes—the pain in my left hip gets worse by the hour. My second hip injection I just had? Not helping as much as the first. Sometimes my pain level feels like a 15. On a scale of 1-10. 10 being the AWFULEST.

And I got a speeding ticket—in a school zone—three weeks ago. (I. Do. Not. Speed. Truly. I. Do. NOT.) I was on my way to a Weight Watchers’ meeting for my monthly Lifetime Member weighin. Two policemen were picking drivers/speeders off one after another. I actually didn’t realize I was in a school zone!when I saw them. The drivers in front of me who escaped being caught? I wasn’t even keeping up with them. The young policeman was not a bit moved by my explanation and sincere apology and tears. $159 later I’ll be doing a 6-hour Defensive Driving on-line course soon. Yippee.

Visiting my mother at her assisted living home nearby two to three times a week? For the past several months? Exhausts me. We’ve had an extremely difficult relationship for 55 of my 65 years. I’m trying to FEEL forgiveness—not just SAY I forgive her. Maybe I’ll get there.

All of the things I’ve mentioned? My stressors? Not as hard as what many people in this world face every day. For me? Speedbumps. Annoying. Frustrating. Insignificant in the big picture speedbumps.

I’m grateful for this day. For the love I feel and share. For comfort. Warmth. Hope. Good people that surround me with kindness and support.

Most of all—MOST OF ALL—I’m grateful for My Dear Lord God Almighty and His Son, Jesus Christ. My Savior.

Hope Y’all have had a marvelous day! May tomorrow—Sunday—be a day of worship, peace, and SWEET, SWEET JOY!

Hugs and Smooches...

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