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Thursday, November 21, 2019

...bless this perfect harmony...

I am sincerely and TRULY thankful for comedy shows that make me laugh out loud! I adore getting comfy in my jammies and parking my olf self on my spot on our davenport after the sun sinks. If a show makes me laugh? Like REALLY loud and for the entire thirty (25-ish minus commercials) minutes? I couldn’t ask for better entertainment. (TLC can have The Sopranos. I believe she’s beginning her third session of watching every show from every last season. Again. No. I haven’t watched ten minutes of this series. Don’t intend to. Ever. Yes. I completely understand it is/was highly acclaimed. I have strongly urged her to heed my comedy recommendations. To no avail. Sigh. A mother can only do and say so much before she realizes she might as well talk to a wall.)

If Y’all have been reading our blog for a few years, you know that me sharing my excitement for a new comedy series is often the kiss of death for said series. (And my heart gets broken-er.)

I simply cannot stop myself tonight. I MUST praise—PRAISE—one semi-new series and a new one that give me pure JOY:

Bless This Mess on ABC—Tuesday nights.


Perfect Harmony on NBC—Thursday nights. (This one is actually my ALL-TIME fav comedy in at least TEN years. Maybe TWENTY. For me it already ranks right up there with Designing Women, Murphy Brown and Friends. It is that TREMENDOUS.)

Both of these quirky, creative, HILARIOUS shows have helped me get through the past several weeks with giggles that help heal my very soul.

I believe both are now over until January. I’m 80% certain they’ll both be back. (Picture me crossing my fingers...)

Record them. On Demand them. Netflix them. Whatever Y’all do to enjoy HIGHLY recommended television shows. Binge them. Savor them. Embrace their AMAZINGNESS and the TALENTED writers and actors that will blow your sweet minds with their genius.

Sending BIG hugs and smooches to each of you for a LOVELY weekend...BE GRATEFUL, okay? It’s November. Winky. Wink.



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