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Monday, September 30, 2019

little leightons’ fav #7

Y’all. It’s the last day of September. WHAT? It’s also 90 degrees here (though it feels like 98 degrees). If it doesn’t start to cool down soon, I swear I’m moving. I’m tired of sweating in my flannel (albeit lightweight), while I drink my PSL. It’s just ridiculous. (Or maybe I’m ridiculous? Who knows? The heat exhausts me.)

It’s been a bit since I wrote a fun list. Y’all know I love a good list! Since we’re currently sharing My Little Ladies’ Favourites, I thought I would document all of their current random must-haves.

Up first: Little Leighton!

1. Favourite Show? Hallmark Movies! Yes, y’all. She ADORES them. Nothing brings me more joy! We currently watch them on Saturday mornings before everyone else gets up (because, God bless her, LL wakes up before the crack of dawn). I drink my coffee. She eats her Lucky Charms in a bowl. It’s delightful.
2. Favourite Color? Purple, though she would also add pink and teal, too.
3. Favourite Toy? LEGOS!
4. Favourite School Subject? Art, with theater a very close second place!
5. Favourite New Trick? Tying her shoes!
6. Favourite Clothes? SKIRTS. A skirt layered over leggings is absolutely mandatory. Every. Single. Day.
7. Favourite Thing To Do Outside? Scooter!
8. Favourite Stuffed Animal? Hallmark, the Bear, from Grammy’s house. (See #1 above.) Lola the Lion (that I purchased before she was born). Fuzzy, the Beanie Boo that shares her birthday. (He was originally named Gatsby.) Glamour, her OG Beanie. Glamour will always make the list.
9. Favourite Thing To Pretend? Grocery Store at Grammy’s!

Elle’s Turn!

1. Favourite Show? Peg + Cat
2. Favourite Color? PINK! She loves all shades of pink!
3. Favourite Toy? Her dollhouse, which is actually a hand-me-down from LL. She plays with it everyday. Word on the street is, Santa might be bringing her a “big girl dollhouse” this year!
4. Favourite “School” Subject? Music! She LOVES music.
5. Favourite Book? The “Amelia Bedelia” Early Readers. She wants to read them every night!
6. Favourite Food? Cucumbers and Fruit Chews. (Not necessarily in that order.)
7. Favourite Lovey? Her “DD.” It’s half-blankie/half-bunny. DD is almost always in her little hands.
8. Favourite Thing To Do at Grammy’s? Playing with the rocks outside.
9. Favourite Animal? A penguin!

Cheers to September! Hello, October!

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