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Monday, September 2, 2019

September Favs!

September. I NEED to find a way to slow this next season down. Because Y’all REMEMBER: TLC is going to bombard us with PUMPKIN EVERYTHING. Sigh.

As promised in July, September will be Little Leighton and Belle FAVS!!! (TLC and I may actually ask them to come up with their lists. But we can assure Y’all—we’ve got this covered! We know Their Little Princess Unicorn selves so well, we’d never have to actually consult them. Trust us.)

We can both EASILY come up with at LEAST 20 Favs for each of them. Easy. Peasy. Lemon. Squueezy. (However...don’t get excited. We’ll plan to do 4-6 each. Duh. We over-promise. Under-deliver. It’s who we are. Wink. Wink.)

I’ll start us off in a couple of days! Meantime, Y’all get busy preparing yourselves for EVERYTHING Pumpkin via TLC. Oh. Lawdy.

TLC is who she is...

Sapphire Hugs,

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