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Thursday, September 5, 2019

little leighton’s fav #1!

Nearly three years ago, I found this game. For Little Leighton. At Walmart.

She fell in love with it immediately! And, frankly, so did Grammy. (It’s also major hilarious when a Dad or Granddad plays.)

If you like Disney Princesses and cupcakes? It’s. Just. Simply. Fun.

The box says 3+. I want to suggest this: With some help, I guess 3-year-olds can (semi) successfully play. Little Leighton was probably getting close to 5 years old when I found this. Belle is now 3 years and 5 months old now. When she plays? It’s an iffy situation. Just bein’ real.

WARNING: The cupcake “toppers” are tiny. I actually mean they are TEENY TINY. So keeping them from being lost (especially if your child wants to play “cupcake store” and borrow said cupcakes from this game) might be a challenge. (Once I open most children’s games—out come my sandwich and snack Ziplocs to attempt to keep the game in tact.)

ALSO: You don’t get that pretty pink cupcake plate-stand. It ain’t in there. Or it wasn’t in the three games we’ve bought.

By the way: TLC has given this game a few times for a birthday gift! It’s $16. Ish. So a great price for a great gift.

Belle will be up next...this Grammy can’t wait!

Happy Friday Eve, Sweet Friends Everywhere...

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