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Thursday, September 26, 2019

little leightons’ fav #6!

So ALL Leightons—and Elle—ADORE ice cream! Alot of ice cream is inherently gluten free. But, of course, this family MUST have ice cream specifically labelled gluten-free. No guessing. If a container is not labelled? But we think the ingredients seem to all be GF? We go to websites or make phone calls.

Haagen Das? Many MANY flavors of this DELICIOUS ice cream are gluten-free. And labelled that way. This Grammy found these teeny containers a few weeks ago! They’re in front of a pint of Haagen Das. To give you context of size. Have they been around awhile? Probably. New to me! And TLC.

Little Leighton and Elle? These make them truly happy. We start by letting them eat about a third of the container and THEN we add whipped cream. Chocolate syrup. Sprinkles!

They’ll be coming Saturday to spend the day with me and Pa-Pa and they’ll be super excited when they find out these will be their afternoon snacks.

Happy Friday Jr.! (Have some ice cream. Soon. It’s good for our souls. Winky. Wink.)


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