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Friday, September 20, 2019

little leightons’ fav #5!

These. Books. (There’s actually at least one other. About a hamster. I currently have no clue where it is or if I still have it. When I bought it, I didn’t “preview” it before reading it. I dove in to it with Little Leighton—cold turkey—one sleepover-with-Grammy-and-Pa-Pa-night when she was about four years old. I confessed to TLC later that I should have checked it out first. I feel that that one is more appropriate for an older child. Maybe eight or nine years old. Just my humble opinion. There’s a really mean cat. FUNNY. But, still...I think it’d be easier for an older child to see the point of the cat.)

These are HILARIOUS. With stories that are teaching life lessons in a CLEVER and hugely humorous way. 

A very dear friend of ours originally gifted Little Leighton with the goldfish book. Her two precious sons loved it. Then we discovered there was one about a parrot and the hamster story. 

We all love the goldfish book THE BEST. The parrot is truly CUTE, too. 

The illustrations are beautiful. 

These would be GREAT birthday gifts. Individually or as a pair. For children around two and older. 

It’s FriYAY! Been a pretty brutal week in my life. Long story. (Actually a brutal three months. I’ll share with Y’all what’s been happening soon. October. Ish.) 

In the meantime—ENJOY the weekend! Read! READ to a child! LAUGH! Be grateful for God’s blessings...


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