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Friday, August 30, 2019

...big leightons’ favs #9...

Well, I’m sick. There was a moment yesterday where I thought it might be the flu. My body ached. Literally, my eyebrows hurt. I was running fever. I was a hot mess. I am better this morning. No fever, and I consider that a win. I clearly have some yucky virus. I blame back-to-school germs or WinStar Casino. We were there last weekend. You KNOW that place has to be full of germs. It’s huge. I sanitized after hitting the slots. Maybe that wasn’t enough.

Since September is finally (almost!) here, I’ve decided to share two new fall favourites with y’all today! You can bet your bottom-dollar I’ll have my pumpkins out by Sunday. I’m so excited. I’m like a kid on Christmas morning. This season is my JAM.

The first one is a YUMMY candle I impulsively bought at Target earlier in the week. I’ve since purchased six more. They are THAT good. It’s the Opalhouse “Cedar Pumpkin.” Y’all. They are a FALL MUST.

This next one is a new favourite coffee creamer. Since joining Weight Watchers, I’ve given up my beloved sugary creamers. I miss them everyday. I know. I’m dramatic. (I still enjoy a Skinny Vanilla Latte from Starbucks. A tall is 2 points). This was also a random Target buy last week. I literally grabbed the last carton. If you know My Sweet Dad, his philosophy is, “If there’s only one of a product left, it must be good, and, therefore, it must be purchased.” So, purchase it I did! I can have FIVE TABLESPOONS for only ONE POINT. That helps my coffee feel extra rich and decadent. There’s a very light, spicy taste. It feels warm and cozy. It screams fall. I’m here for it.

I hope y’all have a HAPPY FRIDAY! Bring on FALL!

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