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Sunday, August 4, 2019

...big leightons’ favs #1...

August, Y’all. It. Is. August. Sheesh.

So...this month TLC and I are going to do some of our “FAVOURITES!”

I’m calling this month’s posts “big leightons” because next month we’re going to post Little Leighton’s and Belle’s Favourite Things! (Won’t that be major fun? The answer is YES. Yes, it will. Winky. Wink.)

I’m first! I don’t think I’ve told TLC about this Fav #1. Here’s the deal:

Remember when you were little—I’m talking 3 to 10-ish years old—and your parents would take you to visit your grandparents—or great aunts and uncles—or you’d see older people at church—and you’d get a little bit skeered? BECAUSE not only were there some major wrinkles happening and these people were maybe talking really loud—about things they’d told you fifty to a hundred times—but they also had tons o’ bruises? Everywhere. Hands. Arms. Legs. (We won’t even discuss the brown “liver” spots on their faces. Sigh.)

Well, guess what? Those bruises were there because, as we age, our skin becomes thinner and thinner. And thinner. It’s tres stressful, frustrating and downright sad.

Guess what else? I’m there. I’ve actually been there—at the point in my life where this gal (who ALWAYS bruised easily ever since I was a tiny tot...) has all those bruises. Small. Large. Medium-sized. (There’re two on my old body right now. One on my right hand. One on my left leg. Sorry. TMI.)  I’ve been noticing this sad aging reality since I was 60. Ish. (I’m 65. And #notgettinganyyounger.)

About two years ago, I was noticing my pores in my “t-zone” getting larger. And larger. I was not happy about this situation. I decided to try some of those charcoal masks. That were all the rage. (Are they still? I have no clue.) Anyway, most that I bought didn’t get dry—where I could pull them off. They stayed moist. After several different options, I wasn’t seeing my pores look better.

One day, I found a product that was definitely a “pull-off mask.” BUT OH MY STARS. When I attempted to peal it off? I literally, truthfully, frantically thought my skin was coming with it!!!!!!!! I’m seriously not exaggerating—I washed it off as fast as I could.

This Senior Citizen was DONE with masks. Forever. Then I picked this scrub up and I adore it. I only use it twice a week. But—unless it’s my bad old eyes—I feel like four months of staying with this has helped!

Of course it doesn’t cost alot. I’m all about doable/reasonable skincare products/regimens. Yep—I’m the gal who still uses Dove bar soap morning and night! And not ashamed or apologetic. (Actually, a dermatoligist I went to—TLC went to him, too—recommended this to me. How could it be wrong?) Am I cheap? Possibly. Oh, well. This is me. I am what I am.

If you try this scrub—I truly hope you like it!

Praying y’all had a WONDERFUL weekend! (It’s been a horror-filled weekend for too many Americans. I’ve cried. I’ve prayed. I’ve been angry. Sigh.) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this a GREAT week!

Smooches and Hugs,

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