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Saturday, June 22, 2019

the man...the myth...

...the show. HUGH JACKMAN.

For Christmas this year, My Hubby gifted me two tickets to see Hugh Jackman in Dallas on June 19th. The only caveat? He was not going with me. I needed to take someone else. Musical-type-shows aren’t really his “thing.” His loss! 

Of course I wanted to bring ELC! We rarely have time together without my little girls. We’ve had maybe three pedicures in seven years. Two of those have been in the past three months! She always so graciously watches Little Leighton and Elle so I can go out—with MH or friends. She deserved this concert more than me!

Off we went on Wednesday! We had a yummy dinner before, and then proceeded to have the most delightful time at the show. Hugh must be the kindest human on this planet. Ever. He was charming and AH-MAZING. We cherished every moment!

I sure hope we can do something like this again soon!

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