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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Ida Know—American Ninja Princess

Y’all. Belle. Oh. My. Stars. The child is a whirlwind. A mini tornado. Another enigma in this cRaZy family.

On Wednesday afternoon, I was over at TLC’s. For a few hours. My hip injection had been postponed for a week. I was a bit down in the dumps. Needed distraction. There’s no one better to keep your mind from negative thinking/over-thinking than 3-year-old Belle.

She’s so very different from Big Sister, Little Leighton (aka LL aka Sister Biscuit.). TLC and LL were not “physical” toddlers. Neither climbed up on anything! Both loved being carried, in fact. Both had to be told—around 5 years old—no more being carried! No more strollers. Sheesh.

Belle? Climbs as high as she can. Gets her upstairs’ and downstairs’ Princess stools—that are technically for getting up on the potty or reaching the sink to brush her teeth—and tries to see and reach EVERYTHING she can get her little hands on.

She’s been doing somersaults since she was eighteen months old. This makes her Mom and Grammy nervous wrecks. She won’t listen to us tell her to slow down and do them right. Nope. No time for listening.

I’m now calling her The American Ninja Princess. In addition to running around their playroom like it’s a track, and even in her Rapunzel princess shoes—that are high heels, Y’all—she is now using the playroom couch as an obstacle to climb on, up and over. As fast as she possibly can and all the while with her Mom loudly demanding: STOP THAT RIGHT NOW. Before you get hurt!

Her vocabulary—and her understanding of what she's saying—is also impressive. Sister Biscuit? Same way. Early talking. Early knowledge of what she was saying. Belle has a teeny little issue with the way she says some letters and words. Bird? It’s boid. TLC has been working with her on this.

TLC: Say “BIRD, Belle. Look at my mouth and lips. BIRD.

BELLE: Boid. (With the cutest little smile,)


BELLE: Boid. (Smiling...cooperating...smiling...)

GRAMMY: Okay, Mama. That’s enough!

When you ask Belle a are your shoes? She says: Idaknow.

GRAMMY: Watch my mouth and lips, Belle: I. DON’T. Know.

BELLE: Idaknow.

These pictures were all taken in the past ten days.

Here...Pa-Pa and I are taking LL and Belle to a new park we found close to our casa. Belle is trailing behind LL and Pa-Pa. Handicapped Grammy is bringing up the rear. Belle is currently not a fan of parks. Doesn’t want to swing. Or slide. Mostly just wants to wander around telling you she doesn’t want to do anything. The American Ninja Princess needs the comfort of her home/playroom/Grammy and Pa-Pa’s home to go WILD.

Here she’s attempting to sit still and play Candyland with LL, Pa-Pa and moi. Pa-Pa and I had coasters with coffee cups on them. Belle got a coaster for her fish. I cannot make this stuff up. Which is why I take pictures to show TLC.

The last two: She’s in her playroom. Their tent is a “Nursery” for the Princess Babies. Aurora. Tiana. Ariel. Belle spends alot of time getting them arranged and ready for their naps.

Yes. That is an Easter headband. Belle still wears it at least twice a week. Her hair. Oh. My. That wild hair.

I might be too old to continue to “coach” this Princess Ninja. She wears me out. She pretty much wears all of us out. And we ADORE HER! With all of our hearts and souls.

Happy July, Y’all! Wear red, white and/or blue all week to celebrate America’s Birthday! At least try...WHY NOT?

Hugs and Smooches,

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