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Tuesday, June 18, 2019 goddess...

So TLC and Her Hubby (aka HH) took Little Leighton (aka LL) and Belle to Orange Beach in Alabama last week. First time to the beach for The Little Princesses! TLC planned it all them a night—going and coming—in Baton Rouge. (LL and Belle are not the most fun gals on a trip in a car for an hour—much less MANY hours. Many breaks are IMPERATIVE.)

Grammy ELC’s job for four nights/five days was to turn outside lights off and back on, feed Nancy the Beta fish (Nancy—who is actually a male fish—that was a story explained many moons ago...), water TLC’s recently planted flowers, get their mail out of their box, keep their alarm turned on and just generally make it appear they were NOT out if town.

By the way: A scary situation had happened at their casa on the Wednesday before they left. I was at their house. HH was out of town on business. I won’t go into details at this point. I’ll will share the entire back window behind the driver’s seat in HH’s truck was shattered that afternoon. During the day. Bright sunlight. In front of their home where it’s been parked for almost two years. On purpose. The incident caused some confusion and fear on TLC’s part and her Mama’s. Hence my determination to try to “protect” TLC’s and her family’s home as best I could.

I’m going to brag and say I ROCKED it. (I must give My Sweet Hubby a little credit. He helped me three out of eight visits to their home.) Y’all, I was SOOO good as a Vacation Security Consultant and Administrator that I’m seriously considering starting this as a part-time business adventure. (No. Not really. Just kiddin’. But I am swearing to Y’all: I. Was. AMAZING. I was so good I forgot they were on vacation myself! No. Another fib. Still...Winky Wink.)

Here’s wishing Y’all a TERRIFIC Thursday tomorrow! Be safe. Be SECURE. Be mysterious. Heck—go on and go to The BEACH! I’m available for hire, remember.


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