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Friday, September 25, 2020

Fun Finds Numéro Trois


I have a quick Friday Night Find for y’all. I had intended to do a longer post, but then I was stuck on the phone with Spectrum for an hour. (Don’t even get me started.) Frankly, I ran out of steam. So, I’ll share my last two goodies with y’all next week.

ELC and I were browsing Target one morning after I had dropped the girls at school. (It’s rare we get time just the two of us! It’s DELIGHTFUL.) ELC needed some new toothpaste. Then I saw this, and knew we had to get some for Little Leighton and Belle! (It’s GLUTEN-FREE! That’s something we must always check before using a toothpaste.)

That night, I was getting LL’s bed turned down as the girls were brushing their teeth. After LL was finished, I heard her happily exclaim to Belle, “I can’t wait to brush my teeth in the morning!” Music to this Mama’s ears.

I hope you have a fun weekend! I promise to share more exciting purchases ext week. (However, as a Mom, cute toothpaste has become rather exhilarating these days.)

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