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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

long past time...

July 1st: I was determined to post. Couldn’t do it. 

August 1st: I told TLC it was long past time to get back to posting. Nothing. Neither of us could get motivated. 

I’ve decided today is THE DAY. 

2020? Can take a long walk off a short pier. It has been the WORST.

BUT...My Sweet Hubby and I went to Sunday School AND church yesterday! We go to a BIG church. Over 15,000 members. The service we go to would normally have about 3,000 people. There were only about 300 yesterday. We had our temps taken. Wore masks. Distanced six-feet apart. It was GLORIOUS. 

Little Leighton started back to in-person school last week. Half days. Full days started yesterday. Belle begins her pre-school in-person next week. 

The Summer was LONG. Often depressing and discouraging. Full of anxiety. But in the midst of the fear, there was fun. Laughter. Hope. And love. Always love...

TLC—the quintessential on-line shopper? Found some GREAT things we’ll share this month. 

Y’all know how much she loves Autumn! Pumpkins! Today seemed like a good day to jump back in to the life we’ve been missing and get ready for FALL. WOO HOO!

Have a Wonderful Week—Wherever in this World y’all are!



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