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Sunday, September 13, 2020

bowling ball eyes...

At the end of July, after sooo many weeks of boredom, loneliness, frustration, and, well, Covid exhaustion, My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) and I got to see TLC, Little Leighton (aka LL) and Belle eight (8!) days for lunch! ( Four days the last week of July and four days the first week of August...Monday through Thursday each of those weeks.)

This was because LL and Belle were taking swimming lessons at a home very close to us. TLC would drop Belle at 10:15 and go with LL to her lesson. MSH and I would fix Belle her lunch at 11:15. LL and TLC would come back at 11:40ish for their lunch. Then TLC and Belle would leave for Belle’s lesson at 1:15 and this Grammy would help LL wash her hair to get the chlorine out. I’d blowdry it while LL played a game or two on my phone or read a book. (The girl has sooo much hair. It never truly completely dries. And our electric bill only went up $20 from the last month's. Wink. Wink.) TLC and Belle would come back to pick LL up at 2:40.

We started calling our casa The LOL Cafe and Hair Salon. 

It was fabulous! MSH and I worked at all of us having lots of fresh fruits and balanced lunches. We got a little time alone with each Grand Girl. And a few minutes each of those days with TLC.

Since then, LL and Belle have spent a few nights. Or spent several hours with us during the day while TLC gets grocery etc. shopping done. Or cleaning their home.

Now "in-person" school has officially started for both Princesses. They are sooooooo happy to be back! Even with LL having to wear a mask most of the day. She doesn't care. She's got several friends that were in her class last year or for the past two years and she's beyond thrilled to see them again. 

Belle doesn't have to wear a mask so she gets to see her new friends' (and a few old!) smiles Monday through Thursday. On Fridays she's now taking her first ballet and tap lessons! We cannot wait to see how this new adventure progresses. (LL was not fond of dance. At. All. So far, Belle seems to look forward to her Friday lessons. Yippee!)

Last Monday, on Labor Day, TLC and the Princesses got to come over for a few hours for lunch and visiting/playing. When they came in our front door, Belle handed me a big picture she'd made for me to see. The picture was the face of a girl. Belle put stickers on for the girl's eyes, ears, mouth, etc. and "decorated" her with lots of other pretty stickers like earrings and bows. As I was looking at it, she said, very matter of factly: "Grammy, I couldn't find any eyes so I just used bowling balls." Then she raced into the guest room that the little girls call their own at Grammy's and Pa-Pa's house to watch everyone's new favourite kids' show: BLUEY! (We are all obsessed. Well, Pa-Pa's not. It is hilarious.)

TLC and I laughed and laughed at Belle! (Frankly, if she'd not told me they were bowling ball eyes,  I'm not sure I'd have realized that's what they were.)

Laughter. Routine. School. Church. Getting back not to "normal" but to LIFE. Thank You, Lord God Almighty. We Praise Your Name!

Hope y'all have a Wonderful Week, wherever in this World you are! Stay healthy and strong. WASH YOUR HANDS! 



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