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Sunday, March 8, 2020 belle...

We decided several months ago that we needed to quit calling Baby Belle “Baby.” Just go with Belle. To this Grammy, however, she’ll probably always be “Baby Belle.”

She’s the youngest of our seven grandchildren. From the time TLC suspected she was pregnant, we were both certain she was a boy. (We also were convinced Little Leighton—aka LL—
was going to be a boy. So there you go. We are not good guessers.)

TLC was, in all honesty, quite The Drama Queen all throughout her LL pregnancy and birth. When Belle was born? TLC was more in control of her emotions. Belle came much faster than LL. It was still AMAZING and JOYOUS and MIRACULOUS. Mom and Dad were cooler this go-round. That was good.

Grammy and Pa-Pa were no less ecstatic at this Angel’s entrance into the world than they’d been at the birth of each of our grandchildren! We had the added honor of caring for LL. Bringing her to the hospital to meet her new baby sister. (Just like her Mama, LL was as intrigued by and with the hospital gift shop as she was seeing Belle for the first time. Sheesh.)

LL hadn’t been the easiest baby. (Again, neither was her Mama. The truth hurts, TLC.) She’d not been a good sleeper. At night or for naps. Despite not being out in the general public many times in her first two years—or at a daycare—she seemed to get sick ALOT. Then there was her Celiac Disease diagnosis at two. Her sleeping improved soon after she turned two and quit having gluten. Naps were always a struggle and they were over by the time LL turned three.

TLC was determined Belle was going to be a BETTER baby. She was going to sleep in her crib. PERIOD. ALWAYS. She was going to be a better napper. TLC HAD learned how to be a Mama and Belle was going to benefit from her LL experience.

Belle was the happiest baby! (Probably because she was sleeping more than LL.) She giggled. She laughed. She danced. (Long before she could walk, she’d dance.)

And here is Baby Belle! From birth to 4 months old!

Isn’t she the CUTEST?

Get ready. March is ALL BELLE. ALL the TIME. EVERY. POST.

Have a WONDERFUL week, Dearest Friends...


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