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Saturday, February 29, 2020

...the end...

And now...ELC’s last seven LOVES!

Y’all know by now how lazy I must be—judging by all the TV I watch!

I currently use this excuse: I had my left hip replaced six weeks ago. Nuff said.

I’ll divide this post up into two categories.

First...shows I watch with Little Leighton and Belle and actually enjoy!

Then... shows I crave but that are probably mostly enjoyed by those of us over the age of...hmmm...I’ll go with 16.

Kids’ Shows that ROCK (and let me add they might be watched primarily by girls...but we make Pa-Pa watch them too and he doesn’t seem to mind...):

(1) Butterbean’s Cafe—Nick Jr. CUTE little show. Butterbean, her little sister, Cricket, Poppy, Dazzle and Jasper teach us all about kindness, fairness and how much we could use magic wands and fairy beans! Oh, and they can fly! Miss Marmalady, Spork and Spatch, provide Butterbean and Friends with dilemmas and challenges that provide lots of laughter and opportunities to talk to our kids and grandkids about making good choices every day.

(2) Fancy Nancy—Disney and Disney Jr. We ADORE all the Fancy Nancy books! This cartoon is beyond PRECIOUS. I mean, this Grammy cannot wait for a new episode every week. Even though I could watch every show many, many times and never get tired of them.

(3) Peppa Pig—Nick Jr. Of course the Leightons, whose ancestors hail from Jolly Old England, would TREASURE Peppa, her family and her friends. It amazes me how many kids, including Little Leighton and Belle, end up speaking with British accents after watching this show only a few times. Much less hundreds of times. Cheerio!

Now for us older Peeps!

(4) Guy’s Grocery Games—Food Network. Y’all, I am, as TLC would say, obsessed. Which is fascinating since of the three of us—me, TLC, and My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH)—I am not a Cook. Like they both are. Not. At. All. MSH will not even watch this show with me. Even when we literally have nothing else recorded we’d both be willing to watch. I cannot explain this sketchy attitude. I watch it alone. Honestly? It’s fine with me. I don’t want to share this show with anyone but All of Y’all.

(5) Indebted—NBC. Y’all will recall I NEED my 30-minute comedies on NBC, ABC and CBS. I live to laugh! This is Fran Drescher’s new show and it is AWESOME. To me. She and her husband have gone broke and have had to move in with their son and his family. I must admit this: the second show I just watched did not make me laugh as much as the first.’s Fran! I think she is hilarious. The cast is full of amazing actors you’ll recognize. Give it shot! Thursdays. I have faith next week’s will be just as charming as the first week’s. Did I mention it’s The Nanny?!?!?

(6) Kids Baking Championship—Food Network. First, it’s cupcakes and cakes! Do I need to say much more than this? These kids’ baking skills are incredible. They amaze me with every show I watch. I couldn’t do a tenth as well as they each do in these competitions. (I get especially excited when one or more of the kids is from Texas! Woo Hoo!)

(7) The Biggest Loser—USA. Tuesdays. So TLC and Her Hubby got me hooked on The Biggest Loser many years ago. Then they abandoned me and quit watching it. THEN NBC abandoned it and my heart was broken. Since I rarely have to watch commercials, I don’t see many ads for new shows. Or any shows! I happened to see that this inspiring show was on USA now! Has it been there for more than this season? Can’t tell ya. And I missed the first episode. I’ve found it just in time to cry every Tuesday night, though. (Because I don’t watch enough shows already that make me sob ugly tears every week. Grey’s. This Is Us. A Million Little Things. New Amsterdam. SHEESH.)

February Loves? Over and Out. Hope Y’all have found at least one of our Loves to try.

Here comes March! Wwhhhaaaattttt?

Hugs and Smooches...

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