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Sunday, February 2, 2020

#1 love...

That would be my “grabber.” My (current) #1 LOVE. I’ve shared I’m a recent hip replacement patient. (A cute friend told me she calls grabbers “magic wands.” CLEVER.)

As I’ve also shared—I cannot CANNOT CANNOT bend over. To pick anything up. NOTHING. I have to use this grabber/magic wand (the long thing next to my sock-putter-on thing in the above picture) to help myself get dressed, too.

Let me say this: I’ve never dropped so many items in my life as I have the past two weeks. Truth. Murphy’s Law, I guess.

Here’s what happened this morning:

My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) had waited for me to get out of my shower before he left for the grocery store. He drove off while I put some makeup on and then was going to get dressed. (More jammies. My 24/7 outfits...JAMMIES.) As I was about to get some socks on, I dropped my magic wand.

EEEKKKKKK!!!!!!! I think I actually might have said a not-nice word. Then I got up from our closet chair—put my slippers on—and schlepped into our den.

I could have gone into the kitchen and gotten some long tongs out of a drawer or looked for MSH’s pantry grabber to take back to our closet to pick up my magic wand. I was pooped. I’d lost interest in socks. I needed to sit and ice my hip. me...I LOVE MY MAGIC WAND! I see it becoming a permanent necessity for the rest of my life.

Gotta scoot. Watching the Super Bowl! And also getting sleepy. Clearly worn out from my morning work.

Have a FABULOUS First WEEK in FEBRUARY, Friends!


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