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Sunday, May 31, 2020



Last Summer, as My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) and I attempted to locate the hospital I was going to for my first hip injection, we saw one of the biggest private homes we’d ever seen. (And we’re old. We’ve seen alot of HUGE homes in our lives.). It looked like a REAL-LIFE castle. I knew I couldn’t wait to show Little Leighton (aka LL) and Belle this home as soon as I could. (Since they both LOVE LOVE LOVE all things “Princess” and castle-y.)

Several weeks later, I tried to show them and TLC this amazing home. I thought I knew right where it was. But I was wrong. Couldn’t locate it. We tried again a few weeks after that and...SUCCESS! We found it. They were all pretty amazed! Belle asked if we could ring the doorbell and request to use one of their restrooms. Teeheehee. 

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago. TLC, forced by Covid-19 to be The Little Princesses’ Homeschool Teacher, decided they needed a short “field trip” to The Castle. It would be an hour-ish car ride and help break up the long afternoon. 

In finding The Castle again, they also found a Mediterranean “castle-like” home nearby. LL decided THIS home was her favorite “castle” home. 

Yesterday, I went to pick up TLC and The Little Princesses to ride with me to my Dad’s home (I was sharing a DELICIOUS pasta dish MSH had fixed us for dinner Friday evening with him.) and then to enjoy some “Andy’s Frozen Custards.” This would take us about 70 minutes and would, again, help break up a long Saturday afternoon. (When you still can’t visit friends, go shopping, go swimming, etc., days can be long...)

I told LL and Belle I wanted to show them my ALL-TIME favourite home I’ve ever seen! That if I ever won a Texas Lottery, I’d go ring their doorbell and ask them who their architect and builder were—because I’d want to build a home JUST LIKE IT.

As we passed the house, which has a pretty turret, LL said:

“Grammy, I want a Medigeranium home someday!”

These. Sweet. Granddaughters. They give me such joy! So many giggles. So much entertainment. They do my old heart GOOD. The past ten (NIGHTMARE) weeks have made me miss them beyond words. We all need our lives back. We need to laugh and be happy again. We need hope and good health and chances to make many more special memories. 


p.s.—Tomorrow is JUNE. Can Y’all believe it? TLC and I are determined it’ll be full of more posts. DETERMINED. Winky. Wink. 

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