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Monday, May 18, 2020

...the joy of simplicity... we go. Another week. In semi-quarantine. Texas has been opening back up—slowly—for two weeks. I got my hair cut this past Saturday! It was fabulous! TLC goes tomorrow morn. Who ever EVER EVER thought we’d be so excited about haircuts? About going to the grocery store? About getting out and doing simple errands? We’re ALL promising we’ll never take the small, seemingly unimportant “freedoms” in our lives for granted. But...will we remember? For sure? Will we?

I think I will. And I’ll tell you why.

I’ve had alot of medical issues in my 66 years. Illnesses. Asthma. Weight problems. Severe acne. Sinus and allergy problems. I’ve had too many major surgeries. I fell through a window and cut a major artery in my right arm in 1979. (LONG story.) Cut muscles. It was scary. Awful. I recovered.  I had an emergency C-section to give birth to TLC. A hysterectomy at too young of an age. (31) Twisted intestines that required emergency surgery. A modified radical mastectomy of my left breast for cancer. At 40 years old. Chemo. Three outpatient surgeries for breast implants over ten years. No surgery...but deafness in my left ear suddenly and with no explanation twelve years ago. A broken wrist eleven years ago. (Surprisingly my first broken bone!) Surgery for pins. My recent left hip replacement. NOT. FUN. It was 4 months ago. Still going to physical therapy because I walk wonky. I try not to get discouraged.

I share this history with Y’all because there have been too many times I couldn’t take a shower. For several days. Even weeks. Each time that I’ve had to wait patiently to take a shower and/or wash my hair, I’ve told myself I’d NEVER EVER EVER forget how wonderful it is to have the luxury of a hot shower. Or bath. And...I can honestly say—I’ve not forgotten this. Okay—maybe there have been a few days I’ve dreaded getting into the shower. But those six times in the past 42 years? Lazy. It was just pure laziness. And most of those times it was because I didn’t want to have to wash my hair. That process gets harder and harder. What I’d give for a chauffeur and a hair stylist that would come to my house every four days to wash and fix my Big Texas Hair!

So I won’t take the simple chores/errands/jobs for granted. Trust me.

Hope Y’all have a WONDERFUL Week—wherever in this World you are...
We’ll get through this nightmare. We will! Let’s be faithful and determined...and always grateful.


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