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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

...running on empty...

ELC=MIA! Missing. In. Action. 

TLC did every post in April. I think. Pretty sure. Mostly because nine years after starting our blog, I still cannot post a picture. And we were very much into posting our favorite Covid-19/Quarantine memes. I was truly grateful she stepped up! (Yes. She owed me from several years when I did most of the posts. Winky. Wink.) She’s my favourite daughter—100%. 

But now TLC is winding down her Homeschool and running on empty. Both Little Leighton (aka LL) and Belle have woken her up every night for weeks. (One or both have done this. She considers herself lucky if it’s just one. God love her pooped self.) So...MY TURN!

Like hundreds of thousands of other grandparents, My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) and I haven’t been able to let LL and Belle stay the night with Grammy and Pa-Pa for over eight weeks. We’ve had many “garage” visits. And, the past two weeks, “back porch” visits. They last anywhere between an hour and two hours. (We stay six-feet apart, of course.) We are THRILLED to see them and grateful for every second we get to see them in person! Their pediatrician told TLC yesterday—during a visit for Belle’s 4-year-old immunizations, we should delay long and/or overnight visits to at least June. (I’m marking off the days on my calendar!)

MSH and I have had cabin-fever for at least five weeks. We go to the store from one to two times a week. With our mask and our Ziploc baggy containing Chlorox wipes. (To wipe off the carts we use.)

I’ve continued to go to physical therapy. They are careful. I am careful. It’s been fine. This week MSH has an eye doctor appointment. He got a haircut today! And soon we’ll both be going to our dentist for our semi-annual checkups that were postponed seven weeks ago. in Quarantine goes on. For all of us. (Except essential workers. Which, clearly, as Retired Seniors, we are not.) A few freedoms are beginning to give us a little hope that in a few weeks—or months—our lives will get back to a new “normal.” Whatever that is going to be. 

TLC and I pray you and your family are surviving with minimum consequences. And despair. No illness! No virus! REMEMBER: DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE! WASH YOUR HANDS! Self-distance as much as possible. PRAY. Pray with us. PRAY this NEVER happens to our World again. 


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