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Monday, March 21, 2016

No Baby...

No Baby Elle. Little Toot. Her Mama sure did wish she’d decide to come a bit early. I keep telling TLC—every couple of hours—Baby Elle could begin popping out any moment. I can literally hear TLC's eyes rolling over the phone.

I’ve been staying around my casa—close CLOSE CLOSE—so I can throw my bags in my car and head two hours east as soon as I get the call TLC and Her Hubby are on their way to the hospital!

TLC will check in to the hospital Wednesday morning at 7:00. There is an end to this, right? Teeheehee.

I’ve accomplished some things since I got back home Friday afternoon. I’ve kept up with laundry. Housekeeping. Bills. I’ve cleaned my nightstand drawers out. They were quite awful. (I keep all receipts in them. I only mean to hold on to them for a couple of months. Apparently I hadn’t done this job since October of 2015. Yikes.)

I’ve also deleted tons o’ shows from our DVR. If they were recorded six or more months ago, and I had yet to watch them…DELETE. Little Leighton’s (LL) shows? Sesame Street. Doc McStuffins. The Lion Guard. Peppa. Sofia the First. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Goldie and Bear. Mickey Mouse. I have decided she can make do with eight episodes of each of those shows. (Most are 30-minutes long.) Seriously. Of course, I’ll delete a few and the next time she’s here? She’ll tell me: Grammy, you had the shows I LOVED! Where are they, Grammy? Sheesh. I'll try not to blame My Sweet Hubby (MSH). I might have done that a couple of times. He never really knows.

I got caught up with The Voice. American Idol. Grey’s Anatomy. Scandal. How to Get Away with Murder. Shark Tank. And Top Chef. CLEARLY I watch entirely too much television. I am proud to say I’ve reduced Facebook time considerably. And Pinterest. (Not Twitter. I do so adore “Retweeting.”) I can report I’m reading more before bedtime. Yeah, Me! (When I’m at TLC’s? I watch virtually no TV. Except the above children’s programs. And Frozen. Little Mermaid. Enchanted. Etc.

There’s a new show on NBC I want to share with Y’all: Crowded. It’s about Empty-Nesters whose two grown daughters move back home. It’s a 30-minute comedy on Sunday nights. There’ve been three shows at this point in time. I’ve watched two.

Let me give you this review:

I think Crowded is hysterical. I would, however, rate it R. I would. (Yes. I’m a teensy bit stuffy-ish when it comes to baudy/inappropriate language/situations. NOT a prude, by any means. But I think it should be R-Rated for several reasons—mostly because of the time it’s shown. Which is, IMHO, TOO EARLY. There is NO ONE under the age of 17 who needs to watch this show. Period. End of Story. And not that even a 22-year-old would find this all that humorous.) Patrick Warburton and Carrie Preston are the parents. They are perfection. The daughters are precious. His parents live close by and were going to move to Florida (which they all were quite happy about!) until the girls moved back in. Now? Everyone is back. And driving this couple insane.

James Burrows (one of the most talented producers, directors, writers EVER EVER EVER to live) is an Executive Producer and Director. Sean Hayes (I cherish this man’s talent…) is also an Executive Producer.

If you came over to watch it with me? There would be times I’d be blushing. Times I’d be defensive about my feelings that it is a downright FUNNY show. But I’d be laughing out loud and telling you I’m 62 years old and I can handle it. The writing/jokes/acting make it all worthwhile to me. There. I’ve recommended it with enthusiasm—and honesty—and a few reservations. I don’t want to have to come back and apologize for my genuine interest in this show. (For example: You remember my post on Donny Loves Jenny. Sadly, that’s off of my recording list. I have no clue if it’s even on TV now.)

Here’s hoping each of you is going to have a WONDERFUL week! Full of love, laughter and a tidbit of silliness. Be kind and brave. Thoughtful and peaceful. PLEASE.

ta-ta for now, smooches and hugs,