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Friday, March 11, 2016

My Gallery...

It’s that time. Time to purge my iPhone of pictures. So I have PLENTY O’ ROOM for upcoming photos of Baby Elle! She will be here within a couple of weeks—whether she likes it or not. Winky Wink. (I keep getting messages—on an hourly basis—that I’m running out of “storage” on my cell. Sheesh. I already pay for extra. I’m quite determined not to give them one penny more.)

These pictures are some of my favourites! I hate to hit the Delete button. Truly. Sigh. Mean old Apple.

Photo #1: Little Leighton (LL). The Snow Bunny Fashionista on a chilly, country day last November. No words from this Grammy. No words.

Photo #2:  2015 New Year’s Eve at TLC’s cRaZy WILD casa. Her Hubby took this. Bless her preggo little heart. She was clearly pooped. LL, on the other hand, gets revved up when she’s playing games on her Mama’s iPad. It can be too intense. They actually now have a “NO iPad Play” rule an hour before LL’s bedtime.

Photo #3: LL wrote this “3”—her age, of course—coincidence?—back in January. Thanks to the dedication of her pre-school teachers and TLC, she works every day on learning how to write her letters and numbers. My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I were sooo impressed! We’re pretty sure she’s a genius. Right?

Photo #4: LL. In her rocking chair—in her room (that was her Mama’s!) at Our Country Casa in February—watching Disney Jr or Sesame Street or Daniel Tiger or Peppa Pig. Confession: We all talk to each other in our BEST English accents when Peppa is on! I adore all the pink in this photo—and the tiara. Tiaras aren’t always comfortable, you know. It can be tough—to be Royal.

Photo #5: This tubtime snapshot was also taken in February. LL is obsessed with her Grammy and Pa-Pa’s garden tub—because it’s big. Her Mom and Dad have one, too. LL simply hasn’t figured out that she could take a bath in that one. Bless her kept-in-the-dark-about-that-possibility little soul. When we asked LL what her tub friends were doing/watching, she said: “They’re listening to the Princesses—(who remind her of Elsa and Anna)—sing!” I left this scene the way it was for days and days. I’d walk into my bathroom and smile. I’d smile with every cell in my old body.

Photo #6: LL's selfie! Be still my heart.

Thank Y’all—for humouring me! Like you ever have a choice.

Hope each of you has a Wonderful Weekend—wherever in the World you are…

smooches and hugs,