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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Perils of Date Night

So last week, TLC and I agreed she and Her Sweet Hubby (HSH) needed a Date Night. Since Little Leighton (LL) made her grand arrival eleven weeks ago, her parents have had one night out. And it was only for dinner. They were definitely ready for dinner and a movie. I got to their house Wednesday eve.

Thursday was a full day. TLC and I took LL for her first trip to The Mall. Nordstrom had been calling TLC's name for several weeks. We needed to also make quick runs to JC Penney's, Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, and Williams-Sonoma. We strolled The Little Sleeping Princess with determination and focus. She did FABULOUS. (Okay... She had no clue where she was. But we're confident she's going to love to shop!)

Friday TLC visited January in the hospital. She had a new baby girl!!! I practiced my Nanny-sitting skills for that evening. Later, when TLC came out of her room all spoofed and prettied up, ready for her night out on the town, I got teary. She looked dazzling. She and HSH ventured out to a restaurant they hadn't tried, with the plan to see the movie Taken 2. Little Leighton and I settled in to our night of Grammy Only.

TLC updated me, at least every 20 minutes, about their status. Until they arrived at the movie theatre. For almost two hours, all I heard were the sweet sounds of LL sleeping and Henry snoring. At 10:30ish, I got a text that they were on their way home. But then I got another one. TLC had fallen on the way to their car because it was dark and they were walking in grass. Her idea. Yep. Not the best choice. (I don't think the tall heels she'd chosen to wear -- although stylishly haute -- helped her situation.)

Once home, TLC broke into tears. HSH could help her with LL Saturday and Sunday, but what would she do if her ankle was as bad -- or worse -- on Monday? When HSH had to go to Oklahoma?

Duh. Grammy to the Rescue. Making sure TLC iced her foot every hour-on-the-hour Saturday, HSH and I got her caught up on grocery shopping, laundry and some housecleaning. Sunday morning, HSH took care of LL while TLC directed me on packing for our two-hour/three-day trip Southwest to my country casa.

Now it's Tuesday. TLC's foot is a teensy bit better. She's still icing it. My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I have done everything we can to help her stay off of it. Although Little Leighton says she loves the country, we'll head back to The Big City tomorrow. There are no other Date Nights scheduled, at this point. I'm fairly certain TLC will be wearing flats on the next one. And picking the path that is a well-lighted sidewalk. Bless her sweet heart and foot.

Have a Terrific Tuesday. Wherever in the World you are!

BY THE WAY: This is our Two Hundredth Post! Shootin' for Three!!!

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