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Monday, November 2, 2015

N is for November...and Nostalgia...

From the Oxford American Dictionary (Heald Colleges Edition)

(a paperback I’ve had for at least 18 years!)

nos*tal*gia (no-stal-ja) [the “a” in “ja” is supposed to have a little line over it—but I don’t know how to do that, Y’all…and this surprises no one, right?] n. sentimental memory of or longing for things of the past.

November seems like a good time for NOSTALGIA!

TLC and I have been writing our blog since January 11, 2011. Almost five years. In that time, we’ve tried to be positive. Hopeful. Entertaining. Some months/years have proved to be more challenging than others. In terms of finding time to post. In the beginning, our goal was to do three to four posts a week. That didn’t last long! Oops. Now we feel we’re doing great if we get two posts accomplished per week. Time changes things, doesn’t it? Priorities. Dreams. Our everyday lives. Lately, in the past six-ish months, I’ve felt myself leaning toward pessimism. I don’t like that. I certainly intend to do better. Promise.

Since it’s not always easy for TLC to post, and the holidays are about to descend upon us all like a ton o’ bricks, I’ve opted to go down Memory Lane and re-post some of our past “November” offerings.

If you haven’t read them, I’ll pray you enjoy them now. Maybe, if you remember them,  you’ll use your holiday “patience” and humor us, okay? 

Wishing each of you a Wonderful Week, Sweet Sillies—wherever in the World you are!