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Friday, November 4, 2016

off the hook...

Our landline. As it usually is around 3:00 p.m. every afternoon. Otherwise, we get TOO MANY robocalls. Political, mostly. But also calls for donations to various organizations. We don’t like them. (We donate as much and as often as we can…we don’t really want phone calls requesting money.) We ESPECIALLY abhor the ones that come after 9:00 o’clock PM. Are they kiddin’ us? My Sweet Hubby (MSH) is asleep by 8:30. I’ve fallen dead to the world at least three times, on our couch, between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Occasionally, if I feel like having a bit of fun, I’ll answer. I’ll ask them if they know they’re calling North Central Texas and do they know what Time Zone we’re in? And why are they calling ANYONE after 8:30 p.m? I normally get a “Sorry” and a hang up. A fast hang up!

This week has been different for MSH and me. Tuesday morn, we had a joint “surgery” appointment at a dermatologist’s office in Fort Worth. MSH had a squamous cell carcenoma on his shoulder. I had a basal cell on my chin. We had NO IDEA he was going to walk out with 26 stitches and I’d have 16. Sheesh. I’m bruised. Have a lovely “bump/knot” I don’t quite understand. He’s been in pain since his anesthetic wore off. HOWEVER—the pathology is already back and Doc Pat got it all. Yippee!!! (We love this doctor. He is AWESOME. I know he’d like to do some “work” on my wrinkles/sags/scars. I told him , at our first appointment, I am hugely unconcerned about all of that. HUGELY. In fact, I cherish every wrinkle/sag/scar. I’ve earned them all.)

We stayed in hiding all day Wednesday. Yesterday we had to get out to pick up a script for MSH—who’s also been battling the remains of whatever illness we’ve all had. His cough has been H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E. So awful, TLC cancelled a trip to our casa today. She could hear his commotion as we talked on the phone Wednesday afternoon and decided she wasn’t interested in getting sick. Again. Or having The Sweet Little Princesses pick something up from Pa-Pa. We’re sad. We knew it was the right decision. Sigh. Our primary care Doc—who he’d seen a week ago this past Monday—gave him an antibiotic and two cough meds by phone. He might be a little better today. He’s tired. With his heart condition, every illness he experiences is a concern for me. (If you have a few seconds, we’d treasure a prayer made on his behalf!)

So now it’s Friday. We needed groceries. We made a quick trip to Hellmart—where we saw three WONDERFUL friends and had, had, HAD to visit! Well, I visited with one beautiful young friend (She actually has four kiddos, the oldest being 21. I cannot even wrap my brain around that one.) and HATED having to end our prolonged chat. In the bandaid/bandages/vitamin aisle! We definitely annoyed a few other shoppers. We tried to get out of everywhere’s way. (I don’t like when people do that to me, don’tchaknow. Winky. Wink.)

The other two valued friends were our Sheriff and his sweet wife. He is THE BEST SHERIFF ON EARTH. Truth. She is a cookie. We adore both of them and were THRILLED to see them.

Got home by 2:00. It’s a little dreary. Cloudy. Not as hot as it’s been (We’ve had record heat for October and November in North Central Texas.). We’ve also had rain—for which we are always DEEPLY grateful. The dreariness? Not such a bad thing when you’re retired. Puny/sick-ish. Lazy. And just basically ready for bed at 4:13 p.m.

Here’s hoping each of Y’all has a WONDERFUL Weekend—Wherever in the World Y’all are! Stay well. Get cozy. Be grateful for all of your Blessings! BE SAFE. BE VERY SAFE.

Smooches and BIG HUGS…

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