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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

movin', shakin' and organizin'...

So, big news from my home front: we are moving this summer! We are headed to a town about an hour from where we currently live and also an hour closer to ELC. Best. News. EVER. I'm equal parts excited, overwhelmed and anxious. What do I do when I feel all shook up? I organize! Everything. I sort. I purge. I rearrange. Because we aren't moving for a few more months, it's the only thing I feel I can do right now to help prep us and our house that we will be selling.

On Saturday, I started with a ginormous plastic tub under our guest room (aka: ELC's room) filled with approximately FIVE THOUSAND cards, emails I had printed out and various sentiments I've collected over roughly 15 years. I literally went through every card and have significantly decreased my little collection. I found some of the most precious treasures. A homemade Valentine's Day card from my nephew who is about to graduate from high school. He was probably seven-ish when he made it and it is priceless to me! I found the ticket stub from an ice skating date my husband took me on for my 27th birthday. I had never been ice skating before and it was a treat! I also found this hysterical email from My Sweet Mom and simply had to share it with y'all. This was sent right after I met my now-husband (almost ten years ago). ELC was encouraging me to be patient. To let him pursue me. She totally and completely believes men love mysteries. Challenges. She shared this tale her mother had shared with her:

Listen to your Monnie's (name for my grandmother) story:

When she was dating four (4) Bobs at the same time, one of them only asked her out on Friday nights. And Nana (my precious great-grandmother we have mentioned many times in the past and for whom we're all named "Leighton") hated that.

At Christmastime, when Monnie was home from Randolph Macon and "pinned" to a West Point guy named Terry, she wore her pin on a date with Friday-Night-Bob. She thinks now that probably wasn't very nice.

Your grandmother says DON'T TEXT OR CALL HIM. I say--go find a Bob.

Every time I read this, I crack up. I reminded ELC of this last night and had her rolling, too!

I will keep this email, ready to share lots of future laughs (and advice from their grandmother, great-grandmother, and great-great-grandmother) with my two girls.

These next few months will be quite an adventure. I'm certain I'll have several other "gems" to pass along to y'all SOON.

In the meantime, go find a Bob! LOL. LOL. LOL.

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