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Saturday, March 2, 2019


Not day-trippin’. Not road-trippin’. Just My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) trippin’.

A week ago this past Wednesday. We’d gone back to our hometown so MSH could go to his eye doctor to find out if he could get a cataract (FINALLY) removed.

We stopped at our hairdresser’s shop so MSH could give her and Her Sweet Hubby some cast iron pots and skillets. MSH’s camping/campfire/DutchOvencooling days have (sadly) pretty much come to an end. While taking these HEAVY pots out of his truck and putting them into Kit’s truck, he tripped. Fell face first onto her concrete parking lot.

I was inside. Visiting. (Imagine that.) He came in with blood gushing from his chin. Held up his right hand (And, yes. Of course he is right-handed.). His middle finger looked VERY BROKEN. (If TLC hadn’t recently purchased a new computer that is not ready to use—she could post an x-ray picture that woukd make you throw up in your mouth a little. Being honest.)

I drove him immediately to the Stephenville hospital ER. A place that has had 16 names and seen us both TOO MANY TIMES in the past 40 years. (Cancelled the eye doctor appointment. Sigh.) Our triage nurse was one of TLC’s best frienfs since first grade! That was special. At a painful and NOT FUN time. She was FANTASTIC.

The ER doctor was the KINDEST. The finger was not (Thank You, Jesus.) broken. Just dislodged. Just. Sheesh. The doctor made it straight. In less than three minutes. Although we were there almost four hours. Yikes. He put a splint on it and referred MSH to a hand specialist in Ft. Worth.

We got in to that (WONDERFUL) doctor on Monday. He re-x-rayed it and said no surgery needed. Baby it with the splint for a total of three weks fron the injury date.

This event caused three things to happen to hoth of us:

1) We decided we need an eye doctor closer to us. Not 80 minutes away.

2) We thanked Our Lord God Almighty it wasn’t worse than it was. And...

3) We were reminded, once again, to BE CAREFUL. GO SLOW. WATCH OUR FEET and WHERE WE STEP/WALK.

Life is short. Especially as you age. Gotta slow our geezer selves down.

Y’all have a SWEET Sunday. (Going to be bitter cold in North Central Texas. So over BITTER COLD. But SLOW your ROLL. If you don’t have your health, NOTHING else matters. Trust me.


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