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Sunday, May 26, 2019


My Sweet Hubby. Aka MSH. 75. Today. I forgot to tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY as soon as we got up this morning. I’ll explain:

Friday afternoon we took two cars over to TLC’s casa. She’d ordered MSH three bottles of his favourite pinot noir. Little Leighton (aka LL) and Belle had picked out their cards for him. Signed them and decorated them. We wanted to see the progress on TLC’s master bathroom—so an early opening of MSH’s gift—which was actually from the four of us gals and TLC’s Hubby—seemed like a great idea. He was blown away!!! He’d been searching for this wine in a 30-mile radius for a couple of weeks. With no success. He’d recently bought a Weber grill he’d had his eyes on—which he wanted to be his birthday, Father’s Day and our anniversary gift from me. I had to promise I’d buy him nothing else. So the wine? EXACTLY the perfect present for someone who didn’t want a present.

That evening, my youngest sister came over for a tiny-mini-comfy Happy Hour. This is our third get-together on a Friday evening in the past three months and we enjoy it! (No pressures to dress up or be clever.) We reminisced about the night she met MSH—when I brought him home to meet my parents and her for the first time. She was 14. She could remember ALOT about that night and we had some happy giggles over her recollection.

Saturday morn, LL and Belle came over to spend the day and night with Grammy and Pa-Pa. TLC and Her Hubby were painting their bathroom and needed to focus all their attention on getting that accomplished. (It’s almost totally finished! Will have taken five weeks instead of the promised three. Of course. No one but TLC believed it would be completed in three. No one. Sigh.)

We had lots of fun with Our Precious Princesses. Belle slept all night! No crying. No needing me to sit on the floor by her bed. No getting into our other guest room bed with Grammy at 2:00 am! Sadly, LL was sick several times during the night. The next sleepover? We expect it to be the BEST one yet! With everyone well. Everyone sleeping.

We were all up early this morning. LL and Grammy had actually been up since 4:40 when we went in to see Pa-Pa and Buddy at 5:45. Belle was awake at 6:45. I got busy getting the little girls’ breakfast ready. MSH walked Buddy Bear. TLC arrived at 8:10 to pick LL and Belle up. She walked in and said:

Happy Birthday, Dad!

I burst into tears. I’d forgotten to tell him that FIRST THING. (I’m not sure at what point during the day I would have remembered it was his birthday.) I felt HORRID.

Yes. I’d been up all night. MSH understood that. Yes. He really could not care less about his birthday. He’s not one that expects fireworks or parties. He really doesn’t care if he gets texts or phone calls or cards. Still...I was ashamed.

We went to a WONDERFUL church service. We got home at 12:30. Had our sandwiches. And then sat the rest of the afternoon—on our couch/leather chair—watching  HGTV. Well, I slept for almost three hours. I’m betting he snoozed a bit, too.

HAPPY 75th, MSH! I’ve been with you for 42 of those 75. You are as CUTE as you were on your 34th birthday. No. You’re CUTER.

Y’all have a WONDERFUL week wherever in this world you are! (Don’t forget to tell your spouses, significant others, family members and/or friends “Happy Birthday!” That is—IF it is their birthday.)


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